10 Celebs Who Have Really Hot Non-Famous Siblings

In the world of Hollywood, famous people often are not just blessed with the ability to play the guitar amazingly well, to completely transform into other people in television and films roles, or to sing like angels, they are also blessed with good looks. They hit the genetic lottery because they are not just very talented, they are also really, really ridiculously good looking. It is the reason why so many celebrities star in advertising campaigns and get endorsement deals.

When celebrities get married and have kids, it is never surprising to see that their babies are beautiful. They practically come out of the womb wrapped in “Future Sexiest Man Alive or “Most Beautiful People 2035” banners.

We may not be surprised that beautiful celebrities produce good-looking babies, but for some reason we are surprised to find out when stars have attractive non-famous siblings. Surely if they are this good-looking, they would be famous too, right? We wonder where these brothers or sisters have been hiding while their sibling is in the limelight. And we also wonder what kind of good gene pool is in their family.

We do not know for sure if any of these non-famous celebrity siblings are blessed with superb acting, singing or dancing skills. However, one thing we do know for sure is that they definitely inherited the same hot gene as their siblings. If they ever did want to be famous, they could easily score some modeling jobs. These 10 celebrities are gorgeous, but their non-famous siblings are very attractive, too.

10 Ryan Gosling and Mandi Gosling

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Ryan Gosling may never have earned himself a People’s Sexiest Man Alive title yet, but that does not mean isn’t a total hottie. He has topped many other beautiful people lists. Ryan is not the only Gosling sibling who won the genetic lottery. Ryan has an oldie sister named Mandi Gosling, and she is beautiful. Mandi has a glowing smile and blonde hair. When she walks the carpet with Ryan, she looks like she could be another fellow A-lister. However, Mandi is not acting in movies like her brother. She leads a more low-key life.

9 Robert Pattinson, and Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson

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These are some very good genes in the Pattinson family. Robert Pattinson is known for making Twihards everywhere weak in the knees. Not only is Robert hot but so are his older sisters. Robert has two older sisters: Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson. Instead of Robert’s signature messy brunette hair, his sisters have long, flowing blonde hair. However, they are gorgeous enough to pull off any hairstyle. They have walked the red carpet at some of R-Patz’s premieres and could have easily passed for actual celebrities. Thirty-one-year-old Lizzy is a singer and songwriter and she actually recently auditioned for the UK version of the X Factor, while Victoria has kept mostly kept out of the public eye.

8 Gigi Hadid and Anwar Hadid

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Even those who do not follow fashion are familiar with supermodel Gigi Hadid. She has walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret, snagged herself a Maybelline campaign and appeared in countless photo shoots. Her younger sister Bella Hadid has also made a name for herself in the modeling industry. However, there is another Hadid sibling that was blessed with model good looks. Bella and Gigi have a younger brother named Anwar Hadid. The 16-year-old is an aspiring model. He shares many of the same facial features as his sisters, you can expect him to be famous in his own right soon.

7 Emma Watson and Alex Watson

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There are few people in the world who do not know about Emma Watson thanks to her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film franchise. However, did you know that Emma has a very attractive younger brother? His name is Alex Watson. If you look at any photo of him, you can clearly see the resemblance between him and Emma. Alex did appear as an extra in a Harry Potter film and he is a model. He even appeared with Emma in a Burberry Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign together. However, he is not the household name his sis is. With a face like that, do not be surprised if he is one day.

6 Vanessa Hudgens and Stella Hudgens

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Vanessa Hudgens has appeared on many of Hollywood’s most attractive people lists including People’s World’s Most Beautiful and she has placed near the very top of Maxim’s Hot 100 List a few different years. Plus, the High School Musical star has been photographed for various different fashion and beauty advertising campaigns. However, Vanessa’s younger sister Stella Hudgens could easily share a place with Vanessa. 20-year-old Stella looks like a mini version of Vanessa with her flowing dark hair. Like her big sis, Stella is also an actress, but she has yet to reach the same level of fame as Vanessa.

5 Adam Levine and Michael Levine

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Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine holds the title of People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2013, and he has been featured on numerous sexiest celebrity lists. However, Adam’s brother Michael Levine could also be featured on the lists next to him. The two brothers could almost pass as twins because they look so similar. They share the same tousled brown hair, intense gazes and perfect facial scruff. Michael may not be in concert halls singing “Sugar,” but he has other passions. Michael has does some activism work. He has spoken out about gay rights and produced YouTube videos about it.

4 Cameron Diaz and Chimene Diaz

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Cameron Diaz seems to have it all. She is talented, funny, athletic, and she has supermodel good looks. It turns out there are two genetically gifted Diaz sisters. Cameron has an older sister named Chimene, and she could easily pass for Cameron’s twin. Both sisters have long blonde hair, light eyes, good bone structure and infectious smiles. Sadly, we do not get to see a lot of Chimene. She occasionally attends red carpet events with Cameron. When she does, it is obvious that all eyes would be on these two. That is some good DNA right there.

3 Taylor Swift and Austin Swift

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Taylor Swift fans know everything there is to know about Taylor, from the lyrics to all of her songs to what her cats like and dislike. However, some fans may not be aware that Taylor has a hot younger brother named Austin. They might have seen him in some of Taylor’s Instagram photos, but they may not have realized that he is part of Taylor’s family instead of her #squad. Austin Swift is 23-years-old and a graduate of Notre Dame University. He has the dark hair and chiseled cheeks of a model. He may be famous in his own right soon. Austin recently acted in his first movie, so expect to see more of him.

2 Scarlett Johansson and Hunter Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson is so beautiful, that you might think that she was blessed with all of the beautiful genes in her family, and there weren’t many left for anyone else. However, Scarlett did not get all the good genes. She shared some of them in the womb with her twin brother Hunter Johansson. That is right, Scarlett is a twin. Scarlett and Hunter may not look like mirror images of each other, but it is clear that they both lucked out in the looks department. If you are wondering why we do not see Hunter in Hollywood, he has attended events with his sis Scarlett, but he seems to be more interested in politics than the celebrity scene.

1 Eddie Redmayne and Tom Redmayne

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If you cannot get enough of Eddie Redmayne and his crisp suits and tousled hair, you are in luck because he is not the only Redmayne brother. Eddie’s younger brother Tom may not have Eddie’s freckles but he is still very dashing. With his tousled hair and dark eyes, he could easily star next to Eddie in his fashion campaign. However do not expect to see him at celebrity events on a regular basis. Tom is an Assistant Surveyor in London as opposed to an actor or model. There is also a third older Redmayne brother called James. He is also very attractive, but works in banking instead of showbiz.


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