Kim Kardashian Arrives for Her Divorce Settlement

Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from her husband Kris Humphries. The marriage lasted for just seventy two days.

Kim was seen arriving at a court in Los Angeles recently. It was compulsory for her to attend the court hearing, because it was a part of the divorce settlement. Kris was however surprisingly absent at the hearing. It is not clear why he wasn’t there at the court. However perhaps we can guess the reason. It is evident that Kris is quite mad at Kim, and wants their marriage to be annulled rather than terminated. He does not want to pay Kim any money, which he would be bound to do if there is a divorce. This is why it is quite surprising that he did not show up at the hearing. Kim’s lawyer was left amazed in the end.

In a statement, Kim’s lawyer said that the attitude of Kris towards the divorce settlement was very shocking. Evidently Kris does not seem to care about what is going on any more. There was some speculation on whether a Nets game kept him way, but this was not so. There was no Nets game, and so, Kris was definitely free to come. Humphries and his family have been rather bitter since he was dumped so unceremoniously, after just three months of marital bliss. Kris feels that Kim was just using him. There was no love at all in the relationship.

Kim Kardashian managed to create a style statement at the court hearing, and proved why she is such a style diva. The starlet wore a pair of white pants and a printed white dress. She looked pure and pristine and cut a very serious figure. There was no evidence at the court room that she is a crazy reality television star. Kim probably wants to prove that she was genuinely in love with Humphries, and the only reason she left him was because it was not working out. She did not dupe him into marrying her. She even wants to make it evident on her reality show by listing Kris as a witness.

We wonder how Kris is going to respond to this, given he has been keeping himself away from court hearings. Maybe he has finally realized that things are not going to go in his favor.

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