10 Celebrities With Weird Hygiene Practices

Every time we look at celebrities on television, we envy them because we feel that they have the most glamorous lives. They can afford nearly everything. They all look so nice with their fancy clothes and shoes. Don't even get us started on how flawless they look on the red carpet. (Though some just look like a mess even when they appear on the red carpet.)

Despite their expensive wardrobes, charm and talent, some of these celebrities have terrible hygiene habits. To some it might be a good thing because they will feel as though these celebrities are human. To others the discovery of these facts may be very appalling and some crushes might even end.

However, we should not be so mean and judge all of them; they might be so busy and tied up with work and shooting schedules that they don’t have time to pay attention to hygiene. Money first, hygiene later ... or perhaps never.

10 Kristen Stewart

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We fell in love with Kristen Stewart when we saw her in the Twilight Saga and Snow White and The Huntsman. She has had a few scandals of her own, including cheating on her husband with the director of Snow White. This became juicy gossip once it became public. One other thing that has contributed to her fame is her lack of good hygiene.

She said that she is not apologetic about not being obsessed with cleanliness. People look at her going out in public in a funky T-shirt and dirty hair and judge her. She says she is and was never that girl. Well, now we know that she is not trying to pretend in order to please people.

9 Cameron Diaz

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This was such a shocker. We have seen Cameron Diaz in many movies including Bad Teacher and The Other Woman. The pretty ones always catch us by surprise. Well, you will be glad (or disappointed) to know that she is not apologetic about her messy nature, too.

She goes out to do her business with pit stains on her clothes. She also says that she wears her clothes for several consecutive days without changing them. We figured she must have some very good deodorants in order to lead that kind of life. Either that or she just does not notice when she starts to smell a little funky.

8 Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson has one of the most beautiful smiles in the industry. She has some pretty teeth - teeth that people envy. Here is the most depressing part; she does not brush them that often.

She was at an interview with Ellen where she said she does not like brushing her teeth because she does not like the slippery feel they get after brushing. As a result, she brushes her teeth a few times a week. The other times she uses Listerine and a sweater. Her teeth, according to her, are very powerful. Well they must be if they can look that good with minimal brushing.

7 Julia Roberts

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6 Courteney Cox

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Courteney Cox is famous for her role as Monica from the hilarious sitcom, Friends. For those people who happened to watch the show, we know that Monica was a clean freak. You can imagine how shocked we were when it became public knowledge that her hygiene was less than pleasant. Apparently, she smells like a truck driver.

She also has a problem that most celebrities on the list happen to have. This problem is refusing to use deodorant. Maybe they should form a support group.

5 Robert Pattinson

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The men have checked in! Robert Pattinson is the star of Twilight. He starred as Edward, the very pale and sickly looking vampire who falls in love with Bella (Kristen Stewart). This was truly a match made in heaven.

Robert does not like washing his hair. He does not care whether his hair is clean or not. He says that he does not even like cleaning his apartment. His apartment is for sleeping and his hair is for hanging out on his head. Does anyone else feel his or her crushes fading?

4 Johnny Depp

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We all remember Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. He did not exactly come off as being a very hygienic person. However, the fact that he was unhygienic with his girlfriend is something else. Fox news ran a story on him and his then girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis. The focus was on them having poor hygiene habits.

A source said that Johnny Depp smells because he is not so keen on taking showers. Vanessa, who was his girlfriend at the time, was not much different. It makes us wonder how it was spending time with them. They were definitely a good match for each other.

3 Orlando Bloom

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We have seen Orlando Bloom in many movies ranging from Troy to Pirates of the Caribbean. We all hated him for being the catalyst behind the fall of Troy, but then loved him for acting on his love for Helen.

So apparently, he does not like to change his clothes, for weeks at a time. (Weeks!) Despite all this, he is married to Miranda Kerr. I guess this is what the phrase “loving despite the flaws” meant.

2 Britney Spears

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It is public knowledge that Britney Spears had a mental breakdown a while back. We all saw how far she went including shaving her hair. She did, however, manage to make a comeback and salvage her career. Sources also say that she has bad hygiene habits.

According to her bodyguard, she had all kinds of hygiene problems. She would not bathe for many days; she did not make her hair, did not brush her teeth and never wore shoes or socks. The bodyguard said he felt appalled by her hygiene habits. He spoke about it publicly after he quit working for her.

1 Brad Pitt

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This just broke our hearts. Brad Pitt is one hell of a hunk who has acted in so many movies that made women lust over him. He is married to the beautiful Angelina Jolie, and they have many children together. Too bad he has bad hygiene habits. He does not bathe so often that he has tips on how to mask the smell.

Apparently, on-set, one of the actors had smelled something foul, so Pitt gave him a tip; using baby wipes on the armpits. We can imagine that  in between work and children, he has no time to shower, so he discovered baby wipes. We do not know whether this is a good or bad thing.

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