10 Celebrities Who May Or May Not Be Gay

Homosexuality is now more accepted than ever thanks to the United States Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage all over the country. Despite gay pride, equal rights, and a more positive light being shed on the LGBT community, there still seems to be a judgmental and negative connotation associated with being gay. Human nature seems to make us constantly want to know what is going on in the bedrooms of other people. Celebrities are no exception and things seem to be much worse and intense because of the public exposure. Fans and especially the media seem to feel entitled in knowing what gender each star goes for in the bedroom.

Numerous celebrities have officially come out of the closet with much support and maybe even just a little bit of controversy. When Ellen Page came out of the closet, people were surprised but the actress received a lot of positive attention and support. When a celebrity publicly comes out, they help others who are still in the closet who are embarking on a path towards acceptance and a more fulfilling life.

But then again, there are other celebrities who leave the rest of us in the dark. Even if they admit to being straight, and their actions and mannerisms say otherwise, the media goes nuts. Here are ten celebrities who seem to be under the constant spotlight because they may or may not be gay. Some of the celebrities may surprise you and keep you scratching your head as to what gender they are most attracted to.

10 Kelly Clarkson

After Kelly Clarkson won the first American Idol competition, the media began to obsess over her dating life which was pretty much non-existent. It also didn't help that Clarkson's hometown is small where everyone gets married and has kids at an early age. Because the singer was a late bloomer romantically, people from her hometown thought she was gay. And then those people started talking to the media, which perpetuated the rumor.

Today, Clarkson is married with a child, and insists that just because someone is a late bloomer, doesn't mean they're gay. Some people have tried to twist Clarkson's denial as a confession, but nothing has stuck long term.

9 Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars found himself trending on Twitter and news outlets after a story on CNN iReport claimed that the singer had come out of the closet. You can bet that Mars' publicists and representatives were busy doing damage control and making calls to different news outlets.

Mars, who says that the story is completely fabricated, has made jokes about being gay, which doesn't help the rumor mill. Many Hollywood bloggers have speculated that if the singer came out as gay, he would ruin his career since it depends on a female fan base. Given that his videos feature women as the love interest, it's likely that Mars is probably straight.

8 Kate Hudson

Despite being previously married to Chris Robinson, who was the front man for the band Black Crowes, Kate Hudson has found herself a victim of gay rumors. More specifically, there was a rumor circulating that she had a lesbian affair at one point in her dating life.

The actress, who is the daughter of Goldie Hawn, was at one point engaged to Muse front man Matthew Bellamy, with whom she has a child. So far, there haven't been any new rumors about the actress being gay, but the lesbian love affair that may or may not have happened continues to haunt her.

7 Zac Efron

Zac Efron has been the center of gay rumors ever since his breakout debut in the Disney Channel movie, High School Musical. Most of the rumors have been perpetuated by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who has never hidden his admiration for the actor.

Even while dating his High School Musical costar Vanessa Hudgens, Efron found himself having to clarify rumors and speculations about his sexuality - all because he can sing and dance. Efron, who has shaken the Troy Bolton shadow from the beginning of his career, isn't bothered by the gay rumors and insists that he can handle it all.

6 Tom Cruise

When most people think of gay rumors, Tom Cruise comes to mind. The actor has had three very famous marriages, but that hasn't stopped the rumors, which have gotten so bad that Cruise has had to file several lawsuits against people who claim to have proof of his non-existent homosexual lifestyle.

One lawsuit was against a gay porn actor who claimed that he had a sexual relationship with Cruise. The other lawsuit was against Michael Davis who claimed that he had tapes of Cruise having sex with another man. Cruise won both of those lawsuits.

5 Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has stolen our hearts and musical preference with her powerful pipes and exquisite piano playing skills. After her debut in 2001, rumors began to circulate saying that the singer was a lesbian.

In a recent interview, Keys acknowledges that the rumors seemed to be valid due to the fact that she came across as "rough around the edges" and that her attitude came across as very tough. However, it is well known now that Keys isn't a lesbian, and her dating life has pretty much debunked those rumors. In fact, she married hip hop artist Swizz Beatz (real name Kasseem Dean) in 2010.

4 John Travolta

Iconic actor John Travolta has dealt with his share of gay rumors throughout his career. When he married fellow actress Kelly Preston, people were convinced that it was just a cover up; perhaps it was, given the fact that he is so appealing to both men and women.

Travolta supposedly being stuck in the closet has become the butt of several jokes on television shows and cartoons. But several men have come forward claiming that they had relations with Travolta, and several lawsuits are in the works to repel against any confirmation of the rumors.

3 Kristen Stewart

Long before Kristen Stewart was seen vacationing with Alicia Cargile, rumors of the Twilight star's sexuality have been circulating since she was dating Robert Pattinson. After it was revealed that she was a single girl, the media has been putting a microscope on Stewart to see who would be her next beau, but were caught by surprise when she was spotted spending a lot of time with Cargile.

Even Stewart's mother was misquoted by the Daily Mirror stating that she outed her daughter (she later retracted and denies speaking about Stewart). When addressing rumors, Stewart remains intentionally vague, which is already a red flag by itself.

2 Ryan Seacrest

Ever since Ryan Seacrest graced our televisions as the host of the hit singing show American Idol, speculations have run rampant thanks to his mannerisms and the media. Perhaps it is due to his well-groomed appearance or the fact he says, "Seacrest... out!" but the media has always gone nuts over the idea that Seacrest is gay.

The rumors are so convincing that even ex-girlfriend Julianne Hough rejected his advances for a significant amount of time because she thought he was gay. Seacrest has debunked the rumors and assures the public that he very much loves women, along with heavily praising the LGBT community.

1 James Franco

Actor James Franco constantly finds himself in the center of a homosexual rumor mill, mostly due to the success he's found playing many gay characters throughout his career.

He recently directed a movie in 2013 called Interior. Leather Bar, which reimagines and recreates 40 minutes of sexually explicit footage - featuring only men - from the 1980 movie Cruising. This directing endeavor definitely didn't help squash the gay rumors.

It seems that Franco has also been intentionally vague on his sexuality but seems to lean on being straight according to an interview he did with Four Two Nine magazine.

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