The 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Breakups Of 2015

It's always said that celebrities are nothing like us, and in the realm of love and relationships, they're not. While lots of us will spend some time in the dating game going out with duds, eventually we'll find someone pretty amazing and settle down. We'll get married and start a family, and maybe we'll remain married all our lives. If not, we'll probably find someone else to spend our time with who's still pretty rad and maybe even remarry again. With your favorite actors, musicians, and sports stars, though, it seems almost impossible for them to hold down a relationship. Surviving a few months together is a milestone. Celebrity reporters nearly have a heart attack if that cute new couple makes it to a year.

Then there are the rare celebrity couples who avoid the spotlight and the tabloids. You don't hear about them much, and maybe they only appear together to support the other on set or on the red carpet. These pairs seem more like the ones that you know in your daily life; they're strong, happy, and in love. Even though one or both parties are famous, none of that matters. Sadly, 2015 hasn't been very kind to celebrity couples like this. A handful of twosomes that seemed like they'd never split up have called it quits, breaking our hearts a little bit more and more each time we hear an announcement like this. Maybe grab a few tissues before you read on.

10 Big Sean and Ariana Grande

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They only dated for eight months, but when rapper Big Sean and pop sensation Ariana Grande became a couple in October of last year, they were seen so often in public and captured on video by the paparazzi that the relationship became a big deal. Before dating Grande, Sean had first been with his high school sweetheart, whom he got into a relationship with when he was just 16. Then he was engaged to Naya Rivera, but that twosome (perhaps a rebound), fell by the wayside.

Sean and Grande would often post cute Instagram love notes to each other, and they looked pretty adorable at this year's Grammy Awards. However, a few months after we had forgotten all about who won the big gold statues, the couple called it quits. Given that the "Problem" singer is still a very ripe 22 and Big Sean is 27, the age difference could have been a contributing factor. What's saddest of all is that reports claim that the two actually hate each other and will go to great lengths to avoid one another. Ouch. It must have been one messy breakup.

9 Bobby Flay and Stephanie March

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It definitely can't be easy for your personal life to own 18 burger restaurants as well as handful of other establishments throughout the world and be on reality television all the time. However, that's the life of celebrity chef Bobby Flay, he of Bobby Flay Steak, Bar American, and Mesa Grill. Besides all that, he stars on his own Food Network show called Beat Bobby Flay and sometimes appears on the channel's Great Chefs as well. Somehow between all that, he has time to get into horseracing and of course be a husband.

Well, he had time to be a husband. Although Flay had been married twice before (first to Debra Ponzek in a three-year marriage and then to Kate Connelly in another three-year union that produced one child), when he met Stephanie March, an actor, the two seemed to work beautifully together. They got married in early 2005, over a decade ago, but never had children. This spring, it was announced that the couple had decided to get a separation. As of this summer, they are officially kaput with no word on why. However, another Food Network sensation, Giada De Laurentiis, recently divorced too, so at least they can commiserate.

8 Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn

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No one was exactly rooting for Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn to have a lifetime of happiness together. However, you can't deny that Vonn, an alpine ski racer, was brave to look at Woods romantically after he had just been run through the media mud for his multiple cheating scandals. His ex-wife Elin Nordegren had smartly divorced Woods in the midst of his mistresses coming forward again and again and admitting to sleeping with the golf superstar.

Even though all that happened in 2010 and Woods and Vonn hooked up in 2013, Tiger will never erase his reputation entirely no matter how much time passes. Woods was clearly trying to get on with his life, and for a few years, it seemed like he may have found a good partner with the equally athletic Vonn. However, after going through the rigors of marriage once, Woods allegedly decided that he wouldn't ever walk down the aisle again, necessitating the split. Hey, at least he didn't cheat. He must have learned something after all.

7 Sean Penn and Charlize Theron

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Another celebrity with a somewhat bad reputation is Sean Penn. Despite his activist duties and his high-profile film roles, lots of people choose to focus on his tendency to abuse alcohol and womanize. He also has a mean streak. Once upon a time, he was married to pop goddess Madonna (whom he allegedly physically abused), and then he moved on to Robin Wright, another actor. The couple had two children together and eventually married in 1996, nearly divorced in 2007, got back together not too long after, and then finally divorced for real in 2010.

For a few years, Penn focused on his activism and his movies, getting with Scarlett Johansson in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in 2011 but otherwise remaining single. That all changed towards the end of 2013, when he and Charlize Theron started seeing each other romantically. Although seemingly mismatched, the two were terribly happy together. A year after they first started dating, Penn got down on one knee for the third time in his life and Theron accepted. For a while, we believed that these two long-term friends were going to last. However, Theron, for reasons known only to her, dumped Penn earlier this summer.

6 Rick Salomon and Pamela Anderson

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As controversial as they come, Pamela Anderson has been involved with a laundry list of stars, like Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee (who supposedly gave her hepatitis C), model Marcus Schenkenberg, singer Kid Rock, and movie producer Rick Salomon. She's married most of those men (Schenkenberg and Anderson never got to that point, but they were engaged), sometimes twice in the case of Lee and Salomon.

The Baywatch star first met the producer around 2007, less than a year after she and Kid Rock finalized their divorce. Before 2007 became 2008, she was engaged and then married to Salomon. However, before ringing in 2009 they had decided that they weren't right for each other and got a divorce. In fact, a few months later, Anderson even claimed fraud and wanted an annulment. After she found out the hard way (read: second divorce) that she and Tommy Lee just do not work together, she resumed a friends with benefits arrangement with Salomon in late 2013. That of course led to another marriage. While we were hoping that Pam would finally find lasting love the second time around, it just didn't happen, and as of April 2015, she's divorced and back on the market.

5 Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green became acquainted with one another the way that countless other actors have, by meeting on the set of the same television show (in this case Hope & Faith). The squicky thing though was that Fox was only 18 at the time and Green was far older at 30. Yeah. Somehow they made their huge age difference work because, after getting together in 2004, they were engaged by the end of 2006. It wasn't all happy endings though. Instead of walking down the aisle, the two broke up in 2009 and Fox gave the ring back.

However, the couple must have realized that they couldn't live without each other, because by 2010 they had gotten back together and Fox once again sported an engagement ring on her finger. They actually wedded in 2010 and started a family; Noah Shannon Green was born in 2012 and Bodhi Ransom in 2014. Fox even adopted Green's stepson Kassius. It all seemed perfect, yet late this August, Fox wanted out and served Green with divorce papers. It's unclear what went wrong, as the twosome used the tired "irreconcilable differences" line, but it's expected that Fox's busy schedule and Green's relatively open one may have been the culprit.

4 Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt

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Jon Hamm must have been feeling a bit like his Mad Men character Don Draper lately, for he too just ended a very long-term love. Although never married, he and Jennifer Westfeldt, a screenwriter and actor, had been dating since 1997. Yes, that would have been 20 years in 2017. The two split their time between New York and Los Angeles and once, Hamm even said that his sweetie was "more than just a girlfriend." He also said that he only would get married if he planned on having kids, which never happened between the two. They did have a dog though.

We really thought that this pair would last, married or not. That's why it was shocking when Hamm and Westfeldt officially split up earlier this month. According to Matthew Weiner, one of the founding minds behind Mad Men, Hamm had had alcohol problems that he had recently sought out rehab to address. Afterwards, Hamm was ready to have kids while apparently Westfeldt was not.

3 Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

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In the country world, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were America's sweethearts. Introduced at the 100 Greatest Duets Concert by CMT in 2005, Shelton was technically still married to Kaynette Gern at the time, although the two did legally split in 2006. Shortly after the ink was dry on the divorce papers, Shelton and Lambert became official. They started recording duets together and even co-wrote music. Five years after they met in 2010, they became engaged and got married about a year after the proposal in 2011.

Although they never had any kids, the country superstars were together in wedded bliss for five years. Then, one day earlier this summer, the bliss ran out. Although neither party ever came clean about what caused the marriage to dissolve, it seemed to happen amicably at least. The two have tweeted in a friendly manner to each other since their divorce became official, although fans are undoubtedly still upset and perhaps even secretly hoping for a reunion.

2 Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani

If Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were a country power couple, then their equivalent in the world of rock was none other than Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani. After breaking up with Tony Kanal, No Doubt's bassist (who still continues to play in the band), the "Don't Speak" singer toured with the Goo Goo Dolls in 1995 with Gavin Rossdale's band Bush opening. It was seemingly love at first sight, and by 2002 the rockers were married in London. Their marriage could have gone off the rails in 2004 when it was revealed that Rossdale was the father of Pearl Lowe's 15-year-old daughter Daisy. However, Stefani stuck by her man and soon they began having babies of their own.

Kingston James McGregor was their first bundle of joy in 2006, followed by Zuma Nesta Rock in 2008 and Apollo Bowie Flynn in 2014. Then, only a little more than a year after Apollo's first birthday, Rossdale and Stefani shattered our hearts when they announced out of nowhere that they were divorcing. Once again, irreconcilable differences came up. While they have been spotted out and about with their children, with reports of unfaithfulness, arguments, and tension, we're sad to say that Gwen and Gavin may just be done for good.

1 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

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Last year, Ben Affleck played a cheater whose wife goes missing and totally crazy in Gone Girl, which was an interesting choice because he has always been a family man. He met Jennifer Garner in 2004 and the two started dating right away. Let's admit it, they also seemed totally perfect for each other. In 2005, they had an exclusive private wedding and soon after started having children. Violet Anne was born that same year, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth was born in 2009, and Samuel was born in 2012. You could always count on fun paparazzi shots of the Afflecks out doing family-centric activities.

Then, in June, the unthinkable happened. Affleck and Garner publicized their divorce, which is still being worked out. It's alleged that Affleck may have slept with the help, but he himself denied it. Other sources say that Garner was too nitpicky and would often chop her husband down verbally. Whatever happened behind closed doors, the two are still seen out with their kids all the time and seem to prioritize their family above all else. However, it still begs the question: if couples like Ben and Jen can't last in Hollywood, then who can?


Sources: HollywoodLife.com

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