How Much It Would Cost To Go To Hogwarts: 25 Things The Students Have To Spend Their Money On

There are many amazing things that exist in the Harry Potter universe. But if you think that those things are free, you'd be definitely mistaken. Even if it may just seem that way at times because Harry conveniently happened to have been left behind an extremely large amount of money from his parents.

Below I break down some of the most important things that Harry and his friends (not to mention, his enemies) have had to fork over some coin for. Whether the items are found in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade, there are plenty of things for the students to blow their income on. And when you read about how cool some of the things on our list are, you may definitely find yourself wishing you just lived in their universe. Especially when you also read that J.K. Rowling has come out and said that the students don't have to pay anything for their education.

Though that doesn't magically make their school shopping list free, much to the chagrin of some of the wizarding families like Ron's who struggle to make ends meet! And I'm sure if you're a student in college or university you know far too well just how expensive school books can be. But maybe you'd have a lot more fun going shopping for your school supplies if it meant there was a chance you were going to leave the shop with an owl as your new best friend. These are 25 of the different expenses that a student can come across when experiencing life at Hogwarts.

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25 the Wand

It's hard to say how much you are going to spend on your wand. Because at the end of the day as Ollivander says, the wand chooses the wizard!  Which you may admit probably is pretty convenient for him as he also gets to tell you the price. Let's just hope you choose a wand that also agrees with your bank account because it's probably pretty hard to say no to Ollivander. Ron also showed in the 2nd book with his broken wand just how valuable it is to have a wand that works!

24 the Broomstick

Not every student is going to be in need of a broomstick. Especially to the extent that Harry Potter does. But when you play on the Quidditch team it's only going to happen if you are able to be proficient on a broom, which is partially also why Harry has several fantastic brooms throughout the course of the series. And while the school does offer brooms for the students to use for things like the flying class held by Madam Hooch, the idea of having a flying broom all to yourself may be too tempting for students to pass up.

23 the Books


One of the most expensive things in every student's life is schoolbooks. Even if you can manage to buy them second-hand. So why should Hogwarts be any different? One of the lengthier trips in Diagon Alley every year for students is when they are required to go and pick up their books. Something that may be even more painful if it's like during the 2nd year when they had to purchase several different Gilderoy Lockhart books as he was their new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher.

22 the Robes


Hogwarts students can often be seen wearing their robes around the castle and when they are chilling in their classrooms. Which means you have to hope that the ones you end up purchasing are going to be comfortable if they are going to be worn so often. But not all wizards can afford top-tier robes. Thankfully in the wizarding world, many different options exist such as being able to buy your robes second-hand. It's reported on their first year shopping list that students need to purchase 3 different sets of their robes.

21 they Want All That Candy 


If you thought chocolate and candy was great in our world, can you imagine how amazing it would be in the wizarding world? The answer is very very amazing. How much you spend is your own discretion but if you have yourself a sweet tooth, you are definitely going to want to chip aside a solid portion of your change in order to keep your pockets filled. Or just become friends with someone like Harry Potter who would frequently supply the snacks for his buddies.

20 they Need a Pet

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One of the most unique features of the students at Hogwarts is the role of pets. When Hermione wants to treat herself to a special birthday gift with the money from her parents, she originally intended to get herself an owl. But after coming across Crookshanks in the store she wasn't going able to turn the cat away! Much to the chagrin of Ron who spends most of the 3rd book trying to keep his rat Scabbers safe from Crookshanks' fury. Harry's owl, Hedwig, is also a gift for him bought by Hagrid for his first birthday.

19 they need Scales and Cauldron


There are many intimidating teachers at Hogwarts that I'm sure students made sure they did not get on their bad side. However, nobody was able to invoke fury into their life of students quite like Professor Snape, who to be fair seemed to hate everyone that wasn't a Slytherin. But it also means that when students were instructed to purchase a cauldron and scales for their class, that they probably wanted to do all they could to get one that let them do the job successfully!

18 their Herbology Equipment Like Gloves 


Neville Longbottom is often considered to be one of the weaker students at Hogwarts. But the area where Neville ended up showing his proficiency was in the world of Herbology. Which means that the gloves that the students were instructed to wear were something that Neville's Grandmother should have been more than happy to pay a little bit more for in order to further encourage him! Neville's story arc ends with him becoming the professor of Herbology as well as finding love in the arms of Hannah Abbott.

17 Various Clothes For All The Weather


When Harry Potter was living with the Dursley family having a change of clothes wasn't exactly something that was on his radar. And the idea of asking the Dursley's for new clothing is an idea that I'm sure Harry thought would be ridiculous. But to attend Hogwarts, you better make sure you're able to pack clothing for several months if you are going to stay comfortable in the different weather. Especially if you don't plan on going back home during the Holidays. Which means that trip to the mall may end up costing a pretty penny!

16 they Need a Telescope

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There must be plenty of amazing spots around Hogwarts where the view is spectacular and the students are able to see plenty of stars. Especially because there are no pesky street lights to take away from the experience. One of the best ways to experience the stars is through the aid of the telescope. And when you learn that one of the items that were found on Harry's shopping list is a telescope, it's clear that J.K. is a pretty big fan of space, even if this didn't end up really playing a role in the movies!

15 And Other Various School Supplies


The supplies that a student needs to succeed at Hogwarts probably isn't all that different from what you need at school. Just instead of needing to take some pens, they need to make sure they have enough Quills (and subsequent ink). And if you thought asking another student for a pen was embarrassing, asking for a Quill may be even more awkward. Scotch tape may also be a lifesaver in your own life, but wizards would instead find themselves relying on Spello-tape to help them out when a magical spell won't work to repair the damage.

14 they can't Resist The Different Prank Objects 

School is going to be a stressful environment, regardless if you take an approach to classes like say a Ron Weasley or a more focused approach like Hermione. But if you are going to be stressed out, then students need to find something they can do to unwind. Which is why one of the most important things for students to make sure that they purchase is some fun joke/prank items. The Weasley twins for a time also operated their own prank store in Diagon Alley but were also preceded (and surely inspired) by Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop.

13 they Need Money for Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop


If you find yourself crushing on another student at Hogwarts, there are many different fun things you could do. But you definitely want to make sure you are able to take a trip to Hogsmeade. And once there, you would also want to make sure you have money put aside to visit Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop. Harry ended up going on a date with Cho Chang there during Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, though he wasn't a huge fan of the experience due to the overly pink nature and the open PDA of the other students.

12 And Don't Forget Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour 


Unfortunately, life doesn't end too well for Florean Fortescue who owns the Ice Cream Parlour in Diagon Alley, as he gets taken out by death eaters. Something that was sadly the fate of many wizards who the readers had loved. But prior to his untimely demise, his shop was one of the best ways for students to spend their money and help get that added boost of energy needed to keep on shopping. Though if I'm being fair, the 3rd book does state that Harry got his sundaes for free. But that's probably a perk only left for the chosen one!

11 Various Potion Ingredients May Cost You


While the school will often talk about the ingredients used in potions, often it is implied that the ingredients are readily available to the students. But it's very possible that they have been instructed to purchase ingredients. If so, the store Slug and Jiggers Apothecary which is located in Diagon Alley is sure to be a popular attraction. That is unless the student can work up a close relationship with Snape who would surely have some strong connections. But for that to happen they'd probably need to be in Slytherin.

10 Tuition Is Free Though 


Hogwarts is going to tug at your wallet in several ways as this list has shown, but students can look forward to the fact that they aren't going to leave the school saddled with school debt which is a reality for many students who are attending school. J.K. Rowling took to social media back in 2015 to reveal that the Ministry of Magic is able to cover the cost of all magical education for their students. As if Hogwarts could not have become even more appealing of an option!

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9 It All Goes In their Trunk


Harry Potter and his classmates have many things that they need to have with them as they take their journey through Hogwarts. But they aren't going to be able to get anything anywhere if they aren't smart enough to make sure they have a strong trunk.  At least unless they want to spend a lot of their time running after things that spill out of their trunk as they try and keep up with their classmates. Thankfully a great trunk was something that Harry, at the very least, seemed to be well equipped with.

8 they Need Money For Butterbeer (At The Three Broomsticks Inn)


If you ask a school student what item they may purchase for themselves the most, they may say coffee. But in the Harry Potter universe, it's Butterbeer that may be the student's favorite indulgence. While it's not heavily alcoholic, the drink - which is primarily sold in the Three Broomsticks - is featured at several points in the series. If a student at Hogwarts wants to be able to relax with his buddies over a pint, something may University students see happen on a regular occasion, they need to make sure they've put money aside for some Butterbeer.

7 Don't Forget the Hat


One of the worst things to have to deal with in the morning is waking up and realizing your hair is not cooperating. But hey, everyone out there has bad hair days. Perhaps one of your common solutions to that problem is to throw on a hat. Something that in Harry's world would also be a very common solution. Or you know, they'd conjure up some kind of magical spell! Hogwarts students - as well as some of the professors (and Dumbledore) - have all worn hats at various points in the series.

6 they may Have To Pay To Ship By Owl


When you are delivering mail in the Harry Potter Universe you aren't going to use a regular postal service. But why would you when you can send an owl instead? Hagrid has been seen paying an owl for his service, indicating that at least in some instances people (and logically students aren't exempt from this) need to pay for sending out mail. There is also an Owl Post Office that can be located in Hogsmeade and would surely allow students to send packages that are a bit heavier or need to go a further distance away.

5 would people Pay For Beautifying Products?

If a person really wanted to try and obtain the affections of someone they could brew up something like a love potion. But if they wanted to do it with their own means, Madam Primpernelle's Beautifying Potions may be right up their alley and is a must stop in Diagon Alley. While the shop is only mentioned briefly in the Daily Prophet, it does promise to sell products that'll help get rid of all potential warts (or even worse!) which is money well worth spending.

4 they Don't Have To Pay For Food

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It seems that in the world of Harry Potter that the food always seems to be a pretty big constant. It isn't revealed until the 4th book that the food that is constantly available at Hogwarts is created by House elves (much to the chagrin of Hermione). But the reality is that when the students wake up in the morning, it seems almost like a guarantee that they're going to be able to saunter downstairs and help themselves to a mountain of food!

3 the Need for Dress Robes


There are many exciting things that happen in the Harry Potter series. But one of the most nerve-wracking moments for some of the characters came at the Yule Ball which is featured in the 4th installment, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Which meant that much to the disappointment of characters like Ron, putting on some "Dress Robes" and trying to dance. Whereas Ron's robes were second-hand, other students often would have purchased their dress robes from Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.

2 Glass Or Crystal Phials 


If you are given a list of supplies from your school, you definitely want to do everything you can to follow it. And for first-year students, part of having a complete list means making sure they have 1 set of phials that are either glass or crystal. Though if they are really smart, they may want to pick up a few of them because some breaks that not even a great Reparo charm won't be able to undo!

Phials are available for purchase at Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment.

1 Gifts For Friends

harry potter christmas quotes

You would need to hope that as you start out at any school, including Hogwarts, that you are able to make some friends. But part of having a friend is being able to purchase something for them when their birthday rolls around. One of the most memorable gifts that Harry receives in the books is from Hermione in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when she gives him a Broomstick Servicing Kit which definitely helped distract Harry from some of the awfulness that came with living with the Dursley family.

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