10 Unexpected Celebrity Divorces of 2014

The divorce rate in America has risen by an astonishing 40 percent since the 1950s - when the baby boomers were getting married. Young and old couples who tie the knot today do so with the odds quite starkly stacked against their marriage lasting.

This couldn't be more true for celebrities who have a reputation for getting married on a whim and divorcing just as quickly. It’s not usually a time to be jumping for joy when anyone gets divorced, but it’s especially sad when celebrity couples who seemed happy - couples who the fans rooted for, and in whom they're invested - decide to call it quits after years of what seem like happy marriages. The longer celebrities are married, the more it seems they're beating the odds. That’s why it was difficult for anyone to accept that the celebrities in the following list confirmed their divorces in 2014.

Some were married for longer than two decades while others barely half of one. Unfortunately, some ended due to allegations of infidelity, but others were decidedly amicable in what some couples described as “loving” splits. Regardless of why these marriages failed, celebrity divorces are usually underscored by large sums of money in either spousal payments or child support. Without a prenuptial agreement, somebody is likely going to end up paying - as a few celebrities on this list have done.

10 Neil Young and Pegi Young

Canadian folk legend Neil Young filed for divorce from his wife Pegi in June, 2014. They were married since 1977 and, ironically, worked together on many love songs. They have two adult children, Ben and Amber Jean. According to HollywoodLife.com, Young was spotted only a month after the divorce being very close with actress Daryl Hannah, but there is no confirmation from either Young or Hannah if they are a couple. The divorce after over thirty years of marriage was one of the year's biggest celebrity news shockers.

9 Micheal Moore and Kathy Glynn 

Settling their divorce in a Michigan court, documentary filmmaker/political activist Michael Moore and movie producer Kathy Glynn ended their long marriage of 22 years. Together the couple are worth more than $50 million and property ownership is being uncovered as talks proceed in court. They own nine properties between Detroit and New York City including a condo in Manhattan. As they settled their arrangement, Moore blamed his ex-wife for renovation expenses valued at $2 million for their condo.

8 Gael Garcia Bernal and Dolores Fonzi

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Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal was introduced to mainstream Hollywood with his work in the highly-acclaimed movie The Motorcycle Diaries and has become one of the most influential players in artistic movie-making this century. He and his partner Dolores Fonzi ended their relationship after 5 years. Although estranged from each other for months, the two “remained great friends” and have decided to focus on caring for their children who live in Argentina with Fonzi. The most shocking part of this story? News outlets everywhere were reporting the 'divorce', until Garcia Bernal broke the news that, in fact, despite the public's belief... The couple had never been married!

7 Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon

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This divorce was all set but turned out to be just a close call. Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame and husband Rick Salomon were set to divorce after Anderson filed a petition. However, in this case, she later decided to pull the plug on the petition and had the divorce dismissed. It’s unclear why she and her husband were gunning for a divorce. But the dismissal may be because Anderson still doesn’t want “to meet anyone else” as she said early last year. She also has quite the soft spot for Salomon and “doesn't have the heart to hurt him”, according to a friend of Anderson.

6 David Duchovny and Tea Leoni

5 Antonio Banderas and Melanie Giffith 

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Another long marriage has ended in shambles when wife Melanie Griffith filed for divorce from actor Antonio Banderas after an 18-year marriage. In a statement released from their representative, they said they were both handling the divorce in a “loving and friendly manner”. However, Griffith is seeking spousal support from Banderas and physical custody of their daughter Stella with visiting rights for Banderas. This is the second divorce for Banderas after a nine-year marriage to Spanish actress Ana Leza.

4 Randy Jackson and Erika Jackson

3 Kris Jenner (Kardashian) and Bruce Jenner

After being separated for more than a year, Kris of Kardashian fame and husband Bruce Jenner finally made the leap to file for divorce. Fortunately for the two, the divorce has been “amicable” and no lawyers are being dragged into what could have been an ugly affair. Like many celebrities who divorce, the two cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the breakup. Both had signed a prenuptial agreement before getting married, so their property will be split equally between the two.

2 Lauren Morelli and Steve Basilone

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Writer for the hit television show Orange is the New Black filed for divorce from her husband Steve Basilone in mid-September. The marriage lasted for only 5 months before the writer realized that she was, in fact, gay. She wrote extensively about her sexual epiphany for OITNB. Not long after the divorce, and probably before, Morelli fell in love with gay actress Samira Wiley who is one of the stars in the very show she writes for.

1 Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose were happily married until both suspected the other of infidelity - one of the most common reasons for divorce. According to a friend, Rose walked in on Khalifa while he was with not one, but two woman. It gets messier from there. The friend also told news sources that the two women were twin sisters. Even before the alleged infidelity, both Khalifa and Rose were planning to end the marriage. According to Khalifa, he “just didn't want to be married to her anymore.”

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