10 Male Celebs Who Wish They'd Kept It In Their Pants

Let's face it, men really don't enjoy keeping it in their pants, wanting nothing more than to get it on with whatever lovely lady fits the bill. Many celebrities are notorious womanizers, some with a different woman (or multiple) each night. There have been quite a few situations where the guy really should have exercised some self control because it got him into huge trouble. We've got everything from losing the love of their life to a royal scandal all the way to having a severed ding-dong. Yes, you read that right.

Men through history have gotten in trouble by not keeping their manhood down and this century is no exception. While most of them probably just wish they didn't caught, they probably now wish they just kept it in their pants. Here's a list of the men who really wish they could have kept it in their pants and the consequences for not doing so!

10 Tiger Woods

Not keeping it in his pants took Tiger Woods from his #1 ranking on the golf circuit, down to #58 after his wife caught him cheating with multiple women and subsequently divorced him. The self-proclaimed sex addict lost endorsements, his wife, his high-ride in his golf career and even his mistresses. His Cadillac Escalade was also damaged in what has been reported as an attack from his wife and an accident by Tiger, in which he did suffer some injuries. After admitting to his transgressions, Tiger took a break from golf and admitted himself into rehab for sex addiction. He stated that he felt his fame and money meant he could do whatever he wanted, whether that meant enjoying the pleasures of many women behind his wife's back, even in their home while she was there. It looks like Tiger lost a lot more than he bargained for when he didn't keep it in his pants.

9 Bill Clinton


The former president Bill Clinton said he "didn't have sexual relations" with Monica Lewinsky, but everyone knew he had his fingers crossed behind his back. With wife Hillary at his side, the president flat out denied his involvement in the oval office with the young intern. But, it would come back to bite him after a semen-stained dress that Monica had kept from their affair surfaced, proving Bill's guilt. Clinton subsequently blamed unresolved anger on his need to soil a woman's dress with him semen. While there were attempts to impeach him, Clinton was spared, but his reputation was forever soiled, along with Monica's dress. He is now in the background in his wife's bid for the presidency.

8 Bill Cosby

Another famous Bill caught with his pants down, Bill Cosby was the beloved Dad from his self-titled family show. Everyone loved Bill and his no-nonsense attitude about kids and families, plus he was hilarious. That was until allegations were made that Bill liked to drug women and then have sex with them while they were unconscious. 16 women came forward to say Cosby sexually assaulted them, this taking place over the span of 30 years. Cosby has been charged and many organizations have subsequently cut ties with Cosby including universities and colleges where Cosby held honorary degrees and cable networks that are now refusing to air his show. Even the great Jerry Seinfeld nixed his endorsement on Cosby's biography. His wife is said to be sickened by her husband's actions and said that he deserves the hell he is going to go through, which could include jail time and fines.

7 Robin Thicke

While most people knew that Robin Thicke was a douche after his Blurred Lines video made waves proclaiming that he glorified sexual assault and lack of consent, he proved it even more after being caught cheating. His antics were even caught on camera a few times, once when he posed with a fan and you can see him grabbing her butt in the mirror behind them, unbeknownst to Thicke and his willing fan. The fan later revealed that they had "quick and passionless sex" and she later shook his wife's hand. Together for 22 years, Thicke couldn't handle the loss of his "rock" and attempted to win her back, even naming his new album Paula, after her with a single titled "Get Her Back". Luckily for Paula, he didn't get her back and she's since moved on.

6 Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Terminator was married to wife Maria Shriver for 25 years, in what looked like a bliss-laden relationship. But, when it came to light that Arnie had fathered a child with their housekeeper 14 years prior, Maria left the marriage. Apparently Schwarzenegger didn't realize the child was his until the boy was about 8, and he started looking more like the action star, although that contradicts his statement that he gave both the housekeeper and their son child support from the beginning. After the divorce, Schwarzenegger said "I'm least proud of the mistakes I made that caused my family pain and split us up". While remorseful, the Terminator has a long history of cheating and was even married when he started his relationship with Shriver.

5 Prince Harry

While Prince Harry could really do no wrong, he faced quite the scandal when he was photographed in the buff after a game of strip billiards with a group of random women in Las Vegas. Harry said "I let my family down, I let other people down" after the photos surfaced. Harry did say that he felt he was in a private area and was not treated appropriately by the women who took the photos and released them. While Harry can get naked whenever he wants, he might be better off to keep it in his pants in untrustworthy company.

4 Hugh Grant

It has been over 20 years since Hugh Grant was caught and subsequently arrested for getting oral sex from a prostitute in his vehicle near Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, but he is definitely still remembered for it. Grant was set to release his rom-com Nine Months when he was arrested and plead no contest, fined and put on probation for the oral acts. When asked what he was thinking, Grant basically said he had trouble deciphering between good and bad and now knows that it was a bad thing. The scandal hasn't really affected his career, but his squeaky clean image was just a bit tarnished.

3 Charlie Sheen

Known partier Charlie Sheen professed he was "winning" not too long ago, when he was actually probably starting to lose it. Years of drinking, drugs and violence couldn't match up to his eventual HIV diagnosis, which he hid from the public and the many men, women and transsexuals he slept with even after he knew. With close to 100 people already contacting lawyers regarding him keeping his diagnosis under wraps but still sleeping with them, it is estimated that there could be about 700 that he risked infecting! These include wives, girlfriends, prostitutes, adult stars and more. Sheen has boasted that he's slept with over 5,000 women and that was before his HIV diagnosis.

2 John Bobbitt

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If you've heard stories about someone being Bobbittized, you can thank John and Lorena Bobbitt. In 1993, after years of abuse at the hands of her husband, Lorena Bobbitt took it upon herself to cut her husband's penis clean off. She then drove away and threw it out the window into a field. Lorena was found not guilty of the crime, by reason of insanity, mainly due to the years of abuse and his alleged infidelities. He since has gotten himself into worlds of trouble, breaking his neck in a car accident and going to jail for more domestic assault, but his member was fully re-attached, so he does have that.

1 Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant got himself into a world of trouble after having adulterous sex with a maid at the hotel he was staying at in Colorado. The woman then accused him of sexual assault and he was arrested and charged. His wife stood by him while he stated that the sex was consensual and Bryant ended up getting the case dropped when the accuser refused to testify. She did take it to civil court where Bryant ended up settling, and publicly apologizing to the accuser. While this did cause a stir in Bryant's life, he didn't lose his wife and went on to sign a seven-year contract in the NBA and receive many endorsements.


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