Tiger Woods Divorce

Tiger Woods and , Elin Nordegren, a Swedish former model got divorced after almost six years of being married. The marriage came to an end after nine months after accusations came out about Woods extramarital affairs.

After the divorce was finalized in Bay Court, Florida, Tiger and Elin share parenting of their two children. The couple were saddened that their marriage came to an end but wished each other the very best for the future. According to the couple, their kid's happiness has been, and will always be of paramount importance to both of them.

The reason for divorce was "the marriage being irretrievably broken" as filed by Nordegren. Tiger was titled a sex addict by psychologists stating that it could be from the nature of his job, "that celebrities, used to getting a rush from their jobs, whether they are politicians, athletes, or rock musicians, often look for a similar rush through sex" . Further,  Lustberg explained that "it could also be blamed to intimacy issues".

Below is combined photos of the women who came forth to say that they had all been intimate with Tiger during his marriage.

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