10 Awesome Superhero Powers You Wish You Had

If the X-Men are any indication, it's only a matter of time before the human race starts evolving to include super human powers. Or you never know, you could get bitten by a radioactive spider tomorrow, or find out you're a descendant of some alien race with abilities far beyond that of a lowly human. There are certain powers that would no doubt make life a lot easier, but there are others that would just make you stand out like a sore thumb and maybe not be worth the hassle.

Superhero movies are one of the most popular genres out there right now, and it's no wonder. Who doesn't wish that they had the power to do things no one else can do? The whole fighting terrible villains to the death isn't as appealing, but it comes with the territory, and every superheroes must make sacrifices. Here are 10 of most badass superhero powers you wish you had.

10 Teleportation

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Not only would you be able to freak people out by appearing out of nowhere, but scouring websites looking for deals on flights would be a thing of the past. You'd be able to travel the world by day, and teleport back home to your own bed to sleep every night. Imagine how much money you'd save by never having to pay for flights or hotels? Not to mention you'd never have to waste time in customs ever again. You'd also never have to factor in rush hour when planning your commute to work every day. Public transportation would be no match for you.

9 Shapeshifting

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Having the ability to look like whoever you want is almost like the power to be invisible or be like a fly on the wall in places you'd never normally be allowed to go. X-Men's Mystique looks pretty cool in her natural blue form, but she's also an expert at blending in. Think about it-- you could follow your girlfriend to find out if she was cheating on you, get into the best parties, and trick your friends into admitting what they really think of you. Or you could use your powers for good and find out what the government is hiding from everyone. Just don't be surprised when chaos erupts.

8 Telepathy

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We see Professor X and Jean Grey of the X-Men struggle with their ability to hear people's thoughts. But who hasn't thought at some point, "I really wish I knew what they were thinking right now"? It's one of those powers you'd probably have to use sparingly though, because reading people's minds could be considered a huge invasion of privacy. Imagine how pissed your girlfriend would be if you were reading her mind during a fight so you could say exactly what she wanted to hear? But on the other hand, being able to communicate with someone without ever actually saying a word would come in pretty handy those times when you have no cell reception.

7 Telekinesis

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Admit it, you've stared at an object from across the room hoping that maybe you had some kind of untapped telekinesis ability. Because you never know unless you try, right? This one's a no-brainer-- everyone wants to be able to grab a snack from the kitchen without ever moving an inch (asking your girlfriend to get it for you doesn't count). There are a lot of specific types of telekinesis (such as Magneto's ability to move objects that contain metal, and Storm's ability to fly), but why choose just one. General telekinetic abilities will do.

6 Persuasion

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The power of persuasion is a dangerous skill that could be used for evil if it fell into the wrong hands. But on an every day level, wouldn't it be nice to be able to influence people to do exactly what you wanted? You'd get every job you ever interviewed for, never have to wait in a line again, and technically never have to pay for things either (but that would be dishonest, right?) But your power of persuasion would be highly sought after and you'd have to be careful not to fall in with the wrong crowd. Just look at Eden McCain from the Heroes series, and Marvel's Persuader. They both ironically let others dictate what they used their powers for.

5 Reactive Evolution

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With the power of reactive evolution like X-Men's Darwin, you'd potentially be indestructible. Want to fly? Jump off a building. Want to explore the bottom of the ocean? Dive in and you'd be able to breathe under water no problem. You'd be able to do things no human being has any business doing, but at the same time you wouldn't have to hide or live your life any differently because those abilities would just come out when you needed them the most.

4 Healing

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Remember the last time you cut yourself and it took weeks to heal? Wouldn't it be nice if you never had to worry about that again? You could break every bone in your body doing every crazy stunt you could imagine, and you'd heal in a matter of seconds and be good as new. Wolverine also has the added advantage of a very slow aging process, which makes him almost immortal. Claire from Heroes also had the ability to heal and in the first season alone she came back from the dead multiple times. There might be disadvantages to having an accelerated healing factor, but at least you'd never have to be afraid of dying.

3 Precognition

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They say hindsight is 20/20, but if you had the power to see the future, aka precognition, you'd never have to look back at your decisions with regret. Because you'd know you either had no choice because the future is fixed, or you made your choices with a specific outcome in mind. If X-Men: Days of Future Past taught us anything, it's that the future definitely isn't fixed. But it would definitely help if you could see what your future would hold if you continued down the same path. Should you put more work into a relationship you aren't completely happy in? Should you take a job even though it would mean you have to move across the country? You'd never have to struggle over a decision again.

2 Superhuman Speed

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Not only would traveling be a billion times faster, cheaper, and all around more convenient, but you'd never be late for anything ever again. One of the best scenes in X-Men: Days of Future Past has to be when Quicksilver makes a bunch of police officers punch themselves in the face, and changes the course of a few bullets, and no one else has any idea he's doing it. This power would present endless prank opportunities, and ways to mess with people. Of course, you'd be able to save some lives once in awhile too every time you have the chance to shove someone out of the path of a speeding car.

1 Super Strength

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First of all, you'd be able to impress your girlfriend with your ability to carry all her heavy furniture up four stories by yourself next time she moves. You'd also be able to pick up her car and carry it to the mechanic if it ever broke down. Beyond that, you'd have no problem winning any fight that ever came your way, you could prevent plane crashes like Superman, and crush entire buildings into dust like The Hulk. There would probably be a lot of showing off going on, but the convenience of never having to ask your friends to help you take your old couch the the dump would be the real bonus.


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