10 Celebs Who Dumped Their Partners For Younger People

It's a sad day in the entertainment world when we (once again) learn about a celebrity that has dumped their partner for a much younger person. Dare I say it, much younger and better-looking person -- at least to them. A majority of the celeb relationships listed below have been romances (or marriages) of couples that were together for more than a decade, when all of a sudden, their other half realizes they are no longer attracted to the person they are with. This then leads to an endless search of a particular celeb trying to find himself a younger looking male or female that can replace the shoes of the person that they are planning to dump for good. It's hard to believe it, but when someone dumps you after you have spent up to 30 years with them, that has got to be the most heartbreaking thing in the world. But wait! It gets worse. What happens when your husband of 34 years dumps you, and you go on to find out that the person he left you for is a 22-year-old man? See below if you can spot which famous parent did his wife dirty like that.

10 Joe Simpson

After 34 years of marriage, Joe Simpson suddenly told his then-wife Tina, that he wanted a divorce out of the blue. Tina, who had dedicated her life to her husband of more than three decades, was stunned by the news, but would later go on to find out that her ex-husband had been eyeing for a man named Jonathan Keith. While Joe and Jonathan have never gone public with their romance, sources have alleged that the two are in a relationship, and Tina is absolutely devastated by the news. Jonathan is only 22.

9 Johnny Depp

Having spent over a decade with Johnny Depp, and only ever being known as his girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis was dumped by her ex-boyfriend, who then went on to find a new blossoming romance with actress, Amber Heard. The 29-year-old wasted no time in getting to know the actor before the two announced they were engaged and set to marry, which they did earlier this year at a private ceremony. And no, Vanessa was certainly not invited.

8 Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow’s marriage to Chris Martin started to fizzle out over the summer of last year, and it was reported that Martin had decided to call it quits on their relationship, though the singer never stated what his actual reasons were behind the sudden decision. Maybe it was because Gwyneth was quickly becoming the most hated woman in America, with her infamous quotes, saying being a Hollywood actress is much harder than being a regular mom that works in an office. Well, Chris went on to date Jennifer Lawrence, and it is believed that the twosome are still going strong.

7 Marc Anthony

Poor Jennifer Lopez actually experienced this twice. First time around, the songstress was infamously dumped by Ben Affleck, who couldn’t see himself marrying J.Lo simply because he wasn’t ready for such a huge step forward in his life at the time. He dumped her and then went on to meet Jennifer Garner, who he ironically ended up marrying two years later. Then it was said that Marc Anthony, her former husband, dumped her, only to go on and marry 27-year-old Shannon De Lima.

6 Kendra Wilkinson

Is anybody shocked that Hugh Hefner has been dumped by his girlfriends for much younger men? Following a five-year run with Hefner at his Playboy mansion, Kendra Wilkinson knew it was time to move on with her life, and settle down with someone more age-appropriate. After all, the reality star was never interested in having children with the ageing mogul, let alone sleep with him. Yikes! Wilkinson has been married to former NFL player Hank Baskett, for the past six years, and the duo have welcomed two adorable kids to the world.

5 Lewis Hamilton

After an eight-year relationship with former Pussycat Dolls songstress Nicole Scherzinger, Lewis Hamilton reportedly called it quits after having realized that he wasn’t ready to settle down, get married and have children with the 37-year-old. Following their breakup, Lewis began partying with Rihanna quite frequently, and sources have alleged in recent weeks that the twosome may have even hooked up with one another. Hamilton followed Rihanna out to Barbados, and would later on fly back to New York where they were believed to have shared the same hotel together. Is it fair to assume that they also shared the same hotel room? I think so.

4 Mathew Knowles


Mathew Knowles had no interest in staying with his ex-wife Tina, when he started cheating on her with multiple women. But get this… Mathew was so reckless when it came to cheating, he ended up impregnating two of the women he was sleeping with, all while he was still legally married to Beyonce’s mother. While Mathew had already been over the marriage at the time, Tina ended up doing him the favor to file the divorce papers, which Mathew wasted no time in signing. Ouch, that’s gotta burn. Especially considering the fact that Mathew and Tina had been together for over twenty years.

3 Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner was happy when her marriage to Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, ended two years ago. Why? Because the two were constantly bickering and arguing over the smallest things. They both couldn’t stand being around one another in the months leading up to their divorce. Caitlyn publicly stressed that Kris wanted to dump him because she had lost the spark in their marriage years before the separation was even confirmed to the public. Now, the momager is dating 35-year-old business executive, Corey Gamble, who she has been seeing right after her divorce was finalized last year. Meanwhile, Caitlyn has since transitioned into becoming a woman.

2 Brad Pitt

2005 was certainly not a good year for Jennifer Aniston, who would go on to learn that her husband Brad Pitt, had been hooking up with Angelina Jolie behind her back. The two bonded when they began shooting scenes for their blockbuster hit Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which saw the Hollywood duo form a relationship on-screen and off-screen. It was said at the time that Brad called it quits with Jennifer because she reportedly wasn’t ready to have children. If she wasn’t ready then, she wouldn’t ever be ready — at least that’s what Brad allegedly believed. And he wasn’t wrong. 10 years after their divorce and Jennifer still hasn’t got any kids of her own. Mind you, Angelina is six years younger than Aniston.

1 Tyga

Tyga infamously dumped his ex-girlfriend (and baby’s mother) Blac Chyna last year, only to go on to date Kylie Jenner. The reality star, who was 17 at the time she began dating the rapper, caused endless headlines for her infamous romance to a 25-year-old, but it didn’t seem to bother the twosome, who happily flashed their love on social media sites, such as Instagram. Blac Chyna is nine years older than Kylie, so it makes it even more strange to see a grown man suddenly decide to date an underage girl, especially when there’s a child involved. Could Tyga not sort out whatever issues he had with Chyna before he went on to date Kylie? Strange.

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