10 Celebs You Didn't Realize Have "Grown Up" Children

In our society, it seems as though we know everything about every celebrity. However, there are certain stars that live a more private life. Although we may know more about these “low-key” celebrities than most of our neighbors, the truth is that some of them lead very normal lives (or at least try to). So many celebrities have children, though unfortunately it seems as though our generation only cares about what offspring the Kardashians have given us.

The following ten celebrities are all parents, but you wouldn't believe how old all of their children are. As you'll learn, many of them have been parents for pretty much their entire career. You may know a lot about some of Will Smith's kids, but did you know anything about his oldest son Trey? Eminem has been singing about his daughter for quite some time, but do you know how old Hailie is now? (and more importantly, how she's looking!).

There is something commendable about being able to separate your job and fame from being a parent, so huge credit goes to these next ten stars who have been able to do that. Also, get ready and be prepared to have your mind blown because we guarantee you will be surprised at some of the people you see on this list!

10 Madonna

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It must be insane getting to meet Madonna, imagine being raised by her! Madonna is a living legend and although most people know her as that, Lourdes Leon knows her as, well, mom. It is pretty amazing how throughout her insanely busy life, Madonna was able to still become a mother. Lourdes is 19 years old, however she is wise beyond her years. Not only is she a business minded woman like her mother, Madonna has also pushed her to complete her education. Lourdes is the owner and designer for the line “Material Girl” where she expresses herself through fashion, which she claims is her form of art.

9 Michael Jackson

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8 Jude Law

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You may be aware that Jude Law, the sexy actor, is a father. However, did you know that his son is already 19 years old? Rafferty Law may sound like a super prestigious law office, but it is actually Jude Law's oldest child's name. Looking at Jude and Raff, you can definitely see a family resemblance. Raff is using his charm and good looks to his advantage and has begun a career in music and modeling. Rafferty loves performing, but kudos to him for trying out different mediums than acting.

7 Ludacris

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Did any of you know that Ludacris has a 20-year-old daughter? Well, he does! Shaila Scott was born in September 1996. Ludacris is known as having one of the best careers in the rap world and is also an accredited actor. Despite all this, he's been able to raise three girls whose ages range from 2-20.

In the past two years people have spoken a lot about Ludacris' youngest girls, but not many people bring up Shaila. Ludacris is a good man and a great father and has tried to give his children a life filled with as much normalcy as possible, something that is hard to do with such a famous father.

6 Eminem

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Eminem is by far one of the best lyricists of our generation. His hard and emotional life has given him the inspiration to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. It is hard to forget that Eminem had a daughter named Hailie, however, what most of you don't realize is that Hailie Jade is 20 years old now, and she is absolutely gorgeous. As well as Hailie, Eminem has two other daughters. One of whom, Whitney Laine, is now 23 years old.

Although Whitney is not Eminem's blood, she is still considered his daughter. He legally adopted her and has been the only and best father figure she could have asked for. While we could not find photos of Eminem and his family, nobody is going to be arguing about getting to see Hailie looking beautiful as she gets ready for prom!

5 Lamar Odom

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It is funny how the world knows so much about Lamar Odom's current life; his relationship with Khloe, his career and of course his near-death experience that left the world talking and praying for him. However, what many people don't know is that Odom actually has an 18-year-old daughter. Destiny Odom is Lamar's eldest child and he has two other children that are significantly younger. Odom and his daughter have a very special bond. While he was fighting for his life, his beautiful daughter destiny barely left his side. Clearly she was not afraid to show her love and devotion to her father as he recovered.

4 Sofia Vergara

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The Modern family star is by far one of the most beautiful women on the planet. A lot of people are aware that a few months ago, this knockout said "I do" during a stunning ceremony filled with friends and family (and countless celebrities). Vergara made sure to include her son throughout the entire day.

Yes, that's right, Vergara has a son who is in his twenties! This is all the more shocking when you consider that Vergara looks like she is in her twenties. Sofia's son, Manolo,  is extremely handsome and has always shared a special bond with his mother. The pair has in a way grown up together and Vergara has no shame in calling him her best friend.

3 Erika Girardi

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Erika Girardi aka Erika Jayne was the newest edition to the Housewives of Beverly Hills this season and we must say, she was an awesome choice. Her raw sexuality and take no bullshit attitude are all reasons why American became so obsessed with her. However, by looking at this stunning diva, you would never have guessed that she has a grown up son? Seriously, she has a son in his 20s who is a police officer. She and her son have an amazing relationship, but she claims he is a very private person which is why he does not make appearances on the show.

2 Tom Hanks

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It seems like Tom Hanks keeps his personal life as far away from the spotlight as he can. Think about it, for such a huge star, he is rarely in the tabloids and even more rarely on TMZ. Tom Hanks is an incredible actor, one of the best of this generation, however we are not here to talk about his immense talent. We are here because Tom Hanks has a 38-year-old son named Colin. Colin Hanks, like his father, is an actor. He has appeared in countless films and television shows like Dexter, Life in Pieces and Fargo. Tom Hanks also has a 34-year-old daughter along with two sons in their 20s. Not many people realize it but throughout pretty much his entire career, he was raising a family. Pretty commendable!

1 Will Smith

No, we are not talking about Jaden and Willow Smith. That's right, Will Smith has another child named Trey. Trey is 23 years old and although not many people know about him, he is Smith's first child. Will conceived the child with then-girlfriend Sheree Zampino. Although the relationship did not work out, the couple got a beautiful son out of the relationship. Trey has been called Will Smith's forgotten son, however, in reality, he was always around. Remember the song "Just the Two of us", well Trey appeared in that music video? It might not be as exciting as say the Karate Kid, but at least it's something!

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