Skip Ibiza And Dance It Out At These 20 Other Party Cities

A city that has been famous for its night scene for a long time at this point, despite that, in recent years, Ibiza has still managed to raise the ante even further in terms of tourism for that very reason. While that is fantastic for the people of that land, it may inspire some people to look elsewhere when it comes time to hit the road.

When deciding on which city you are going to make your way to in order to let loose, there are several reasons why you may want to look somewhere other than Ibiza. For instance, you may be interested in something that isn’t so trendy, is more off the beaten path, or maybe you’ve been to Ibiza before and want to go elsewhere. No matter what your reasoning is, here is a list of 20 party cities that aren’t Ibiza where you can dance your heart out.

In order for a city to be considered for possible inclusion in this list, it first and foremost needs to have an incredible night life and be a wonderful place to party it up. As we have not traveled to every single city featured on this list, we’ve relied on publically available reports and communal reviews of how great the party scene is at any given location. Aside from that, the only other thing to keep in mind is that we did not consider how cheap or expensive it is to travel to and stay in any of these locations.

20 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Likely not the first city that comes to mind when many people think of places to party, there is a perception out there that imbibing is utterly outlawed in the United Arab Emirates. While it certainly is true that some of the things people enjoy while partying are not as readily available there, if you want to have some refreshments that can definitely be in the cards. With that and the fact that there are many people that live in Dubai who are quite wealthy in mind, it should come as no surprise that the city has one heck of a night life.

19 Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is an amazing place to enjoy a night of revelry because there are many restaurants where you can eat in style, from there things will only improve since Seoul is renowned for being welcoming. On top of that, from there you can head to a "noraebang," which is a private room where you and your pals can get as goofy as you want away from prying eyes. Of course, a lot of the time people hit the town in order to meet people and if that is what you have in mind while in Seoul then you likely will be in for a treat. After all, according to reports, the clubs keep going all night long which means you’ll have loads of opportunities to socialize.

18 Chicago, Illinois

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A city that in part defines itself due to the teams they support, Chicago is a wonderful place to go if you have any interest in wasting your night away around like minded people at a sports bar. If that is not your scene then need not worry at all since you could also check out a place like The Barrelhouse Flat where you will find old-school southern style hospitality. If you are still not satisfied, then head over to the Aviary where there are herb and fruit infused cocktails or to the Sable Kitchen and Bar for a feel that brings to mind '50s Hollywood. Amazingly enough, all of those incredible options are only a small sampling of what the city has to offer.

17 Berlin, Germany

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Berlin is a city that is still associated with a lack of freedom for some, but the Berlin Wall has been down for decades and a lot of locals spend their nights living their truths whatever that may mean. Perhaps that is why it has such a passionate and fun loving party scene and has become the home of some of the best techno clubs, house parties, and hip-hop joints in the world. In fact, a Melbourne native that moved to a home in Berlin without power wrote in a New York Times article that he was fine with that since Berlin is a “hedonist paradise, where beer was cheaper than water.” If that doesn’t say it all, then nothing will.

16 Stockholm, Sweden

Stereotypically believed to be overrun with beautiful people, if you are single and ready to mingle then Stockholm, Sweden may be the place to visit in case there is any truth to that idea. Fortunately, if you make your way there and feel let down in that regard, then you will still be happy you made the trip based on the strength of their club scene. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Stockholm’s nightlife, it is divided into two districts with different vibes, Södermalm which is much more relaxed and Stureplan, the home to pulse pounding clubs. Of course, you can jump back and forth between the two areas depending on the mood and when your night ends you can have breakfast and then enjoy the innate beauty of the land.

15 Cancun, Mexico

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Located on the far west coast of Mexico, this allows many youthful Americans to make their way to and go wild in Cancun on a regular basis. As a result, if you have yet to hit your middles ages then this city is one you need to travel to at least once in your life. Especially crazy at the height of spring break, during the first two weeks of March, the city has accurately been described as a “free-for-all” late at night. However, if you don’t have a taste for that unbelievable debauchery, then wait until the latter half of summer when there still aren’t too many rules but there is enough space to move freely.

14 Dublin, Ireland

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Far from a perception that is without merit, there certainly is some truth to the idea that some people from Ireland can drink many tourists under the table. With that in mind, if you make your way to an Irish pub in Dublin it would be a mistake to try to compete but enjoying a pint and making friends will make for a memorable and fantastic time. Of course, the night life is far from limited to pubs as you can let off some steam at loads of clubs and in some cases that may be only the beginning of things. That is because there are after-hour gatherings where you pay cash to enter if an organizer chooses you out of the crowd at a bar, pub, or club.

13 Bristol, England

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Only a few years ago it would have been London, England that landed on this list but now that many of its pubs, clubs, and bars have closed, Bristol is having its time in the spotlight. A city that is known to be the home of a lot of students, when you head out at night you will be rubbing elbows with music trendsetters as you enter one of several iconic locales. On top of that, Bristol has a thriving music scene with a heavy influence from its large Caribbean population which is why famous acts like Massive Attack and Portishead were birthed here.

12 Las Vegas, Nevada

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Known as the city that never sleeps for a reason, even on a Monday at 8 in the morning, there is a decent chance that you will see people walking down a city street while throwing one back. More than that, nobody around them will be batting an eye either. Of course, there is still no doubt that the good times hit their pinnacle once the sun goes down. Amazing not only for their many high-end clubs and bars that are known for being glamorous and their frenetic energy, there is so much more to see and do while you’re there. After all, there is no city in America where more world famous entertainers congregate and perform.

11 Barcelona, Spain

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The kind of place where you can spend your days enjoying the sun and your nights getting toasted, Barcelona attracts people of different age ranges that are looking to have a great time. For instance, there are several clubs near the beach that cater more to the younger crowd while adults looking for a more refined experience should check out a bar like Luz de Gas. All of that aside, the truth of the matter is that even if you have trouble making your way to the night spot of your choice, it is ok since you are bound to find another one just as good.

10 Auckland, New Zealand

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The biggest city in all of New Zealand, Auckland’s immense size means that there is more than enough room for every kind of bar or club you could hope for. Also known for attracting travellers from all over the world, you will find an overabundance of the backpack set and in general that kind of tourist is known for being welcoming to strangers like you. For that reason, you can ask them for advice on where to spend your nights or skip all that and stick to some of their most celebrated bars, including Cassette 9, Danny Doolans, Snapdragon, and Bungalow 8.

9 Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Clearly influenced by some of the nightlife in locales from other areas of the world, while in Buenos Aires, you’ll want to divide your time between Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. Between those two regions, you will find will find a healthy mix of dance clubs, dive bars, and everything in the middle. On top of that, many people point to the so-called club known as Pacha as being the highlight of a visit to this city. That is because it is located on the water, is open to the air and it stays quite busy since it falls near the smaller of the city’s two airports.

8 Montreal, Quebec

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Canada’s premiere party destination, at first it may feel a little bit off for some people based solely on so many people speaking French sometimes in a pretty in your face manner. However, once you overcome that barrier you will find yourself having a ball. Catering to students that are scraping by and the super wealthy, you can rub elbows with youngsters, hipsters, and established businessmen all in the same night. If that isn’t appealing enough, then you can look forward to finishing out your weekend with a Sunday morning poutine at Tam-Tams, where there is a weekly open-air festival with DJS, drum circles, and even LARPing.

7 New Orleans, Louisiana

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Filled with people that are capable of overcoming some truly devastating circumstances, not only are many New Orleans locals tough as nails but they’ve held on to their positive attitudes too. Reason enough to make the pilgrimage there, once you make your way to the French Quarter and take in the Cajun culture, you will be very glad you did. Of course, if you prefer to stay away from some of the bigger tourist traps then we suggest you take in their incredible jazz clubs, beer bars, cocktail clubs, or all night pinball arcades.

6 Cape Town, South Africa

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Much more associated with the many historically important things that have happened there, it may catch some people by surprise to see Cape Town make this list. That said, in reality, it certainly deserves its placement at least from November to March every year. Having to overcome its lacking scene during their winter months, the summer nightlife more than makes up for it since you can start partying at any time of the day while having some world class food. Once the moon rises, however, things really take off since drinks typically are cheap, there is great company, and the dance floors served as the birth place of several dances that have taken the world by storm.

5 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Right from the start, it is time to address the plainly obvious, there are things partiers can do without worrying about legal troubles while in Amsterdam that could be a problem elsewhere. A pretty big advantage for the city, that is far from the only reason why it is a fantastic destination for having a good time. On top of that, it has been a playground for many of the most popular DJs in the world for many years at this point. Additionally, the whole place goes nuts during the annual holiday known as King’s Day. If all of that doesn’t make Amsterdam stand out for you, then it should be noted that they actually elected a night mayor to oversee what goes on once the sun goes down.

4 Paris, France

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Thought to be the most romantic city on the planet, if you travel to Paris and fall in love while dancing it up then it will feel like you’ve stepped right into the movie of your dreams. One of the busiest cities in the world, every year millions of people make their way there and the locals have put together an incredible scene for adults to enjoy at night. Known for the world-famous Moulin Rouge where you can catch a world class cabaret show, the vibrant colors, glitz, and glamour found there make it a great place to start out a night of partying. From there you can take the inspiration you received from those dancers and head to the many nightclubs like Club Silencio where you can try to emulate their moves.

3 Tokyo, Japan

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The kind of place where you can get lost for a night, while you’re in Tokyo it makes sense to not have things too planned out since it is far too easy to waste a night away at a single club. However, if you pride yourself on your bar-hopping abilities, then you will have a very busy night in between their red light district, smaller and more intimate bars, and crammed full clubs. All of that said, if you go there and only speak English then the smart move is to keep your eye out for locations that have signs you can read as well.

2 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Considered by many people to be the preeminent destination for partying in South America, Rio de Janeiro has is not for the weak of heart. That is because it should be noted that there is a great deal of poverty there which is probably the root cause of the rampant crime that is found in some regions of the city. Fortunately, as long as you stay to the south, you should be safe and able to focus on the nonstop beach party that is going on there. Of course, things go to a whole new level during Carnival, an annual festival that is choked full of colorful and salacious outfits, floats, fun loving people, and some of the best music to dance to around.

1 Miami, Florida

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Called out as an incredible city to party in by Will Smith, his song “Miami” did not steer you wrong and he is far from the only musician to point out how wild this place is. Especially amazing if you have the cash to take advantage of everything the city has to offer, even their arts district is lined by outdoor bars you can enjoy while taking your drink with you most of the time. That is also to say nothing about what is possible if you have the means to enjoy the bottle services that are available from one side of the city to another. All of that said, if dancing is your thing you are covered by the electronic music culture which spawned the Ultra Music Festival which brings EDM to the world.

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