10 Celebs Involved In The Most Bizarre Shootings

Celebrity shootings are quite rare, but when they do happen, it just so happens that everybody pays attention. With all of the celebs who have been involved in shootings over the years, it was never just a random stranger shooting bullets while the famous star had to run away from the scene, which usually ends in a happy ending. Just like many Hollywood films, the shooter gets arrested, the victim is saved and can sleep well at night knowing that the person who was causing chaos has been put behind bars. Well, this is not quite the case for these famous faces, as some have been in shootouts involving people that were never even arrested for their wrongdoings. You probably won’t believe which famous celebrity’s mom shot and killed her father over his ongoing addiction to alcohol — this celeb mom was never charged for murder, either. Find out who it is below.

10 Lil Kim

Lil Kim was involved in a 2001 shootout involving her entourage at the time. Having completed an interview with Hot97 at the time, the rapper exited the building with her male pals who ran into New York artist Capone, who would go on to embark in a heated argument with Kim and her friends. As Kim entered her limousine, it is believed that her entourage soon followed, but not without shooting several bullets in the direction of Capone and his group of friends. When the case went on trial in 2005, Kim was sentenced to prison for a year for lying about certain pals not being involved in the shooting when evidence proved otherwise.

9 50 Cent

50 Cent miraculously survived nine gut shots in 2000 when a friend asked him to return to his grandmother’s house in South Jamaica and collect the jewelry they were expected to take with them on their journey. Those plans didn’t end up going as planned, as 50 was then approached by the gunman, believed to be Darryl Baum, who would go on to shoot nine bullets, which all ended up hitting several parts of 50 Cent’s body; from his legs, his face, his hand and check. He came out of that situation with a couple of scars and a slurred speech which is hard to notice most of the time.

8 Tupac


Tupac’s shooting resulted in his death, and one of the reasons why it is so bizarre is simply down to the fact that nobody knows who killed the rapper. The cops can usually track down any murderer in the world, but they cannot track down the person who killed Tupac? Strange. Tupac was killed after leaving the MGM Grand where he watched a Mike Tyson boxing match with a couple of his closest friends. Suge Knight who was present at the time of the shooting struggles to believe that such a public shootout could end up being so hard to solve.

7 Lil Wayne

Clubbing is supposed to be fun — you dance, have a good time with friends, and get loose. But it seems that for Lil’ Wayne, clubbing includes a dozen of security guards surrounding his every move at all times, just like the time he was in Atlanta earlier this year. The rapper turned up to a club and was said to have gotten into several altercations during his time inside the venue, which ended up leading to a group of people shooting at his tour bus that Wayne was supposed to have entered after leaving the party. Nobody was hurt thankfully.

6 Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron may come across as a stunningly brave and strong woman in Hollywood, but her childhood may have something to do with it. Theron was brought up in a household that was filled with domestic abuse, stemming from her father’s side. Charles Jacobus Theron was an alcoholic who would often put his hands on Charlize’s mother Gerda, to the point where she had to defend herself on one particular night when she feared for her life. As Theron watched on, Gerda went to reach for her gun and shot Charles — she was never charged for the murder as it was proven to be in self-defense.

5 Chris Brown

During a performance last year at a local nightclub in Los Angeles, Chris Brown was busy promoting his latest studio album X. Many of his promotional duties saw the singer head on out to busy clubs where he was also being paid to party at the same time — so, of course, Chris would indulge on the idea of partying, getting paid and promoting his music. What didn’t settle with Chris was that, when the singer hit the stage to sing his popular hit Loyal, gun shots went off into his direction, causing the R&B star to rush off-stage in an instant. Nobody got hurt, reports confirmed.

4 Y.G


How bizarre is this? Y.G is a well-known rapper, but who knew that he would have enemies that want to see him dead? Or is it common for all rappers to have people that want to murder them running through the streets trying to find them? Whatever the case may be, when Y.G attended a recording studio session to record new music material for his fans, he was blindsided by the shootout that took place, as he was the target and faced being hit with multiple gun wounds. The Compton native has proven himself to be a fighter, recovering from the shootout within days.

3 Benzino


Benzino most definitely didn’t expect to get shot at by his nephew when the music mogul was driving to his mother’s funeral. The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star was shot by Gai Scott, 37, over an argument that was believed to have erupted just days before the funeral was expected to take place. Gai pulled up beside Benzino and shot through the vehicle’s window several times before fleeing the scene. He didn’t get far, of course, as police arrested him for attempted murder on his uncle. Benson ended up facing no life-threatening injuries, having only been hit once in his shoulder.

2 Suge Knight


Suge Knight seems to get himself into a lot of shootouts by the look of this list, having already been featured in the Tupac entry. Believe it or not, but this was at another Chris Brown album promotional party at the 1OAK nightclub in Los Angeles. A lot of celebrities stopped through to show support to Chris, but the night ended badly when an unidentified man opened fire on the crowd, hitting Suge multiple times. The music producer was rushed to the hospital and luckily survived the injuries.

1 Rick Ross

Rick Ross was stunned to have gotten himself in the middle of a drive-by shooting when his chauffeur was driving him through the streets of Florida. A vehicle pulled up to the side and began shooting. That’s when Rick’s Rolls Royce sped off in a ridiculously fast manner and ended up crashing into a building, but the rapper was said to have gotten away from the incident without facing any serious injuries. Witnesses say they heard an astounding 20 gunshots aimed at the car as it sped off.

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