10 Celebs Playboy Thought Looked Better With Clothes On

One would think that if you were even half-famous and willing to bear it all in Playboy magazine, all you would need to do is make a simple phone call to have all your naked dreams come true. But apparently things are not all that simple. It turns out, Playboy is pretty particular with who they let in their magazine, meaning not just any bare-naked lady will do. In fact, Playboy has rejected a number of semi-famous celebrities who publicly claimed that they would love to strip down and show everyone what they're made of in the pages of the famous magazine. Some of the stars (and I use that word lightly) on this list were rejected from Playboy because of some personal issues that they were having at the time, others were denied because Playboy claimed that they did not have enough airbrushing technology to fit them in the magazine (which is a bit harsh if you ask me), and others still were turned away from posing for Playboy because they didn’t look natural enough. So as it turns out, the iconic adult magazine does have some pretty high standards and refuses to let just any old celebrity in their magazine. Below is a list of 10 of those celebrities that didn’t make the Playboy cut.

10 Montana Fishburne


Montana Fishburne, the daughter of Laurence Fishburne, has made some pretty interesting career choices in order to launch herself into super stardom. In 2010, Fishburne was on everybody’s radar when she said that she was entering the adult film industry in order to further her career. Apparently she wanted to be exactly like Kim Kardashian, whom she believed only got famous because of her sex tape. Although Fishburne probably wasn’t wrong about Kardashian’s fame, her decision to do p*rn was still a head scratcher. But even before Fishburne decided to do p*rn, she was still into the idea of taking it all off. Before getting into the business, Fishburne did some test shots for Playboy but was ultimately rejected. However, after her adult film was released, Playboy posted her pictures online, so I guess that’s somewhat of a win.

9 Audrina Patridge 

It was revealed that Playboy rejected Audrina Patridge, who you might know as one of the hotties from The Hills, after some topless photos of her surfaced on the Internet. A photographer took the photos that were “accidentally” leaked after she had just gotten out of high school and was trying to start her modeling career. The photographer took the photos to submit to Playboy but apparently the reps at the magazine just were not having it. But as we all say, you should never give up on your dreams, so maybe some day Patridge will accomplish her dream of stripping down for Playboy.

8 LuAnn de Lesseps 

Reality TV star, LuAnn de Lesseps is another star on this list who never got to see her Playboy dreams become a reality. On her show The Real Housewives of New York City, LuAnn seemed pretty peeved about the fact that her co-star got to bare it all for the magazine when she said, “No one asked me!” Later LuAnn claimed that she was happy she didn’t end up doing Playboy because she has a fifteen-year-old son and does not want him looking at her nude pictures. Were thinking that’s a pretty good reason not to pose for the magazine.

7 Farrah Abraham 

Teen Mom star turned adult entertainment star Farrah Abraham, was rejected from Playboy after the release of her p*rno, Backdoor Teen Mom. Apparently, posing for Playboy had been one of Abraham’s life long dreams. So after she released her sex tape, she reached out to Playboy in order to make her dream a reality. There was just one problem, Playboy responded with a big fat "no". To add salt to the wound, Abraham reached out to the magazine for a second time and was rejected once again, when they said they didn’t have enough room for her. It looks like poor Abraham’s dreams of going butt naked in Playboy will never become a reality.

6 Patricia Krentcil 


Patricia Krentcil, who is better known as tan mom, got her own version of fame when she was accused of taking her five year old daughter into a tanning booth. After the accusations, tan mom became an overnight sensation because of her super tanned complexion and of course, her obvious addiction to tanning. To capitalize on her newly found fame, tan mom let everyone know that she was ready and willing to pose for Playboy. However, the people at Playboy magazine weren’t too enthusiastic about having tan mom posing for them and replied by saying, “It wouldn’t even be considered.” What a burn.

5 Shirley Jones 

Former Partridge Family star Shirley Jones, was 75 when she shot for the famous Playboy magazine. Unfortunately the shots didn’t end up in the magazine because Jones was not showing enough skin in her pictures. According to sources, “Playboy boss Hugh Hefner ‘passed on them because he expected much more nudity.’” However, Jones wasn’t prepared to take it all off for the magazine and as a result, never appeared within its glossy pages. Jones' aim in posing for the magazine was to show that mature woman are still relevant and that at the age of 75, she is still unbelievably gorgeous.

4 Courtney Stodden

3 Britney Spears 

It’s hard to forget the year when Britney Spears wasn’t quite herself. The car bashing, head shaving Britney is an image that’s pretty hard to wipe from our minds, but there was another incident during that year that might have added fuel to the fire. Apparently, Spears was rejected from Playboy in 2007 because of her less than stable mental state. However, the reps at Playboy claimed that they would be happy to consider putting Spears in the magazine with this comment, “Hef said that he is more than happy to feature Britney in the magazine once she can put herself back on the road to recovery.”

2 Kelly Osbourne 

Back when Kelly Osbourne was going through her goth period, she expressed an interest in posing for Playboy magazine. Unfortunately the response she got back from the adult mag was ridiculously harsh. Hef allegedly responded to Osbourne by saying that she wasn’t a natural beauty and that, “I can’t see it happening somehow; we don’t airbrush to that extent.” Even though Osbourne was still beautiful when Playboy rejected her, she has since transformed her appearance to such an extent that she is almost unrecognizable. We are guessing that Playboy wouldn’t mind having Osbourne in their magazine now.

1 Bridget Marquardt

Even though Bridget Marquardt was one of Hef’s main girls on the show Girls Next Door, she still wasn’t good enough to appear within the magazine. Maquardt had a couple of test shoots with the magazine but each one of them was rejected by Playboy. Even though Marquardt never got to appear solo in the magazine, she did get to do a shoot with two of the other Girls Next Door, which is something, I suppose. Marquardt is definitely living proof that it doesn’t matter who you know at Playboy magazine because even if you're sleeping with the boss, that does not mean that you get your very own photo in the magazine.

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