10 Celebrities Who Cheated… With Other Celebrities

Few in the limelight are immune to rumour and scandal, and that's especially true among those in the entertainment industry. Actors, musicians, singers and comedians are very often the subject of tabloid talk, and their relationships are a favourite topic. When a celeb's coupled up, it's double the fun (and double the pay-cheque for the paps). When a cheating scandal emerges, entertainment news headlines are saturated with the news. And when there's a cheating scandal involving another celeb as the guilty third party? It's almost too much.

Russell Crowe came between Meg Ryan and then hubby Dennis Quaid. Brangelina began while Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston. More recently, poor Robin Thicke got dumped for twerking with Miley Cyrus and sticking his hand up Lara Scolaro’s skirt (he forgot they were taking the pic in front of a mirror...) No one is exempt from betrayal, not even the beautiful people.

Which celebrities have been the most active, lately, in the cheating department? If you were red-carpet famous, sought after by all and sundry (and their publicists), would you be able to resist the temptations of all those other gorgeous celebs surrounding you at lavish parties, on set and on the road?

The following are ten particularly memorable examples of celebrities who had shacked up with other - usually high profile - peeps, but were caught between the sheets with another celebrity in the last few years; committing adultery, betrayal, and even breaking up families.

9 Kanye West & Leyla Ghobadi: 2012

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Canadian model Leyla Ghobadi either has a mean streak and an overactive imagination, or she was pressured into recanting allegations that she slept with Kim Kardashian’s dashing rapper baby-father, Kanye West. Kardashian and West have recently wed, after having their first child together last year. Ghobadi publicly said she slept with the rap star not once, but twice in 2012, when he was already coupled up with the famous Kardashian socialite.

Both West and Kardashian have consistently denied the report. At first, Ghobadi acted put out, saying it’s always the other woman who gets blamed. She ended up backtracking, however, and has since said she mistook the timeline — that she slept with West before Kardashian was around. Formerly she had claimed that the star had told her his relationship with Kardashian was for “the publicity,” and was not serious.

8 Kristen Stewart & Rupert Saunders: 2012

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Most people even remotely aware of what’s going on around Hollywood will at least have an inkling things are off between the famous pairing of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame. If you managed to miss the deets thus far: Stewart was unfaithful to Pattinson with her director on the film Snow White and the Huntsman. The affair eventually ended, but not before the Twilight couple’s three-year relationship had ended, as did movie director Saunders' 12-year marriage, from which he has two children. Saunders is allegedly still hung up on Stewart, who is not entertaining ideas of exclusivity with her former lover, according to sources. Rumors have it, however, that the costars of the vampire series exchanged Valentine’s gifts this year.

7 Harry Styles & Emma Ostilly: 2012

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Singer Harry Styles of One Direction fame was dating award-winning pop star Taylor Swift when the latter broke up with him in 2012. Reportedly, Swift had seen a photo of him kissing American model Emma Ostilly. It turns out Styles and Swift were newly involved and not yet official (or exclusive) when he kissed Ostilly. An 18-year-old boy-band idol kissing an 18-year-old Manhattan-born model while newly (and maybe barely) dating a 22-year-old pop singer: Does this even deserve the label of cheating? The media seemed to think so. And so Harry Styles rather unstylishly makes it onto lists with married folk and celebs more than twice his young years.

6 Katharine McPhee & Michael Morris: 2013

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30-year-old singer and actress Katharine McPhee’s PDA with director Michael Morris was not a Smash, unlike the NBC show by that name on which the two worked together. Morris, 26 years McPhee’s senior, was married with children when the two were caught making out in public. This ended both his marriage and McPhee’s to actor/director husband Nick Cokas (who himself was 20 years his wife’s senior - daddy complex?). Morris is best known for his work on the series Brothers and Sisters, and McPhee first gained fame after being a contestant on American Idol. Two cheated, and four ended up divorced.

5 Lamar Odom & Liza Morales: 2013

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NBA’s Lamar Odom was with his high-school sweetheart for 10 years. Although the two didn’t marry, they had three children together; the youngest died of SIDS. Unsurprisingly the couple didn’t last, but not because of their son’s death. Instead, it turned out Odom had been cheating for quite some time. The new woman? Khloe Kardashian. A month after his kids’ mom learned of the affair (in 2009), Odom announced his impending marriage to Kardashian. Four years later, why would Kardashian be surprised her hubby cheated on her, when she'd already seen him do that? The other woman this time? There may have been more than one, but the story that made the biggest splash was Odom’s infidelity (at least one dirty phone call was confirmed) with Liza Morales… the same high-school sweetheart and mother of his children who he'd left for Khloe.

4 Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman: 2013

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Manhattan socialite Lauren Silverman was married to Andrew Silverman, Chief Investment Officer of a real estate group his father founded some years ago. Andrew Silverman was good friends with Simon Cowell, a former judge on American Idol known for his caustic comments on that show. The Silvermans regularly socialized with Cowell, even vacationing with him and another woman, so when news broke that Cowell not only had an affair with his friend’s wife but that he also got her pregnant, it was a big shock — especially to the cuckolded husband! The Silvermans have an 8-year-old boy together. In a recent interview the real-estate mogul opened up, admitting Lauren is still a committed mom to their son even since having the baby (another boy) with Cowell, with whom she is living.

3 Antonio Banderas & Sharon Stone: 2014


Rumors that Banderas and Stone were lovers have been bandied about in recent months. The more recent announcement that Banderas and longtime wife Melanie Griffith have separated has caused rumors to heat up: Why are Griffith and Banderas divorcing? All sorts of speculation abound, most centred around the speculated infidelity. The hot Latin actor seems the perfect physical foil for Stone, herself star of some very hot films including the 1992 erotic thriller Basic Instinct. Stone insisted in a recent interview with USA Magazine that Banderas and Griffith are family friends and that Griffith was even present at the birth of all three of her children. However, despite her statements the media persist, and it is interesting rumors of the affair between Banderas and Stone occurred right before the announcement of the actor’s separation from his wife...

2 Hank Baskett & Ava Sabrina London: 2014


Former NFL wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, Philly Eagles and Indianapolis Colts Hank Baskett went extra wide with his receiving recently during an alleged sexual encounter with famous transsexual model and hottie, Ava Sabrina London. According to London she and Baskett were in contact since April when the latter contacted her after seeing one of her online videos. They exchanged info and in June he reportedly showed up at her door unannounced. London says things quickly got hot and he took his clothes off first. The two supposedly did not have intercourse, but London told The National Enquirer the football star left “satisfied”. Baskett’s wife, former Playboy bunny (and one-time live-in girlfriend of Hugh HefnerKendra Wilkinson, has filed for divorce.

1 Jay Z & Mya (& Casey Cohen): 2014

When you’re a famous performer such as Jay Z, and when you’re married to a superstar like Beyoncé, you're likely to be a target for all sorts of rumours and accusations. But can Jay-Z defend himself against all such reports? It's especially tough to do so when the accusations come in rapid fire. Jay Z was “attacked” inside an elevator after the MET gala by Beyoncé’s sister Solange for his cheating ways - the security video of the supposed attack stormed the media. This came after reports of the rapper having flings with Rita Ora and Rihanna, and most recently the R&B singer Mya, following hot on the heels of the report of an affair with Casey Cohen, from the reality show Princess: Long Island. Cohen has denied the rumours, for her part. May and Jay Z have remained silent on the issue.

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