10 Celebs Who Killed Their Careers After Dissing Beyonce

With 21 Grammys under her belt, Beyonce is easily placed as one of the most important names in music. But have you ever wondered why the singer is rarely caught up in feuds or has other musicians throw cheap shots at her? It’s pretty simple. Her fellow artists have seen what has happened to others who have dared to go against Beyonce and her fans — daring yourself to diss Bey results in a career of nonexistence. From musicians to reality stars, every single one of them who has taken some sort of dig at the 34-year-old has landed themselves in the hot spot of struggling to get their career back on track. With a strong following on social media, and consistently topping the charts as R&B’s best-selling female artist, Beyonce has proven why she is untouchable. And if one decides to step out of line and makes a silly remark about her, the Bey-Hive will make sure it’s taken care of. It is quite remarkable the power that Beyonce holds in the music business, as we’ll see in the list gathered. They most certainly don’t call her Queen Bey for nothing.

Here are a number of celebs who have either disappeared from the music industry and/or have committed career suicide by dissing Beyonce. Ones that were at the top of their game who suddenly lost it all when nasty comments against the Houston-born artist had the whole world boycott them. It will certainly make people think twice when they have something to say about the 'Drunk in Love' songstress.

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Amerie was on everybody’s lips with her 2005 hit '1 Thing,' gaining her instant recognition worldwide thanks to the great deal of chart success through this one particular song. But things turned sour when Amerie began accusing other artists of stealing her style and her unique sound — particularly Beyonce. After hearing Bey’s ‘Green Light’ and how the chorus sounds quite identical to ‘1 Thing,' Amerie went on to record a mixtape in which her intro sparked quite the controversy with its intentional shade at Mrs. Carter. The intro track, titled ‘Because I Love It,' hears Amerie acknowledge how artists have grown to adapt to her style and tried to make it their own. She ends the verse, singing: “But you can’t buy my sound, can’t take my flow, can’t bag my swag. Nooo-ooo-ooo,” referring to the way she says ‘No-oo-oo’ in '1 Thing.' Amerie's approach seemed rather harsh, hence why the Bey-Hive weren’t having any of it. Petitions to boycott Amerie’s forthcoming music at the time had been made, and thousands of people had signed up. In the long run, it seems those petitions were effective after all, as Amerie hasn't been commercially heard of since — wait for it — 2007!



Khia had quite a successful run in the music industry with hits like ‘My Neck, My Back’ and her featured duet with Janet Jackson on their track, ‘So Excited.' But things turned left for the Atlanta-born artist when she threw shade at Beyonce in 2010, calling the 34-year-old an unoriginal artist who not only steals from other artists, but also can’t write her own music. In a series of Tweets, Khia didn't hold back, claiming that Beyonce stole the name ‘Bey-Hive’ from Lil Kim’s fans, who are also known as ‘Beehive’. The only significant difference here would be the spelling. Khia engaged in several arguments with Beyonce’s fans, before concluding her point of view with ridiculous claims saying that Bey doesn’t care about the Bey-Hive. 37-year-old Khia felt the heat from her controversial Tweets against Beyonce because when the rapper went on to release her album ‘MotorMouf aka Khia Shamone’ in 2012, it failed to crack the Billboard Hot 200. On top of this, none of the 12 singles released from the record entered the Billboard Hot 100. Ouch!



Singer/songwriter, SZA, quickly became one of the artists to watch out for in 2014, but her comments made against Beyonce may have ruined her chances of becoming a musical phenomena. After having worked with Bey and Nicki Minaj on their song ‘Feeling Myself,' old Tweets that date back to 2011 saw SZA make some rude comments towards Queen B. One of the Tweets on her official Twitter account went on to say that Beyonce was turning more and more into a 'white' woman. But that was not all. The 24-year-old also took a dig at Minaj, stating that Iggy Azalea’s talent may end up being a problem for Nicki who could possibly be overshadowed by the Australian rapper. While it was heavily rumoured that SZA had been in talks to pen a few songs for Beyonce’s next studio album, plans were supposedly scrapped following the uncalled for remarks. No doubt that she'll struggle in the music industry if she's already on Bey's bad side.

7Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas


Remember TLC’s Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas? She, herself, suffered the backlash from Beyonce’s Bey-Hive after having told fans she was sick and tired of seeing the words “Queen B” and “Bey” on her Twitter timeline. But her wording was taking out of context because what the former singer was trying to say was that fans should address artists by their real names. Beyonce’s fans took even more offense to Rozonda’s comments, spamming her social media timeline with death threats and comments saying that Chilli was ‘jealous’ she hadn’t been successful since TLC disbanded in 2002. After Chilli’s brief moment back in the limelight, she disappeared again only to make an announcement earlier this year, confirming she and band member Tionne Watkins were recording one last TLC album for the fans. The catch — fans had to raise $150,000 to fund their studio sessions. Oh dear.

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