Walt Disney World Surprises Tourists, Changes Ticket Prices

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has been a widely popular tourist spot since it was created. No matter how old you are or where you're from, most people vow to visit this magical attraction at least once during their lifetime. If you're thinking of doing exactly that sometime soon, then you're going to want to learn about Disney's latest change that concerns this destination.

As revealed by People this past Tuesday, Disney World has now changed many of their ticket prices. The company previously announced that a new ticket system would be put into place back in September. According to representatives, these changes will extend the seasonal pricing strategy to show off park demand without affecting how many people end up booking their tickets for a certain time period.


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One-day tickets have increased between $5 and $7 per ticket- regardless of park, making them now range from $109 to $129 before taxes. The parking prices increased to $25 per vehicle. MagicBand prices have also increased now to $14.99; however, if your hotel is a Disney Resort, those bands will most likely be included there. The Annual Passes will now cost up to $45 more from each tier. Finally, under the new ticket system, customers must agree on a start-date for tickets, and visitors who purchased a three-day pass will have five days to use it. The latter is subjected to increase depending on how many days your day pass has. All prices mentioned are in U.S. dollars.

Despite all of the aforementioned changes, there is still one ticket prices has did not increase nor decrease as a result of Disney's brand new ticket system. Any peak tickets to visit Magic Kingdom — including American Thanksgiving, Christmas time, and New Year's Eve, will continue to run guests at $129 USD. Even with other prices going up, these tickets are still the most expensive option available.

While these increased prices will no doubt make many potential guests angry with Disney, it's unlikely that their attendance at Walt Disney World will take much of a hit. There's going to be many people that will want to travel to the most magical place on Earth- whether it's to ride all the rides, see all its sights, or simply to cross one more thing off their bucket list. Many guests are going to visit Disney World for years to come to experience this wonderful attraction.


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