10 Celebrity Splits That Broke Our Hearts

Just like us, some celebrities go through break ups, others have divorces; some choose to have dignified splits, while others wash dirty linen in public. Yet, some others fight dragging court battles, while others go for the latest one, hold your breath, wait for it, - ‘conscious uncoupling’. The constant spotlight on celebrity relationships ensures that their lives are always open to scrutiny. For fans, their relationships embody all that is perfect, for these are people who have the money and fame. So whenever the ‘break up’ road is chosen, it somehow makes celebrities more real, more human and more fallible. Some fans choose to stay mum on the subject, others rant and rave about the ‘unfairness of it all’ and others take sides and make excuses. In other words, everyone’s involved. Today celebrity romance casualties are an ‘every day’ thing, just as the sun rising and setting. Although, some celebrity break ups are ‘out of the blue’ shocking to say the least, and those are the ones that oftentimes, really break our hearts.

10 Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

This ‘conscious uncoupling’ is the latest one to hit the entertainment news. Despite several odd marriage quotes from Gwyneth (which now appear to be fairly foot-in-mouth) and various ‘just in’ affair rumors, the couple really seemed to be going strong. With two children and ten long, seemingly happy, solid years together, who would have thought that the couple would split? Especially so since the couple took extra efforts to stay out of the gossip mills and keep their private life. This break up saga broke a few hearts, and not just of fans but also of friends within the industry. Both Gwyneth and Chris were great parents. They really did have it all, a great family, lovely kids and enviable individual careers. For heartbroken fans, this break up just boils down to one sad but true fact - if the mighty can take such an unexpected topple, what is the hope for us mere people?

9 Liberty Ross & Rupert Sanders

This case hit some of us really heard. Here was a man who had been married for ten years, had two kids with a successful lady who had left a glittering career and a life behind to relocate with him. Liberty was bound to get all the sympathy in this fiasco and it was no surprise that this is exactly what happened. The couple were very much in love when they married but Liberty, London’s top fashion model, soon found herself making significant life changes post marriage. She had to give up her career and move to US, where her husband wished to pursue his dream. The actress revealed in a magazine interview in 2012 just how difficult the transition from career woman to domesticated housewife had been for her. It would seem that the frustration of seeing her husband always put ‘his needs’ before hers, were taking a toll on their marriage. But what really sealed their fate were reports of Rupert’s fling with his film’s lead actress Kirsten Stewart.

8 Heidi Klum & Seal

7 Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis

Granted that this couple were never married, but partnering someone for 14 years, living together and having two ‘now young adults’ children, constitutes a relationship just as overpowering and solid, as a marriage. And so yes, the breakup did hit just as hard as an actual divorce normally does. Vanessa was a leading French actress and model and Johnny was, well, we all know what Johnny was and still is. Johnny and Vanessa ended their relationship in June 2012. Johnny admitted in a recent interview, that the relationship had lately been bumpy and his constantly being away was contributing to it. The two did make a striking duo and indeed, so do their beautiful children. For a relationship that had so much strength that it did not need a piece of paper or some vows to define it, it lasted longer than quite a few marriages. It is simply heartbreaking that it had to end, but both parents are still very much involved in the lives of their kids.

6 Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

5 Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

4 Sandra Bullock & Jesse James

It is always heartbreaking when infidelity is the reason for a break up or divorce. The 2010 news of Oscar winner, Sandra Bullock’s divorce with Jesse James was sad on many counts. First and foremost it was the infidelity. Not only was Jesse cheating on Sandra but the fact that he was, was revealed very publicly and unexpectedly. Sandra ended her 5-year marriage just after winning an Academy Award for The Blind Side where she portrayed Leigh Anne Tuohy. The actress has maintained a dignified silence on her relationships post marriage and has also remained graceful when talking about Jesse in all her interviews. Now, who wouldn’t love to see this strong lady get hooked again?

3 Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe

Legally blonde star, Reese Witherspoon has something akin to a fairy tale with Ryan Phillippe. Both met on her 21st birthday and after appearing in a film together, dated, fell in love and then married in 1999. Then fame seemed hit the couple like a brake-less speeding train. Reese won an Oscar for her movie Walk the Line and achieved a cult status with movies such as Legally Blonde. She soon became one of the highest paid actresses. Ryan on the other hand, was busy doing some climbing of his own. His career was taking off and he was part of some great films, including the Oscar winning movie Crash. Hectic careers may also have played their hand in ruining this relationship. The couple had two beautiful children, property worth millions and fame to boot, but after 7 years together the glamorous couple decided to call it quits.

2 Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston

1 Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman

This one broke out hearts because it got a tad too uncomfortable, bordering on ugly actually. Nicole and Tom called an almost 11 years old marriage quits in 2001. Tom’s publicists started off on the claim that theirs was an amicable separation, but that theory soon went up in flames when Nicole came out and said that Tom had left her without warning and had asked for a divorce without even trying to sort out their problems through counseling. Whatever the reasons behind their fall as a couple, this golden couple of Hollywood shocked many when they made the announcement. All had seemed hunky dory with them prior it. Two adopted kids are the only silver lining to this otherwise ‘casualty-ridden’ marriage.

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