10 Celebrities Who Looked Naked Wearing Skin-Colored Clothing

There are lots of interesting red carpet trends that celebrities experiment with. The majority of the trends are things that regular people couldn’t get away with wearing because they would look downright ridiculous. Somehow stars step out on the red carpet and make the trickiest outfits look flawless and effortless.

Celebrities have showed that slashed cutout dresses can actually work as opposed to looking like they got attacked by a pair of scissors. Furthermore, they have proven that illusion dresses can be very chic instead of just looking like longer versions of dance costumes.

However, there are some trends that not even celebrities can master. Nude-colored clothing is the perfect example. If a star is going to attempt the trend, it is essential to get a dress that compliments the celebrity’s skin but doesn’t match it exactly. When it is done right, the dress enhances a celebrity’s complexion and it is an understated look. When it is done wrong, celebs end up looking naked. Sure, the look will turn heads, but it will be because people will be wondering why the celebrity left the house without putting any clothes on.

Things get even more confusing when you add in dramatic silhouettes or embellishment. If there isn’t enough of a contrast between the star’s actual skin and the fabric on their dress, it can look like they have some sort of skin condition or large growth. It is not the sort of look that is going to land them on the best-dressed list. These 10 celebrities are actually wearing clothing, but they look naked thanks to their flesh-toned fabrics:

10 Jennifer Lopez

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9 Miley Cyrus

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Everyone, from the audience to the censors, is used to Miley Cyrus being practically naked on the red carpet or on stage. However, this look she wore to the 2013 Met Gala was interesting because she was covered up but still managed to look like she was missing clothing. Miley is actually wearing long sleeves and a full-length hemline. This is more fabric than we would see in about four of her usual outfits. However, it looks like she is wearing one very large fishnet stocking with nothing underneath because the under layer blends in so well with her skin. You cannot even tell that it is there.

8 Amy Adams

The gown that Amy Adams wore to the 2013 Golden Globes is stunning. It is too bad that we cannot really appreciate it because it gets lost. Her gown blends in with her skin. Not even the lace detail on the bodice and the belt detail offer enough of a contrast. If the dress was in a different color, it would have made a huge impact on the red carpet. Even a pastel would have been a huge improvement. Instead, the flesh-colored dress makes it look like she has some fins instead of feet because the dress and her body look like they are one thing.

7 Nicki Minaj

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6 Kacey Musgraves

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Illusion dresses are a massive red carpet trend. You can expect to see at least five of them on any given red carpet. Kacey Musgraves wore an illusion gown to the 47th Annual CMA Awards. However, the illusion that Kasey was going for was probably better in Kacey's mind compared to the way it actually comes across in photos. Her dress is made out of a skin-colored mesh material that blends in with her actual flesh so well. Therefore, it looks like she has white flowers painted all over her body. It could have been a cool look, but it instead it looks like she a very weird skin infection.

5 Kim Kardashian

4 Skylar Grey

You definitely had to look at this outfit more than once to figure out what exactly what going on. Skylar Grey wore this nude dress on the Grammys red carpet and looked like she forgot clothes. Even when you look at close-up photos of the outfit, it is difficult to differentiate between Skylar’s actual skin and her dress. The perforations in the fabric could just be beauty marks or pores. You may not even realize that there is a diamond-shaped cutout on her stomach. If this dress was a few shades darker, it would have made all the difference because she actually would have looked like she was wearing clothing.

3 Kylie Jenner

2 Alexandra Daddario

If a celebrity wants to wear a skin-colored outfit on the red carpet, one styling trick they use to make it look good is choosing a piece with a different color to add some contrast to the look. Alexandra Daddario tried to do this with this ensemble but it did not work out. The issue was Alexandra’s fitted gown blended in so well with her skin that the black lace appliqué on the side ended up looking more like a tattoo than a detail on fabric. If the embellishment was around the edges of the gown, it would have been clearer where the garment ended and where her bare skin began.

1 Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson is one of the world's most beautiful women and she could pull off almost any outfit. Sadly, this skin-colored maxi dress is not one of her best looks. You have to take a good look at it to figure out where her dress ends and her actual flesh begins. The gathered details on the shoulder and the waist make it look like she has a misshapen body, and we all know that is definitely not the case. Furthermore, the black appliques look like they have been randomly glued to her body, as opposed to details on a dress.

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