10 Richest Towns In New Jersey

New Jersey is known for having one of the highest incomes in the United States. According to Data USA, the average income in a household in NJ is $80,088. That's almost 30 percent higher than the national income.

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It also means that New Jersey has some of the wealthiest cities in the country. Of course, a higher income also means a more expensive cost of living, especially for houses. However, the cities in this list also have low criminality, excellent education, and have all the facilities you need. Keep scrolling and discover the ten wealthiest cities in New Jersey.

10 Holmdel

Holmdel is considered the best place to live in Monmouth County. It has over 16 thousand inhabitants and the average income is $155,842. The amount is much higher than the average national income, that is $57,652. It is not far from New York, but the city also offers many restaurants, shops and coffee shops.

The average home price in Holmdel is $856,748, the most expensive housing in this list. It is also considered one of the best places to live in New Jersey, according to HomeSnacks. The real estate website has analyzed the median income, unemployment rate, crime, education levels and poverty rates in New Jersey.

9 Millstone

Millstone, in Monmouth County, has approximately 10 thousand people and is the type of place where everybody knows each other. The population is one of the wealthiest in America and the average income per year is $156,891. Of course, it also means that living there isn't cheap.

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The average price of a house there is $576,600, quite expensive if compared to the national average: $184,700. The city is very safe and there are no registers of violent crime in the lady year. That also increases the rates of life qualities and this is one of the best places to live in NJ.

8 Westfield

Westfield, in Union County, has over 30 thousand residents and an average income of $159,923. It is one of the highest in New Jersey. Many people choose to live there because it is very close to New York and has all the pros of a suburb. Living in Westfield is having the best of two worlds.

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Living in Westfield means that you can buy a bigger house for a better price if compared to New York. The average price of a home there is $713 thousand. It had many shops, restaurants and excellent schools.

7 Ridgewood

Ridgewood, in Bergen County, has an average annual income of $162. This upscale suburb is one of the wealthiest towns in New Jersey and also one of the best places to live. It has over 25 thousand residents and a house there costs nearly $750 thousand. However, it is possible to find places over $3 million.

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The city is full of restaurants, shops and parks. Ridgewood is known for the high-quality of high schools, but also for having conservative residents.

Bergen is one of the wealthiest counties in New Jersey and appears on this list more than one time.

6 Glen Rock

The average income of someone living in Glen Rock, in Bergen County, is over $196 and it is ranked among America's Richest Places, according to Bloomberg. The average price of a house is over $600 thousands.

Glen Rock has over 10 thousand inhabitants. It is known for parks and outdoors activities. Unsurprisingly, it is very quiet, but it is only 22 miles from New York. So it is possible to enjoy the vibrant life in NY and still have a quality of life quality that just places like Glen Rock can offer.

5 Colts Neck

The average income of someone living in Colts Neck, in Monmouth County, is $167,480. The city has less than 10 thousand inhabitants, but it is one of the wealthiest places in New Jersey. Probably the most affluent person living there is Bruce Springsteen, who has a $300 million net worth.

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According to CNN Money, Colts Neck is among the 100 best places to live in the US. And it is easy to understand why - It has one of the most beautiful landscapes in New Jersey and also offers several outdoor activities and facilities.

4 West Windsor

People living in West Windsor have an average annual income of $175,684. The price of a house in the city is nearly $530 thousand. The city offers an excellent quality of life, which attracts many people looking for a peaceful town with enough commercial facilities.

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The city has 28 thousand residents and nearly 13 percent of people living there are more than 65 years old. Therefore, there are excellent services for senior people.

According to Niche.com, West Windsor is one of the best cities to live in New Jersey. To come to this conclusion, they have analyzed, among other things, education, safety and employment statistics.

3 Chatham

Chatham, Morris County, has an average income of $176,364. Moving to there means that it is possible to buy a spacious four-bedroom house for $500 thousand.

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Like most of the cities in this list, Chatham is known for the quality of the school - it is good enough to attract new residents. There is a train station where you can catch a train to New York. The trip lasts up to 60 minutes.

Chatham has less than 9 thousand residents. The town is tranquil, and you can find a few restaurants, shops and drugstores.

2 Montgomery

Montgomery, Somerset County, has an average income of $180,660. However, 41 percent of people living there make over $200 thousand a year. The city has less than 25 thousand inhabitants and the average price for a house is $500 thousand.

The city ranked the first position on New Jersey Best Towns for Families in 2019. The list analyses items like education, safety, affordability and diversity.

Montgomery is known for having good schools and is an excellent place for families looking for a quiet lifestyle. It is less than an hour away from New York and 85 minutes from Philadelphia. It is also near Princeton, which allows people to attend games.

1 Millburn

Milburn is the wealthiest city in New Jersey and the average household income is $202,862. The value is much higher than the nationwide average ( $57,652). The charming city has a 10-square-mile township and almost 21 residents.

Milburn is just 35 minutes away from New York by train. It has excellent restaurants and shops. The high income of the inhabitants also means the cost is higher if compared to other cities in New Jersey. According to Best Places, living there is twice more expensive compared to other cities in the US.

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