No Boys Allowed: 30 Places That Are Perfect For A Girls Trip

There is nothing quite as wonderful as taking a girls-only trip. Your girlfriends are there for you through thick and thin and when life gets busy and the stresses of adulting start piling up, you know that it is time to take a vacation with the women who you can relax with, unwind with, and let loose with. While hanging with the guys can be fun, sometimes you just need your girls. You need to be able to be girly without having someone whining that seeing a play is too boring or that getting facials is not really their favorite thing to do. You just need your girlfriends. No boys allowed!

Maybe your friends are the type to want to take a beach vacation where laying in the sun, sipping drinks, and swimming in gorgeous waters. Maybe your girlfriends and you would love nothing more than to sit in beautiful vineyards, sipping wine and eating delicious foods. Maybe you and your girls are all about the nightlife and want to find a place to let your hair down and unwind. Maybe you guys need some serious rest and relaxation and need to soothe your minds, bodies, and spirits with a spa getaway. Maybe adventure calls to your hearts and all that you want is to explore and experience. And maybe, you just need to be somewhere where you'll be entertained and have delicious foods. No matter what kind of friend group you have, there are perfect destinations all over the world just begging for a girls trip.

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30 Santa Fe

There is nothing as wonderful as getting rejuvenated and pampered with your girlfriends. Santa Fe is the place to go to if you love spas. I recommend heading to a resort that is one of the top three spa destinations in the U.S. If you head here, you and your girlfriends will find yourselves surrounded by tranquil beauty, stunning nature, and total relaxation. They have amazing accommodations, delicious foods, yoga, meditation, puppy play, and art classes. (Source: SunriseSprings)

29 Tokyo


Tokyo is such an amazing place to experience. It's cute and vibrant and endlessly entertaining. A trip with your girlfriends there to experience shopping, incredible food, and so many perfect selfie opportunities. You'll also be getting to experience a whole new culture, and if you're going to be anywhere that is going to have this many amazing new memories and experiences, wouldn't you want your best girlfriends there beside you experiencing it all with you? (Source: TheBlondeAbroad)

28 San Diego


If your friend group is into the nightlife, then Gaslamp is the area that you're going to want to be in. It has wine bars, amazing nightclubs, delicious spots to eat, and craft cocktail bars. If you're more into the beach bum life, then Pacific Beach is where you and your girls should head. And of course, you cannot head to San Diego without checking out Little Italy where you and your girlfriends can hit up cute cafes. (Source: TheBlondeAbroad)

27 New York City


Of course, the city that hosted Sex in the City would be an ultimate girls getaway destination! Head to a bar and sip martinis as you shamelessly flirt. Seeing theater while you're there is an absolute must. New York City is one of THE places that you'll want to go shopping so if you and your girlfriends are into that, then make sure you prepare your budget beforehand. For me, however, the greatest and best reason to head to New York City is the food. World class amazing food can be had there. Make sure to head to Milk for their crack pie or birthday cake truffles.

26 Niagara-on-the-Lake


If your girlfriends are into wine, then this cute little town is a great place to take a girls trip. The town is full of these amazing Bed and Breakfasts that are in these big, gorgeous homes. You and your girls will start your day off right with an incredible homemade breakfast every day with homemade jams from local fruits, and incredible pastries. There are so many vineyards to explore and wine tastings to be had here. And the town is absolutely stunning wherever you go. I would recommend doing a biking tour of the wineries. It's the best way to see the gorgeous sights of this pretty town right on the water, while also not needing to worry about a designated driver.

25 Martha's Vineyard


Martha's Vineyard is a gorgeous place to visit. Just the beauty all around you and the amazing wine is enough of a reason to go. If you do go with your girlfriends, I would recommend staying at Summercamp. Summercamp is basically a place for you to re-live the fun days of summer camp from your childhood, but with some adult twists. You'll be able to place in the games room, watch a rom-com on a movie screen, play ping pong and have all of the classic snacks that you know and love. (Source: SummerCampHotel)

24 Las Vegas


Of course, every female friend group needs to take the quintessential trip to Las Vegas at some point. Las Vegas is the ultimate place of entertainment. You can see amazing shows, head to a casino, or even get a little risque with the nightclubs. There are cheap drinks and amazing hotels with luxurious amenities. If you have a friend group with a lot of different tastes, Las Vegas is sure to have something for everyone. Just don't forget that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

23 Sonoma, California


This is another must-visit place for any winos. It's cheaper than heading to Napa, and is just as beautiful and filled with amazing wines. This is a place for you and your girlfriends to relax, unwind, and let the wine do all of the talking. There are over 130 vineyards to explore. Find a cute little Inn like the West Sonoma Inn and Spa where you're going to feel absolutely pampered so that you and your girls will get the absolute most out of your time in Sonoma.

22 Florida Keys


Beach holidays are some of the best holidays. I find little in life to be as successful at clearing the mind and reducing stress as lying on a beach, sunbathing and reading as you listen to the water. Yes, sand gets everywhere, but it is so worth it. Florida Keys is the perfect beach vacation for those who love good food, good beaches, and exploring. From old shipwreck tours to incredible coral reef gardens, you're going to want to see it all. (Source: SouthernLiving)

21 Beaches of Riviera Maya


You and your besties can look cute on the white sand beaches as you all stare out at the crystal clear waters. That sounds amazing, right? Stock up on your sunscreen and your beach reads and make sure that you book a really cool resort for you and your gal pals and just soak up the rays. Feel all of the stresses melt away while you hang out with some of your favorite people in the world.

20 New Orleans


If partying and music lives in your soul, then you and your girlfriends absolutely need to take a trip to New Orleans. Bourbon street is where you'll want to hit to find the parties. You're going to experience delicious food like steaming gumbo, delicious cocktails, and incredible live music. New Orleans is so steeped in history and tradition that this trip will truly be a memorable experience for all of you. And who better to experience something like this with than your best girls? (Source: TripAdvisor)

19 Croatia


For something a little more unexpected and off the regular girls trip beat path is Croatia. This amazing getaway destination has it all. There are amazing mountains and islands. There are stunning beaches and waterfalls. You'll get to experience delicious foods and great wine. You can even sign up to go truffle hunting because they're actually renowned for their truffles! You won't have an experience like this one anywhere else in the world. (Source: TheBlondeAbroad)

18 Cancun, Mexico


Cancun might have you thinking spring break, but there is so much more to this beautiful place than body shots and wild partying (not that there is anything wrong with that). Try heading to the NIZUC Resort and Spa where you can experience private villas right on the oceanfront and amazing spa treatments. There are incredible restaurants and swim up bars and a giant reflective pool. You and your girls can experience Cancun the grown-up way, while still having loads of fun. (Source: TripAdvisor)

17 Papagayo

If beautiful scenery and adventure are what calls to you and your girlfriends then Costa Rica is the place for you. You can head to the jungles where you'll see monkeys and can have tours and hikes. You can zip-line over amazing sites. You can surf the beautiful waters. Costa Rica is a place where you can get your adrenaline pumping and then relax in the evenings with a dip in the waters or with a really delicious meal. (Source: Papagayo)

16 Iceland


Iceland is an incredible place that I had no idea about until my brother went a couple of years ago. Let me tell you that I have never been as jealous as I was until that moment, in my entire life. Some of the worlds greatest waterfalls are there. There is this amazing hot spring that you will for sure want to visit. You can also see the Northern Lights in Iceland, which can make for amazing photography opportunities. Go with some girlfriends that love breathtaking views and sightseeing because you're going to want to drive everywhere and see everything while you're there, trust me.

15 Chicago


I went to Chicago for my sister-in-law's bachelorette party, and let me tell you that that is the place to be with a group of girls. Ride the rides and enjoy amazingly delicious Chicago style popcorn along the pier. Grab some famous deep dish pizza. Take selfies by the Bean as you walk the stunning parks. Head to the Lincoln Zoo. And at night time, they have piano war bars where you can request songs to be played on stage by one of the talented musicians. The nightlife and the tourist attractions are wonderful and you're going to want to experience it all with your girls. (Source: TripAdvisor)

14 Miami


Miami is the place to go if you love warm weather and sunny beaches. There are a ton of Instagram-worthy places to take a selfie here, sunny beaches, and delicious Latin-inspired food that you're going to adore. Make sure to hit up some of the amazing bars and clubs after a day of relaxation and soaking up the rays. Grab your girls and grab your bikinis because Miami was basically created to be a fun in the sun girls trip destination.

13 Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is one of those super touristy destinations. They have the falls, which are absolutely breathtaking to see in person and anyone who has not had the pleasure of standing before the thundering rushing water and feeling the mists from its powerful drop coat your face should make that a priority to do. Niagara Falls also has amazing casinos, fun nightlife, delicious food, and of course there are all of the touristy things like haunted houses and the butterfly conservatory and Ripley's Believe it or Not museums. Head there with your girlfriends for a weekend of shameless tourist fun.

12 Portland


I know, I know. What? But Portland is the perfect choice for the right crowd. It's filled with funk and fun. You'll get cheap food, amazing coffee, and adorable shopping. Grab some bikes and explore the city. Make sure to stop at farmer's markets and get something delicious and have a makeshift picnic. Hit up some food trucks to get delicious cuisine on the cheap side. Head through the distillery row and enjoy yummy drinks. (Source: Wweek)

11 Brooklyn


For those who adore culture, Brooklyn is the ultimate girls trip. It has become the ultimate hip place with adorable cafes and cool dive bars and unique artisan clothing shops. You'll want to check out the local art scene too. You can even cross the bridge and head over to the Upper East Side of Manhattan to check out amazing shopping and fancy restaurants. It's the place to go for the friend groups who have varying tastes.

10 Blairsville


For the women who love outdoor fun, this resort is where you should spend your next girls getaway. They have everything from outdoor cooking, yoga, kayaking, rafting, horseback riding, tubing, and self-defense! You can also go hiking, learn about winemaking, take a tour or even learn how to flyfish. You can even choose from rustic cabins or cabins that are more luxurious if you want to enjoy the outdoors but still feel pampered. This will get you all in touch with your outdoor goddess. (Source: Orbitz)

9 St. Lucia


If you love the idea of a getaway to the Caribbean but you and your girls are not big into the partying nightlife, then take your trip to St. Lucia. You'll get to enjoy luxurious resorts, stunning scenery, and pristine sandy beaches without all of the partying that happens at a lot of resorts. Try the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort's "Martinis, Margaritas and Massages" packages which are all about spa treatments, sunset cruises, and a martini party. Sounds like fun! (Source: TripSavy)

8 Red Mountain Resort in Utah


A getaway like this one is great for women who love to be connected through mind body and soul. You can start off with yoga at a spot that overlooks a canyon. Then you can choose fitness classes, wellness seminars, healthy cooking classes, guided hikes, canyon walks with shelter puppies (in LOVE with this idea), and even head to the Zion National Park! The resort also has a spa on site that will soothe your soul. (Source: Orbitz)

7 Giraffe Manor in Kenya


If you want to create everlasting memories with your besties then you're going to want to head to the Giraffe Manor in Kenya. It's a beautiful place to stay with delicious food. Kenya is absolutely amazing to see in person and will leave you speechless, but it is the Giraffe Manor that will really bond you and your friends. The Giraffes eat right out of your hands and will poke their heads in to steal your breakfast right off of your table. You're going to get up close and personal to a lot of these tall and gentle creatures. (Source: TheBlondeAbroad)

6 Lisbon, Portugal


For people who love urban exploring, this is the best place for your girls trip. It has so much history and culture while not being as expensive as some other European cities. Explore the cobblestone streets and breathe in the beautiful coastal sites. You're going to find absolutely divine seafood here and amazing wine. The sites are beautiful and the vibes are always good. What else could you ask for in a girls trip?

5 Bali


If you want the kind of views that you normally can only dream of and the kind of a trip that is going to make you never ever want to leave then you and your girls need to head to Bali. You don't need any excuse other than that you love beauty to plan a trip to see this breathtaking place. Grab your bikinis, grab your sunblock and get ready for a tropical paradise that will have you leaving every worry and stress far behind you.

4 The Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage

The Ritz-Carlton is known for world-class style and opulence. It sits on a mountaintop and has the most gorgeous views to look out over. They have a stunning pool with amazing views. A wonderful spa for you and your girlfriends to relax and unwind together. They have fire pits outside. They even have milk and cookie service that you can order if you want a touch of nostalgia to share with your friends. I mean who doesn't love homemade cookies? (Source: TheBlondeAbroad)

3 Yacht Week, Italy


Yacht Week is basically like a cruise, but on a yacht. You get to experience the lifestyle of the rich and luxurious while also getting to see so much of Italy. They make stops so that you can check out the shopping, hit some attractions, and see the beautiful views. There is also the nightlife to enjoy. There are so many activities to participate in, like hikes and swimming. The food is incredible and the wine is unbelievable. It's an amazing trip for you and your girlfriends to experience together. (Source: TheBlondeAbroad)

2 Amara Resort and Spa in Arizona


You might want to book a longer stay at this resort because there are just so many fun things for you and your girls to do together. They have hot air balloon rides that let you have a view from above and an experience that is unparalleled. There is complimentary yoga and tea time. There are sea salt infinity pools and hot tubs. There shuttles to take you to amazing boutiques. There are craft cocktails and mimosas at your fingertips. Want a wine tour? They have that. What about a beautiful trail to walk? They have it. And amazing food? They have that too. They have so many spa amenities that will keep you feeling pampered and relaxed. (Source: Orbitz)

1 Hawaii


Grab your coconut bras and grass skirts because Hawaii is the exact kind of getaway that is meant for girlfriends to enjoy together. Try hula dancing together. Learn about the rich culture and history there. Try snorkeling and see the mind-boggling beautiful sites that live underwater. You have not hiked until you have hiked the beautiful views that Hawaii has to offer. What about a pig roast? There are over 400 beaches in Hawaii that are all public. Eat amazing fruit. Drink drinks. Swim. Enjoy the good life together.

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