10 Celebrity Love Triangles You Never Knew About

One of the most famous love triangles ever created is the one between Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge in John Goldwater's Archie Comics.

Archie, an unassuming redhead, is for some reason the hottest commodity in his sunny town of Riverdale. Even though he drives a sputtering jalopy, gets average grades, and is best friends with a hollow-legged basket case, he is irresistible to the girls around him. Of all them, Betty and Veronica are the most ardent in their affection. Betty is a friendly, middle-class blond girl, endlessly patient and friendly. Veronica is the temperamental daughter of business tycoon Hiram Lodge. Her black, lacquered hair and stylish clothes make her a fiercer contender than the thrilless Betty.

In the comics, Archie will often make a date with Betty and then cancel at the last minute when Veronica's whims shift and she decides that, after all, she does want to see him that night. Betty takes it on the chin like a champ, never becoming resentful like a sentient person would.

The following ten love triangles are not fictitious, however. They occurred between real celebrities, who might seem impossibly perfect on the red carpet, but who feel the cold stab of jealousy, unlike Betty Cooper. If you're curious to find out who they are, keep on reading. Yearning, jealousy, and infidelity ensue. Enjoy!

10 Lil Wayne - Tammy Torres - Drake

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This woman must be extremely alluring to have two of the world's most successful rappers coming after her. So apparently the story is this: Lil Wayne and Tammy Torres were dating. Then, Lil Wayne went to prison for possession of a weapon. While he was locked up, Drake went over to comfort his girl. They ended up doing the nastay. Now, Lil Wayne is threatening to write a tell all book about the relationship. Tammy Torres, however, has come back a'swingin', saying that if Wayne were to come out and tell his side of the story, she would come out saying which of the two rappers' company she preferred, if you know what I'm sayin'. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

9 Adam Levine - Jessica Simpson - Nick Lachey

Obviously, Ashlee Simpson would fight with someone over a lousy guy as Jessica Simpson is fought over by two of the most desirable men in music (at the time). She always seemed to have an easier time with things than her sister... This one is a little more hush-hush than the other scandals on this list. In 2006, when she was still married "What's Left of Me" singer/ 98° lead singer Nick Lachey, Jessica Simspon was spotted outside of the Chateau Marmont hotel, wearing Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine's teeshirt. There, dressed in another man's clothes, she waited for her friend to come pick her up. This was the apogee of a two year affair that she had with the tatted rocker.

8 January Jones - Bobby Flay - Stephanie March

In the divorce documents dissolving their ten year marriage, Stephanie March accuses celebrity chef Bobby Flay (known for Iron Chef among many others) of having three affairs, one of which was with the frosty former Mad Men actress January Jones. In June 2010, TMZ reported that Flay showed up at the scene after Jones crashed her car (bad driving is apparently a huge source of infidelity coming to light...) A source close to the couple (March and Flay) told TMZ that (s)he knew that after that happened, March brazenly asked her husband "DID YOU F*** HER?" The love affair isn't confirmed, but there is rampant speculation online that Flay is the father of Jones' still-publicly-fatherless child.

7 Orlando Bloom - Miranda Kerr - Justin Bieber

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Remember back in 2014 when Lord of the Rings elf Orland Bloom punched Justin Bieber for no apparent reason? Well, apparently there was a reason. It all started when Justin Bieber, arrogant little boy that he is, hung out with Miranda Kerr after the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show, even sending her flirty texts afterwards. That lit a low-simmering feud between the swashbuckling British actor and the "Sorry" singer. Then, at the restaurant where the fight broke out, Justin Bieber apparently made a rude comment about Miranda Kerr, who had by then split up with Bloom. He apparently said she "was good", prompting Bloom to haul off and punch Justin in the face.

6 J.C. Chasez - Eva Longoria - Tony Parker

Again, as in the case of Nicholson v. Spade, I find it hard to imagine J.C. Chasez being anything more than a mote in Tony Parker's field of vision; he's one of the most elite athletes on earth and J.C. Chasez is a boy-bander who couldn't "Justin Timberlake" it after his band broke up. But the other way around: it's definitely conceivable. As it should be, because in Eva Longoria actually cheated on J.C. Chasez with taller man Tony Parker. The two actually even got married in 2007, as many of you probably recall, but broke up in 2010 when Longoria found that he'd been sexting the wife of one of his teammates. As Justin Timberlake, successful solo artists says, "what goes around comes around."

5 Olivia Munn - Justin Timberlake - Jessica Biel

According to UsWeekly, Justin Timberlake has been steppin' out on Jessica Biel (if this is 2010, and Olivia Munn is still a Daily Show With Jon Stewart correspondent). Legend has it that Munn met Timberlake when she interviewed him during his press junket for The Social Network. She initially resisted his allure, telling him that she would not date him as long as he was with someone. But Justin was relentless, even telling Munn that he and Biel had split up, and eventually she fell for his dulcet vocals and Southern charm. Apparently, they eventually hooked up. We don't know whether or not it's true, but Biel and Timberlake are still going strong.

4 Michelle Trachtenberg - Ashlee Simpson - Pete Wentz

You all remember Michelle Trachtenberg, Disney's Ice Princess and the it-girl from like 2005? Well it turns out her love life wasn't as Disney as her acting career; she was embroiled in a nasty love triangle with Fallout Boy hottie Pete Wentz and "La La" singer Ashlee Simpson. After breaking up with Trachtenberg, Wentz became involved with Simpson. They dated for a few years, but tensions didn't dissipate between the two ladies. At a party in 2009, Ashlee Simpson picked a fight with Trachtenberg, screaming: “I hope you know, the whole time you were dating Pete, I was f****** him!” Guess she was lying in her song when she said: "Hey now, don't put words up in my mouth, I didn't steal your boyfriend."

3 Hilary Duff - Aaron Carter - Lindsay Lohan

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No list of love triangles would be complete without one of the most notorious love triangles to ever occur in young Hollywood. The year was 2004, the same year Mean Girls came out (in my opinion, the most beautiful Lindsay Lohan ever looked). In 2003, after dating Hilary Duff for two years, Aaron Carter "got bored" and started hanging with Lindsay Lohan. Just a few months later, he went back to Hilary Duff (who really needs a slap across the back of the head for accepting his offer...) This ignited what was dubbed "THE FEUD" in popular media, probably the most discussed conflict that year aside from the newly-minted war in Iraq.

2 David Spade - Lara Flynn Boyle - Jack Nicholson

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It's hard to imagine snarky little twat David Spade ever competing with Jack Nicholson's overwhelming movie star charisma, but apparently they were both on Lara Flynn Boyle at the same time, once upon a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. According to Spade, the three of them were smoking pot together once, and Jack Nicholson asked out his (admittedly drop dead gorgeous) girlfriend. She got mad because he didn't fight for her honour, to which he responded: "Hey, I've been in this town long enough to know when I've been outranked. You're either going to go out with him or you're not." She made a big show about how he was gross, but then ended up dating in him in secret, only being discovered when they were in a car accident together.

1 Selena Gomez - Nick Jonas - Miley Cyrus

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It's weird to think of Selena Gomez dating anyone but Justin Bieber (even though they haven't been together for quite some time). But there was a point, back when they were tweens, where Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas were an item. But before that, he and Miley Cyrus were an item. This was back in the days when the now gay-bar-stripping superstud wore a purity ring and the sledgehammer-fellating apparent nudist had "the best of both worlds!" as Hannah Montana. When they broke up, it ignited a longstanding feud between the Lupus survivor who "Can't Keep [Her] Hands to [Herself]" and the on-again-off-again bride of Liam Hemsworth.


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