10 Celebrity Exes That Totally Hate One Another

Celeb Exes Hate Each Other

When love goes wrong, nothing goes right. Particularly in Hollywood. Hollywood divorces may start out civilized, but once they turn toxic, watch out. The people on this list have used words like"pig", "wh*re", "lazy ass" and "egomaniac" to describe their exes. One ex called her former hubby a "pathological liar" and another said her rock star ex was a "sexual predator". These people truly, madly and deeply hate one another. And they are not afraid to say so.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise recently admitting they simply hate one another seems a little tame next to the Hollywood celebrities who have declared war on one another. The ex-lovers on this list may not be as extreme as the Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner characters in War of the Roses, where a divorcing couple (literally) died fighting, but hey, they come pretty darn close.

10 Hulk and Linda Hogan

Their divorce was nasty and messy. He has called her delusional and said that she was still riding on his good name. She has said that he is a pathological liar and a narcissist. He has loudly proclaimed that the favorite thing about his new wife is that she is younger than him. Ouch, big time. In her book Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes, she pretty much disses him and their marriage, and accuses him of infidelity and abuse. And just to get her own back, she got her very own boy toy to play with. Things have gone quiet of late, but trust us, these two should not be left alone in a room together.

9 Anne Heche and Coley Laffoon

They met on the set of a documentary he was filming for Heche's then main squeeze, Ellen DeGeneres. After they married in 2001, he became a stay-at-home dad for their son Homer. Laffoon filed for divorce in 2007, later saying she was mentally unstable. She has said he was into p*rn and money. Her money, by the way. The divorce was a running battle over just about everything and, at the end of the day, she was required to pay him child support. When TV host David Letterman interviewed Heche and asked her what the guy did for a living, her response (after asking if she could use the words "lazy a**" on TV): "He goes out to the mailbox and he opens up the little mailbox door and goes, 'Oh! I got a check from Anne! Oh! I got a check from Anne! Yay!'". We get the whole hate one another vibe here loud and clear.

8 Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards

Exes Celebrity Hate

In his soon to be published memoir So That Happened, Sheen's Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer claims that Sheen got him to hide his p*rn mags when Denise visited the set, and that after Cryer's divorce, his pal Charlie helped him hook up with working girls. Friends have got to stick together, after all. The Sheen/Richards divorce was one of the nastiest Hollywood had seen in a while, with restraining orders and accusations of abuse.   She has said he was verbally abusive and he took to Twitter to call her a "traitor" and "loser wh*re", among other things. Peace may not have exactly broken out between these two, but they grin and bear it for the sake of their two daughters.

7 Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger


She was a Texan and a supermodel. He was a Rolling Stone and the resident bad boy of rock n' roll when they met and supposedly fell in love, way back in 1977. But, bad boys don't stop being bad boys when they marry, and she has called him a "sexual predator" who was unfaithful throughout their 20 year relationship. Mick ended up paying out some $25 million when they divorced amid rumors of his love child. Which is rich considering reports that Mick's first wife Bianca divorced him in 1978, due to his adultery with none other than Ms. Hall. With four kids, it's hard not to have some contact, but we hear both are happy not to have the other in their lives.

6 Madonna and Guy Ritchie

He was her kind of boy toy and some 10 years younger than the Material Girl. Not very charitably, he has said having sex with her was "like cuddling up with a piece of gristle." Trust us, that will not endear him to the filthy rich superstar. She has recently said she felt like a prisoner when she was married to him. In the lyrics of her song "I Don't Give A" Madonna rips Ritchie with lyrics like "suck it up, didn't have a prenup" and "I was cutting him checks, I was his boss". When they divorced in 2008, she paid through the nose with some saying she was forced to hand over more than $70 million. Again, as the song lyrics testify, that had to hurt the 50-something star where she lives. She didn't use the words "gold digger", but hey, we get it.

5 Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook


When they married, she thought she had a water-tight prenup to protect her modeling fortune from architect Cook. He disagreed and the divorce battle went on for years. He has called her narcissistic, an egomaniac, and a second- rate celebrity. She has dragged him into court again and again, over his reported harassment of her. The battle went on well after the divorce was finalized and Cook had claimed his chunk of Brinkley's change. She cried in one interview and he ranted that she was trying to emasculate him. Trust us, these two need to stay away from one another, big time.

4 Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver


So, the aging actor and politician and the Kennedy clan member and crusading journalist Shriver, had a long and supposedly happy marriage. Well, not quite. Rumors of Arnold's playing away dogged the couple, but a few years back when Maria discovered that Arnie had a love child with their former housekeeper, well all hell broke loose and the sound of a battle royal commenced big time. She went straight to an A-List divorce lawyer and played the woman scorned to perfection. Some say she pockets hundreds of millions of Arnie's money amid a kind of blood bath of accusations and counter-accusations. But they probably have one thing in common still - namely not being thrilled that son Patrick is hooking up with bad girl Miley Cyrus.

3 Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

Not many remember that Russian Oksana had a thing with Timothy Dalton a while back. But most people remember Gibson's meltdown, professionally and personally, and his mega-expensive divorce from his long suffering wife Robyn. Next came leggy Oksana and, oh yes, a baby. No marriage, but still when the split came, Oksana won hundreds of thousands from an embittered Gibson, claiming abuse and threats. She has said he was a rich bully. He has not had an awful lot to say about her, but what he has said is not exactly glowing. Then, she went on Howard Stern and said a little too much about Gibson, breaking her confidentiality agreement with the disgraced star. So, he took her back to court and an angry Oksana lost part of her settlement. The two went from passionate love to loathing pretty fast, even in the Gibson universe.

2 Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

In the land of being famous for being famous, nobody tops the Kardashians. Kim in particular. The 2011 marriage of Kim and basketball star Humphries, lasted all of 72 days. These two take hating your ex to a whole new level. Kris has claimed the marriage was little more than a Kardashian publicity stunt and publicly criticized Kim for keeping hundreds of thousands of dollars of wedding presents. The divorce took almost 2 years to finalize amid each side taking nasty pot shots at the other. Recently, the engagement ring that Humphries forked out $2 million for, sold at auction for around $600,000. We all know what became of our Kim, but reportedly the Boston Celtic player was sued by a former love who accused him of giving her herpes. Not nice.

1 Kelsey and Camille Grammer

Celebrity Exes Hatred

Their divorce was the stuff of nasty legend. Married for 13 years, they divorced amid name calling and insults. She cast doubts over his manhood, saying the difference between him and her current boyfriend was "about 8 inches" and the Frasier star dissed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills inhabitant, saying her so-called career had been a gift from him. She first filed for divorce in 2010, but running rows over their 3 homes and tens of millions in assets, meant it was well into 2011 before the dust settled. It probably did not help that she filed for divorce after finding out he was having an affair with a British stewardess (whom he has since married).

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