10 Chick Shows That Guys Should Watch

Do men and women watch a completely different set of television shows? Aside from the obvious sports, cooking and talk shows, do the networks create programming specifically for one gender over the other? Women have been the number one television viewing group for years and since they are also the ones who make the majority of purchasing decisions, it has been a common practice for programmers to cater to their tastes.

According to an article in Time Magazine, television shows are produced to attract specific demographics, include gender and age, however, they often miss the mark. Shows that are produced to attract women, often find the majority of viewers are actually men... and vice versa. Shows that include women who are scantily dressed or show heavy cleavage are mostly intended for male audiences, but if the content doesn't pan out as being good for men's fantasies then the channel will be changed before you can say "Sports Network".

However, there are actually quite a few shows that are intended for a female viewing audience that men ignore without realizing that they are missing out on some highly entertaining programs. We've scoped out the possibilities and came up with ten chick shows that you've probably passed over, that we think you will love. In fact, some include great female leads, plots and stories, so beware... you may become addicted.

10 Scandal

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Shonda Rhimes created this intriguing show that stars Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) as one of Washington D. C.'s top crisis management experts. She also happens to be the on and off lover of the President of the United States, played by Tony Goldwyn.

If it sounds trite, catch an episode with its intricate threads and well-developed characters and you will be eagerly awaiting the next episode. Each week, Olivia Pope's team deals with the crisis-du-jour while the relationship between the key players gets out of control in a variety of ways. We won't tell you more, as the fourth season ended in May and you will want to catch up on-demand.

9 The Vampire Diaries

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This supernatural drama is based on the book with the same name and began its long run in September 2009. The female angle is, of course, the love triangle that exists with the three main characters: Elena, Stefan and Damon.

Why we think men might be missing the mark with this series is because they think it is like the Twilight series - a love story featuring vampires. In actuality, the show includes a ton of exciting and fast-paced plot twists. There is surely enough violence and humor to captivate male viewers. It's going on its seventh season, so give it a shot.

8 Girl Code

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It all started with MTV's Guy Code, which is now on its fifth season. As soon as this popular television series hit the airwaves in November 2011, its producers zeroed in on the Girl Code concept.

Both shows are intended to provide the special inside codes that are trending and they include entertainment as well as specialty guests who help demystify the rules. Well, guys, guess what? If you want to finally understand the female species, Girl Code will give you the inside scoop. What are you waiting for?

7 Girls

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Lena Dunham developed this hit series that airs on HBO. On its fifth season, the show is about a group of women, with the main character - Hannah Helene Horvath - as an aspiring writer in Brooklyn. It's both a comedy and a drama - now referred to as a dramedy - that takes the characters through real life situations, including the fact that they are dealing with life from an average person's perspective.

They are not gorgeous, sexy or ultra successful, which makes it all the more raw and refreshing. The reason guys should watch is because it teaches how modern women think and there is a lot of nudity. Enough said.

6 Orphan Black

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This science fiction series airs on BBC America and premiered in March 2013. The plot is smart and the characters are edgy. Even though the main characters are all played by one extremely talented actress, there is so much to love.

The premise is based on a con-artist woman who learns that she is a clone, after seeing someone who looks exactly like her, commit suicide by jumping in front of a speeding subway car. After assuming the dead woman's identity, she discovers that she has other sister clones that were created by a biotech corporation. As the plot thickens, additional clone characters are introduced and a silent religious group is discovered who is trying to kill them off. Men who have ignored this show will be in for a welcome surprise.

5 Orange is the New Black

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If you haven't heard of this Netflix hit, it's time you did. It is paving the way for new television programming by depicting the underbelly of society as real people. Orange is the New Black premiered in July 2013 and earned 12 Primetime Emmy Award nominations in its first season. It is cleverly written and based on a woman's memoir (Piper Kerman) about being in a women's prison.

It has been picked up for a fourth season, as the story of Piper's life in prison continues to surprise and entertain viewers everywhere. There are plenty of reasons men would love this series, namely that the episodes nearly always include sex, nudity, profanity and violence. Perfect fodder for a male audience.

4 Nashville

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This show is much more than a thinly disguised way of highlighting musical talent. It gives viewers the inside scoop on what it is like to live under the scrutiny of the media. Those who don't watch it might consider it to be a showcase for country music and although there are performances, it is more about their lives without the typical soap opera slant.

Also, the male characters are strong and play a major role in the intricately developed plot and story line, by Thelma & Louise screenwriter Callie Khouri. Plus, the female actresses. Hayden Panettiere, Connie Britton, Clare Bowen and Charley Rose, are sexy and gorgeous.

3 Supernatural

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This show is seen by many as one for the ladies. It might possibly be that the two main characters are handsome, even though the series was developed to attract a young male demographic.

According to an article on io9.com, the Supernatural Convention in Washington, D.C. was attended by a higher than average female fan-base (estimated at 80-20). The characters, Sam and Dean Winchester, are brothers and best friends who are diligent about covering one another's back - women love loyalty.

The female roles tend to be less involved, which may be one reason guys have stayed away. However, it includes outstanding special effects, music, locations and episode story lines.

2 Everyday Italian

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Women love this show featuring Italian-born chef Giada De Laurentiis, who has been a television hit since 2003 when Everyday Italian premiered on the Food Network. Her smile is as big as your television screen, and her beautiful looks just add to the show's popularity.

Yes, it is a cooking show, but turn down the sound if you have no interest in learning her family's private recipe secrets and watch her light up the screen. She is a classic beauty who is well-endowed and wears clothing that shows some very nice cleavage. Check it out.

1 The Good Wife

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This legal/political drama has been on the air since 2009 and stars Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick - The Good Wife. This is one of the few television dramas that does not center the story around legal proceedings as much as the characters' lives, which makes it unique enough to garner the attention of a large female audience.

Yet, Alicia is charming, intelligent and manages to change her life from being a "scorned housewife" to becoming a state attorney with aplomb. Men may be turned off from watching because of the title, but we think after watching a couple of episodes, they will agree that The Good Wife has depth in its characters and a riveting plot.


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