Spotlight Careers And Unforgettable Divorces

The song Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems sure rings true when you scan the headlines on The Richest and other celebrity news publications. In fact, when celebrities tie the knot these days, the question immediately on our minds is: how long is this going to last?

About 50% of all marriages in the USA ultimately end in divorce. That’s roughly one divorce every 13 seconds. What’s more, a 2012 report by the Marriage Foundation (a group funded by UK High Court Judge Sir Paul Coleridge) found that the divorce rate for celebrities in the first 10 years of marriage is double what it is for the average person. The study looked at 572 celebrity couples who got married from 2000 onward. One in 10 had divorced within two years, and one in four had divorced within five years. Britney Spears holds the record with her 55-hour marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander, but many more celebrity marriages have contributed to divorce statistics over the years.

While data collected about celebrity divorce is not broken down by exact profession, it’s safe to say there are divorces among nearly every group imaginable – actors, models, directors, musicians and more. What we do know is that those who make their living as professional athletes and entertainers are among the most likely to divorce, according to an article in Forbes magazine. For NFL athletes, the figures are particularly grim – about 60% of NFL players are divorced within a few years of retiring from the game.

With everyone from Kim Kardashian to Michael Jordan on our list, we’ve split up the biggest stories on celebrity divorce into 10 different professions. Check it out because we’ve got plenty of examples to keep you entertained.

10 Film Directors – Multiple Splits Behind the Scenes

Martin Scorsese, one of the world’s most famous film directors, has racked up four divorces to date. The director of Wolf of Wall Street has been married to his fifth wife Helen Schermerhorn Morris since 1999. Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron divorced his fellow director wife Kathryn Bigelow in 2010, and he reportedly “won” the divorce. She got the marital home and Cameron paid her about £400,000 and lawyer costs – but she signed away any rights to further support. The pair has an amicable relationship still. Steven Spielberg and ex-wife Amy Irving had a $100 million divorce in 1989. Despite being over 20 years ago it still ranks as one of the most expensive celebrity divorces of all time. Spielberg remarried and went on to have five children.

9 Politicians – Break Ups in the Public Eye

Rumors are always afloat about politician break ups and many of them turn out to be untrue. There is always some far fetched tabloid story circulating about the world on politics. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who started as an actor and ended up in Californian politics, split from his wife Maria Shriver after an illegitimate child was discovered. The divorce settlement is rumored to have cost Schwarzenegger as much as $375 million. New York City mayor (and business magnate) Michael Bloomberg divorced his wife in 1993.  Russian President Vladimir Putin – who received a lot of attention during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics – shocked the nation when he announced his divorce from wife Lyudmila Aleksandrovna in 2013. Former US President Ronald Reagan also contributed to early divorce statistics, divorcing his first wife in 1949 after nine years of marriage.

8 Royals – Dating Back to the 1500s

King Henry VIII led the way for the royals, divorcing Catherine of Aragon way back in the 1500s. The fairytale marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana wasn’t to last either. They officially split in 1996, with the Princess being awarded £17.5 million and £350,000 a year. The Duke and Duchess of York (known as Fergie or Sarah Ferguson) divorced in 1996 after the Duke was found to have cheated on the Duchess. Princess Anne divorced Mark Phillips in the 1990s after an 18 year marriage too. The Spanish Royal family aren’t immune to divorce either. Just last year Princess Cristina of Spain sold her $8 million Barcelona residence and moved to Switzerland, which was reportedly the first step toward her divorce from Inaki Urdangarin (after rumors of infidelity).

7 Fashion Designers – Vogue Editor & More

The fashion world is ruthlessly competitive and designers are in the midst of it all. That’s got to put stress on relationships so it’s no wonder a bunch of top designers have split from their partners. Vera Wang – who’s renowned for her wedding gown designs – separated from hubby Arthur Becker in 2012 after 23 years. Becker helped Wang turn her company into the multimillion dollar company it is today. Vogue editor and philanthropist Anna Wintour (whose salary is about $2 million a year) divorced hubby David Shaffer in 1999 after unconfirmed reports that Wintour’s affair with Shelby Bryan ended the marriage.

6 Models – Marriage Dramas on the Cat Walk  

German supermodel Heidi Klum filed for divorce with Seal in mid 2012, with rumors that Seal had a nasty temper during their seven-year marriage. Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr divorced actor hubby Orlando Bloom in 2011 after three years of marriage, and the pair have a son together, Flynn. Bloom is reportedly worth about $32 million and Kerr about $18 million. Another supermodel, Elle Macpherson this time, divorced her first husband Gilles Bensimon in 1984. She also split from long time partner Arpad Busson in 2005 after a long relationship (although they were never married) and then she married hotel heir and billionaire Jeffrey Soffer in 2013 in Fiji. 

5 Athletes – Lots of Infidelity

NBA player Lamar Odom (who has a net worth of approximately $56 million) was divorced by Khloe Kardashian in 2013 after reports of drug use and infidelity by Odom. The couple married after having known each other for just one month. Golfer Tiger Woods (who was sports’ first billionaire according to Forbes) and former model Elin Nordegren split after a six year marriage, after rumors of Woods’ affair surfaced. Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria divorced NBA hubby Tony Parker after finding texts from another woman on his phone in 2010. Michael Jordan’s divorce from Juanita Jordan in 2006 is estimated to have cost about $168 million. The pair cited mutual irreconcilable differences.

4 Business Moguls – The Most Expensive Divorces

Some of the world’s top businesspeople become celebrities thanks to their fortunes and the companies they run. Billionaires Rupert and Anna Murdoch, of News Corp and 21st Century Fox, called it quits in 1999 after 32 years, with a settlement worth $1.7 billion and $110 million in cash. Donald Trump is onto wife number three, Melanie Knauss, at the moment. His first divorce was with Ivana Zelnickova in 1992, and his second in 1999 with Marla Maples. He has been quoted as saying the reason for his divorces is that he “worked very, very hard building up a great company”. Other billionaire businesspeople who have had divorces include investment banker George Soros, part-owner of Mars Inc Jacqueline Mars and Oracle Corporation’s Larry Ellison.

3 Musicians – Love Songs Don’t Always Work

Britney Spears married old friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas in 2004 but came to her senses and called it off just 55 hours later. But oops she did it again, marrying Kevin Federline later that same year only to divorce him in 2007. Comedian Russell Brand told pop star Katy Perry via text message that he wanted a divorce after just over a year of marriage in 2011. Although he filed for divorce, Perry told Vogue magazine in 2013 that he was losing some of his charm for her too. Musician super duo Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony divorced in 2011.  Lopez, who is worth about $300 million, and Latino heartthrob Anthony are still reportedly on good terms. Other musicians who have had high profile splits in recent years include Christina Aguilera (from music producer Jordan Bratman), Jessica Simpson (from Nick Lahey) and Madonna (from Guy Ritchie). Timbaland’s wife filed for divorce in 2013 too.

2 TV Personalities – Chefs, Reality Stars & More

Multimillionaire and celebrity chef Nigella Lawson filed for divorce in 2013 after a 10 year marriage to Charles Saatchi, after photos of Saatchi allegedly grabbing Lawson around the neck emerged. Kim Kardashian, worth an estimated $40 million, finalized her divorce with NBA star Kris Humphries in 2013 after just a 72-day marriage. The pair’s wedding was televised on MTV, reportedly earning the couple millions of dollars. Kris and Bruce Jenner have also been the subject of divorce rumors since their separation in late 2013. Kris Jenner has reportedly forbidden friends and family from sharing details of the split to the public – and will fine them $3 million if they violate her wishes.  She could lose about $125 million due to not having a prenuptial agreement.

1 Actors – A Long List of Divorces 

Multimillionaire actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore finalized their split in 2013 after tying the knot in 2005. The pair, who are 16 years apart in age, are each worth in the vicinity of $150 million. Long time beaus Courteney Cox and David Arquette divorced last year. Arquette, worth about $18 million (compared to Cox’s $75 million), told Oprah that his substance abuse may have played a part in the end of their relationship. Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams’ 2008 divorce cost him more than $30 million, resulting in him returning to TV acting in 2013 after a long hiatus. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes created a frenzy with the shocking announcement of their divorce in 2012, which was reportedly due to Holmes' desire to protect the couple's daughter Suri from Scientology. Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson split in 2010, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James split the same year, and even long time lovers Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones finalized their divorce in 2013. And how could we forget actress Elizabeth Taylor? She was married eight times to seven different men.

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