10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Insomnia

It may not strike you as odd that some celebs suffer from insomnia. After all, they are artists and they were likely born with extra pinches of creative dust. Let's be honest, it is safe to say that more than a few stars have been known for their eccentricity. Everyone appeals to the ego-side of self that helps build confidence, and some undoubtedly get hit with healthier doses than others. Perhaps, creative types feel something and knowingly understand, that the thoughts and imagery will manifest into something that they can share with others. 

Creative types can also be perfectionists. Not only will they go the extra mile, they won't take short-cuts that may alter the desired result. People that push for excellence are not always able to shut down the creative process abruptly. For insomniacs, the wheels keep turning and sleep remains at bay, no matter how tired the body is. Writers write through the night, actors preparing for a new role may take on different lifestyles that drastically change sleep patterns, and both vocalists and rappers may keep odd hours honing their craft. Here are 10 celebrities that never let the wheel stop turning, even during the night.

10 Jimi Hendrix

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Gone but not forgotten, Jimi Hendrix may have been a poster child for insomnia. He could play the guitar for hours, transfixed. Hendrix was also known for keeping those who followed him on the road, awake as well. Based on the books written on Hendrix, he enjoyed sex with a variety of women and his other passion, was music. He'd play for days without taking a break. His drive often frustrated band mates, as not everybody could hang with his type of energy and raw passion. Hendrix had a thing for drugs as well, which may have had something to do with his mind's inability to shut down as aptly as others, and receive the gift of rest.

9 Michael Jackson

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8 Madonna

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Known for her love of surprise generating antics, Madonna continues to thrill fans with cutting edge themes, dance moves and outfits. She says what is on her mind and worries about consequences later. It is no wonder she dodges sleep and reportedly dozes off only 2 hours a night. In her mid-fifties, the queen of pop is juggling two teenage kids and her younger adopted children which takes plenty of energy. While Madonna should be tired at night, she uses the night hours to create. Often coming up with shock-value worthy performances.

7 Miley Cyrus

Sure, age has something to do with the amount of energy one can put out, without falling out. For Cyrus, 22 years young, it looks like it comes easy. Countless hours of rehearsal time goes into perfecting performances. In addition to the extra energy needed for plain old partying. At some point, sleep has to take over. She has so much energy, she may sing and dance in her sleep.

6 Bill Clinton

5 Sandra Bullock

4 George Clooney

Good looking and type cast whenever a suave leading man is called for, George Clooney fits the bill. He has stated in past interviews that insomnia, is something he'd like to overcome. The television seems to be a distraction whether it is turned, on or off for Clooney. When he turns it off, he says his mind goes everywhere, which keeps him awake.

3 Eminem

2 2 Jessica Simpson

1 Lady Gaga

The Queen of risque performances and pimped-out costumes, (for the sake of art) has had a long time struggle with insomnia. Lady Gaga is fueled by passion that makes her want to give fans more. Lady Gaga says, she may not sleep for up to three days at a time, and that she refuses to take medication that may alter her creativity and thinking. Therefore, she keeps going until she is completely exhausted. Hey, if it works for her, don't knock it. She steers clear of the medicated stuff, and that can be a good thing.

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