10 Celebrities Who Were Accused Of Infidelity While On Set

Getting your heart broken by your spouse or long-time significant other is always difficult, but imagine what it would be like if the entire world knew about it? Literally, the entire world. Some people just don’t realize how badly it hurts the other person involved, when they decide to fraternize with another person while they are still married or living with someone. And some people just don’t seem to care. Or it could be that the heart just takes over and they are not thinking about the consequences in the process.

There are some actors who portray a person who is in love with another person on screen, and nothing ever comes of it. Then there are some actors who don’t quite seem to notice the difference between made-up Hollywood and real-life. These days, it is quite hard for one to hide their infidelities from their spouses, especially with camera phones lurking around every corner. Some people think that the affair itself is horrible enough, but sneaking around and lying is even worse. Then there are some who just think if you keep it quiet, then maybe nobody will notice…

10 Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

One of the most infamous celebrity affairs was when Brad Pitt was married to Friends star, Jennifer Aniston. Brad starred alongside Angelina Jolie, in the movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith back in 2004, where they both played a married couple who secretly worked as secret agents. Anyone who saw the movie could see the magnetism that was developing between the two. It may have just been really good acting, but surely there was a lot more to it than simply a great sense of direction.

For years, Brad had denied that anything had happened between him and Angelina on the set of the movie, but it was finally admitted in 2008 (two years after he and Jennifer had split up) that Mr. & Mrs. Smith was his favorite movie, due to the fact that it was where he and Angelina “fell in love.” That was nothing that the rest of the world did not already know, after seeing the way the two looked at each other during conferences regarding the movie.

9 Ryan Phillippe/Abbie Cornish

8 Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders

7  7. James Cameron/Suzy Amis

6 Meg Ryan/Russell Crowe

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While Meg Ryan was married to actor Dennis Quaid, Dennis had multiple affairs (according to his former wife). This was not acceptable, but their marriage seemed to last for nine years, up until Meg met actor, Russell Crowe on the set of Proof of Life in 2000. It appeared that people in glass houses should not throw stones, or at least, that is what Meg had said about it during an interview with a current internet magazine. Apparently, what is good for the goose is not so good for the gander…

5 Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes

Northern Lights was a movie made specifically for television back in 2009, where Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes play the main roles. Eddie’s character falls in love with LeAnn’s character, and they soon decide to imitate art with real life. Both Eddie and LeAnn were married at the time, refusing to admit that anything was going on behind closed doors.  Soon after the movie was released, a video that showed a very intimate meeting with Eddie and LeAnn, proving that more than a “simple friendship” was occurring between the two.

4 Robert Rodriguez/Rose McGowan

3 Billy Bob Thornton/Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has adopted multiple children and surely cares for them more than just about anything in the world. She also is concerned about the diseased and hungry in third-world countries. But it seems Angelina is not concerned about any of the women that she steals men from, when she decides that man is who she wants. Angelina Jolie met ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton on the set of Pushing Tin in 1999. He was engaged to actress Laura Dern during that time, and broke off the engagement to be with Angelina. Billy Bob and Angelina were married for three years before she moved on to someone else.

2 Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz

1 Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton

If Angelina Jolie takes the cake for stealing the most men in the last thirty years, then Elizabeth Taylor wins the prize for the previous thirty. Elizabeth Taylor was married a total of eight times, two of which was to the same man, Richard Burton. Elizabeth and Richard had met on the set of Cleopatra, while she was still married to Eddie Fisher. The irony in this case is that Eddie Fisher had actually left his wife, Debbie Reynolds, to be with Elizabeth years before. Elizabeth and Richard married first in 1964 for ten years, divorced, then re-married in 1975 to try again. That time it only lasted a year.

Richard Burton was also married when he and Elizabeth started their affair, yet neither of the two seemed to care who they were hurting. Including each other. Elizabeth took countless sleeping pills, according to reports, to try and “kill herself for him,” and it was also reported that Richard had beat her so badly to the point where she could not even join the movie set for at least six weeks, during the filming of the movie they were in together.  Richard seemed to have been a very brutal man, especially when he started drinking. She had left a very calm, heart-felt man in Eddie Fisher (even though he left another woman for her), to be with a man who beat her senseless. It is simply amazing how love can do this to a person.

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