10 Celebs You Forgot Guest Starred On The CW's Smallville

It's been an incredible 15 years since the emergence of the last Superman-based show first hit the screens of The CW and gave us the evolution of the Man of Steel from Kansas farm boy to the world's greatest hero.

Smallville was essentially the first DC and Warner Bros show of this era to look to expand the comic book pages to a whole new generation and brought to us 10 expansive seasons that saw Clark Kent eventually don that famous blue and red suit.

There were certainly plenty of ups and downs along the way, but Smallville managed to maintain a solid audience base, as well as a core cast that solidified our faith in telling the origins of Superman and those who helped to shape his emergence as a hero.

While the likes of Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack and Erica Durance, among many others, ensured that we cared for and were affected by the various events within the show, there were plenty of guest stars who would turn our heads.

From notable pop stars, to actors from other shows emanating from The CW, and even some former DC Comics royalty, Smallville certainly didn't hold back in providing guest appearances. But while many will have remembered appearances from individuals such as Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain and Margot Kidder, here are some that you may not have noticed happened all those years ago.

10 Carrie Fisher - Pauline Kahn

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While the world instantly knows her as one of the film industry's greatest princesses, Carrie Fisher also dabbled in the world of superheroes some years ago as she played Pauline Kahn, the former editor of the Daily Planet.

Serving as the editor before the imminent arrival of Perry White, Fisher's character would be the one to offer Chloe Sullivan an eventual position in the famed offices of Metropolis.

Serving as everything you would expect from a hard-headed and to-the-point editor-in-chief, Fisher was a wonderful guest star and a popular figure within the Clark Kent journey to becoming a hero.

9 Bow Wow - Villainous Phantom Zone Escapee

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All together now, 'Bow Wow wow, yippee yo, yippee yay!'

It's hard to believe that once upon a moon, rapper Bow Wow made a guest star on Smallville. Not only that, but he actually played a villainous Phantom Zone escapee who possessed a kid's body.

Bow Wow's character, Baern, would soon come to Smallville and find Kal-El, looking to bring him back to the Kryptonian prison once and for all, but it was never going to be simple.

With Kal-El aided by his own Kryptonian friend Raya, who had also escaped the Phantom Zone, the future Superman would be victorious over his foe and send him right back to where he belonged.

8 Christina Milian - Actress Rachel Davenport

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Following a similar path in acting as our previous entry, pop princess Christina Milian also stepped foot within Smallville. Entering in Season Seven as actress Rachel Davenport, Milian would be the damsel in distress as she found her character saved during the filming of 'Warrior Angel'.

With filming taking place on Clark's home, Kent Farm, Rachel soon found herself smitten with her saviour and would look to seduce him with little luck. She would also find herself short on luck with someone looking to kill her!

But with Clark watching over her, Davenport would survive and hand her hero a cape as a goodbye gift that would prove handy in the future.

Ironically, Milian would follow Smallville with an appeal to become Wonder Woman in Frank Miller's Justice League: Mortal, but the whole project was ill-fated in the end.

7 Amy Adams - Jodi Melville

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We're guessing that Pitch Perfect may have stolen the name 'Fat Amy' from somewhere...

That's right, way before she became one of the hottest properties in Hollywood, a five-time Academy Award nominee and the current Lois Lane, Amy Adams did, in fact, star in Smallville.

Playing the role of one of the many meteor freaks, Adams would bring to life Jodi Melville, a student at Smallville High School whose insistence to become skinny would consume her. In her quest to remain thin, Jodi would unwillingly begin to devour fellow pupils and even a deer to keep trim.

Fortunately, Clark would eventually save her and hunger would never strike again...

6 Paul Wesley - Lex Luthor's Half-Brother

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The first of our Vampire Diaries stars on the list, Paul Wesley entered Smallville in Season Two as none other than Lex Luthor's half-brother, Lucas.

While at the time Lex was considered to be one of the 'good guys' within the show, it was in fact Lucas who proved to be one of the most volatile and scheming of the Luthors. Plotting with his father Lionel to rid Lex of his own shares in LuthorCorp, Lucas would soon look to betray his father also.

Certainly one of Smallville's most conniving and dangerous deceptive characters in its early stages, Wesley's Lucas only paved the way in slowly moulding Lex into the villain that we would see in seasons to follow.

5 Ian Somerhalder - Adam Knight

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Vampire Diaries star number two, Ian Somerhalder, played recurring character Adam Knight in Season Three of Smallville, yet again showing that the Vampire stars make for good villains.

Despite initially believed to have been playing the show's own version of Bruce Wayne, it was soon revealed that Adam Knight was resurrected at the hands of Lionel Luthor and Dr. Lia Teng. He had been reborn using the 'Lazarus Serum', a clear link to the Lazarus Pit from the comics.

Being tasked to spy on Clark, Adam would soon see his doom following the realization that the serum keeping him alive was no longer available and that Lionel no longer had use for his subject.

4 Dave Batista - Aldar

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Way before he was offering his services to the Guardians of the Galaxy and silently looking to take down James Bond, WWE wrestler-turned-actor Dave Batista was tasked with eliminating Kal-El himself.

Batista would star in the show as one of the escapees of The Phantom Zone in Season Six, playing Aldar, a bone marrow devouring brute who found his encounters with Clark Kent rather easy.

Having beaten Clark quite considerably in both their showdowns, Aldar would soon see his comeuppance via Martian Manhunter.

3 Tori Spelling - Linda Lake

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What would Smallville have been without a few of the Daily Planet's finest workers being thown in every now and again? Especially when one of them turned out to be Tori Spelling, portraying the weekly gossip columnist, Linda Lake.

As one would have expected, Spelling's character was one hell of a handful, not only possessing the power to transform into water, but also meddling in the lives of Clark, Lana, Lax and plenty of other characters.

This was a role Spelling was simply born to play, having fun in manipulating various individuals, as well as playing the murderer. All before she herself was murdered by future Doomsday, Davis Bloome.

2 Evangeline Lilly - Wade's Girlfriend

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Okay, so Evangeline Lilly may have only been a background player in Smallville, playing Wade's girlfriend, but it doesn't deter from the fact that she's now a household name.

Way before she starred as one of the hottest actresses in hit TV show Lost, Lilly had to start somewhere and Smallville proved to be the first step to becoming a much bigger actress.

Since her days in the superhero show, Lilly has gone on from the island of Lost, to star in Marvel's Ant-Man and help to spearhead the charge in The Hobbit and its sequels. Drama school in Smallville must have been ace!

1 Peyton List - Lucy Lane

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One of the more interesting additions on our list of famous faces who have starred in Smallville, Peyton List's first foray into the DC Universe came as Lucy Lane, appearing in Seasons Four and Ten.

While she appeared as the more devious and dramatic of the Lane sisters, even kissing Clark once to test his loyalty to sister Lois, Lucy only appeared as one of the fringe characters in the show.

Since then, Peyton List has gone on to star in another DC hit show, The Flash, where she starred as the sister of Captain Cold, Lisa Snart aka Golden Glider.Sources: TV GuideSmallville WikiaDC Wikia

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