10Mardan Palace, Turkey

Built in 2009 and costing $1.65 billion, this palace is a head-turner. The spectacular building is covered in gold-plated everything and guests pay $18K a night for a lavish experience.

As soon as you check in, a personal butler waits on you 24/7. There are 564 air-conditioned rooms

complete with a private patio and if you’re hungry, you have 10 restaurants to choose from.

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Take advantage of their one-of-a-kind 5-acre swimming pool to cool off in spring or summer. Or soak up the sun on the private beach where you’ll feel imported Egyptian sand between your toes. And in the evening, head to the full-service spa to wind down with a massage and body treatments.

When you’re at the Mardan Palace, you’re treated like royalty.

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