Make Your Hair Stand On End: Pricy Wigs And Extensions

Undoubtedly, hair is a huge part of who we are. It has been linked to strength and youth. Our hair and how we wear it tends to give us all a certain demeanour not to mention a boost of confidence.

More and more, both men and women use wigs or extension as an easy, convenient way to hide unpleasant bald spots or create a whole new look. That being said, many think of wigs as synthetic, stiff, and fake looking hairpieces. However, your point of view is about to change – because a wigs can also be a symbol of sex! Hard to believe? What if you found out that some of the manliest and most desirable men of Hollywood have used hair pieces over the years?

Well, John Travolta and Sean Connery will tell you, the days of lifeless boring hair pieces are gone – that is if you have a wallet fat enough to take you into the new era of fashionable hair additions. Now a days, it is very difficult to point out whether modern day creations are wigs or real hair.  Style icons such as Nicki Minaj,  Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna, and Gwen Stefanni have also reportedly been making use of this helpful prop (while spending thousands of dollars on the furry creatures).

Here is a selection of wigs and hairpieces with hair-raising prices that have been worn by some of the most cherished celebrities.

6 Andy Warhol’s Silver Wig - $10,800

It was the silver-grey wig of Andy Warhol that became the dramatic iconic look of the super star during the 1960s. This legendary star was of course known for his distinct artistic talent and his unusual fashion sense which was often in the form of mismatched footwear. Initially, he started wearing this wig to conceal his receding hairline, but it eventually became the most prominent part of his entire persona.

Decades after his death, in 2006, this famous hair piece was sold at Christie’s auction for $10,800. Surprisingly, the original three strips of tape which were meant to keep the hair in place were still intact at the time of sale. There were several other cherished possessions of Andy’s included in the auction, but this piece of messy hair fetched the highest price. It may look like you just got out of bed, but you’re sure to get noticed if you have this rare piece of history on your head!

5 Elizabeth Taylor's "Cleopatra" Wig - $11,000

4 Jennifer Lawrence’s Hairpiece - $30,000

The talented Jennifer Lawrence beautifully flaunted her perfect shade of brunette while playing the role of Katniss Everdeen in the movie The Hunger Games. This 23-year-old American actress purchased a $30,000 hair piece after she refused to let her stylists experiment with her locks. According to her stylist, she did not want to damage her natural hair because of the repetitive dying process which involves heavy bleaching. Since the transformation from blonde to brunette was a role requirement, she decided to use a ‘bit’ of her money to save her hair.This diva’s hair is definitely worth far more than the $30,000 she paid, since her net worth is closer to $10,000,000.

3 Michael Jackson’s Wig - $ 75,000

Jackson not only conquered many hearts, but also made music industry history. From his striking apparel to his ever-changing hairstyles, he never ceased to impress.

On the 5th of March, 2009, Mr. Jackson wore this wig at the O2 arena during a press conference in London. According to the sales receipt dated November 20, 2008, this custom made wig was originally bought for $3,700. This jet black wet look represents his sleek signature look. In 2011, it was auctioned by Juliens Auctions and was sold to an anonymous fan for $75,000.

2 Tresses from Elvis Presley - $ 115,120

It’s not a wig, but the price of these hair clippings from the head of the King of Rock’n’Roll – Elvis Presley are worth mentioning! As we know, he was not only known for his soulful voice and sexy hip moves, but also for his distinct hairdo.

His hair was secretly hoarded by his personal barber and stylist, Homer Gilleland, who made a fortune by selling it. To prove the authenticity of his hair, a letter from John W. Heath (who is an expert in Elvis memorabilia), and John Reznikoff (who is a specialist in the field of hair collection) was presented at the auction. The thickness of one of Elvis’s dark black hair strands is measured at approximately eight centimeter in diameter. The auction was conducted by MastroNet on the 15th of November, 2002 and tresses from Elvis Presley were sold for $115,120 (buyer's premium included). How could a true Elvis fan pass up the opportunity to own some of Elvis’s actual hair? A little creepy perhaps, but he did change the face of music and hairstyles forever. 

1 Not a Superstar, but Dying to Look Like One - 30,000 +per year 

Blonde Brandi Irwin looks cute with her shoulder-length hair. However, cute just isn’t good enough for this former New York model. For her long locks it takes 250,000 strands of hair (and nine grueling hours of work). She claims that the color, touchups, and blow-dries are her biggest expense (roughly over 47,000 per year with the extras), but it’s what makes her feel centerfold beautiful. Irwin says getting extensions is addictive and has been at it for over six years. You do the math…

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