30 Mysterious Locations Around The Globe (That We Can Still Explore)

When we go on vacation, we want to see something new and unexpected. That’s the whole point, after all: escaping from the humdrum and regular life to try and find something new. So next time we’re trying to find somewhere amazing to go, we should consider seeing one of the mysteries that still fill the world. Because what’s the point seeing something everyone knows? The world has more mysteries and surprises than we ever realized, and all the technology and advances of the world haven’t gotten us any closer to understanding some of the most mysterious phenomena around the planet. Some of them are in the seas and offer a new way to look at the world. Others are located further inland and have no natural explanation whatsoever.

We’ve had scientists over the years trying to figure out how these all came to be, and they haven’t been able to figure out very little (at most) about these natural wonders. But the common factor between them all is that they are all absolutely beautiful and well worth the time and energy to see in real life. Here are 30 of the most mysterious and strangest places located around the world that we can still go see and explore for ourselves.

30 The Lights (And Whales) At Manitoba

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While the farther you go north might become more and more obviously inhabitable, there are truly some beautiful things you can find in the snowy north. Just take the sights you can see in Churchill on the island of Manitoba. A small island off the coast of Canada, the little known location is home to some of the most beautiful and ethereal natural lights in the world during the dark nights of the winter. It’s still a beautiful location even if you come in the summer, when the local whales all converge around the island for mysterious reasons.

29 An Island Untouched By Technology At Ogasawara Islands, Japan

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Tokyo is one of the most technologically-minded cities in the world, boasting a great deal of the mechanization around the Japanese capital. But if you need a break from all that nonstop sound, light, and everything, then it’s actually easier to find tranquility then one might expect. The Ogasawara Islands (otherwise known as the Bonin Islands) are basically nature preserves just off the coast of the city, filled with forests and flourishing natural life. It’s fascinating to see such an area so close to the otherwise overloaded Tokyo, and we can imagine it offers a great deal of relief from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

28 A Frozen Former City At Pyramiden, Svalbard

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The town of Pyramiden, on the Norwegian controlled island of Svalbard, was once a profitable and successful mining town. But after the fall of the Soviet Union (which had been helping prop the town up next to the more successful Norwegians), the town suffered until the coal mines were closed in 1998. The town was abandoned, and can now be explored like a level of Fallout. It’s strange and surprisingly empty, with meals even having been left in a hurry.

27 The Pyramids In Sudan

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When we all think about pyramids, we immediately go to Egypt. And after that, we think about the Mayan ones located in Mexico. But this whole time, we should have been looking at the ones found in Meroë, Sudan. There are tours that take visitors through the valley of the Black Pharaohs, an ancient sect of Kushites who constructed over two hundred pyramids the former beds of the Nile river. It actually has more pyramids than can be found in Egypt, and with a lot less negative attention in recent years.

26 Visiting The Bermuda Triangle At Caicos

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The Bermuda Triangle is one of those mysterious locations that has managed to capture the imagination of people from all around the world. It’s where a whole lot of different boats and planes have gone missing over the years, But you can actually visit it without having to go deep into the area, thanks to the island of Caicos. It’s located in the southern part of the triangle. You have to sail there, mind you, and don’t blame us if you do end up having to deal with some mysterious experiences.

25 Actual Dracula Castle In Romania

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Come on, this is just so cool. It is so surprising that this still stands in modern day Romania. The Transylvanian castle has proven to be a little piece of history for a number of reasons above even the obvious connection to the famous vampire, Dracula. But it’s also home to the historical Vlad, who somewhat inspired the character. Either way, the castle has become something of a favorite spot to visit and explore a piece of history.

24 Some Of The Weirdest Trees Ever At The Crooked Forest In Poland

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Most trees just have two general directions: up and down. There might be branches and what not, but there aren’t a lot of different variants of direction when it comes to trees. But there are some places that buck that basic idea. Take the Crooked Forest located in Poland, where the trees grow in a strange curved shape instead of just going upwards. These trees are famous around the world for their appearance, and we love how strange they look.

23 Bhangarh Fort Is Straight Out Of A Fairytale In India

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The Bhangarh Fort in India is so mysterious, it even comes with a mystical origin. The story goes that a sorcerer tried to cast a love spell on a woman, but she managed to escape his clutches and left him there. He then hexed the entire area, which has led to plenty of legends to spring up about the fort and the surrounding area. Just looking at it gives us goosebumps, and let’s be honest, it makes us want to go there even more.

22 The United States Has An Eternal Flame

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Located in New York (the state, not the city), there’s a pocket of natural gas hidden amongst streams and rocks that has caught the attention of the locals. As you can see, it causes an eternal flame at the base of the rocks, keeping alight even as the water runs around it. It’s actually quite beautiful, and one of the most impressive little natural sights in the United States. It’s the little pieces of nature that you’d never expect that can be the most beautiful.

21 We Still Don't Understand The Nazca Lines In Peru

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The Nazca Lines in Peru have been fodder for alien conspiracy theories for decades. And even if you don’t believe that aliens came down and reformed the earth into particular symbols that no human would have been able to decipher, then you still have to admit that they are weird. No one knows how they came to be built up like that, despite the best efforts from minds across the world for more than the last century.

20 The Mysterious Stone Mountain In The Middle Of Australian Flat Lands

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The Uluru Mountain is extremely strange for such a large landmass. Most mountains come in clusters, or at least with raised elevation. There’s not usually just flatlands surrounding it. But that’s the case for this Australian mountain, which is full of secrets. Cave drawings suggest some very early humanity lived there, and legends claim it’s the resting place of an ancient Aboriginal creator god. It’s so massive that it even has pockets of water around it, which are considered some of the best places to rejuvenate oneself in the Outback.

19 The World's Largest Natural Mirror In Bolivia

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One of the most surprising and beautiful aspects of Bolivia has to be the Salar De Uyuni, in the Oruro and Potosi regions of the nation. The lake is considered the world’s largest salt pan. The composition of the area makes it an extremely large natural mirror, reflecting whatever is above perfectly. It’s a stunning sight to see, especially on a day where the clouds hang over head and become reflected in the serene blue water.

18 A Straight-Up Fantasy Bridge In Germany

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Located at the Kromlauer Park in Kromlau Germany, the Devil’s Bridge (or Rakotzbrücke in German) helps create a completely mysterious feeling in the beautiful park. Constructed precisely with dissimilar stones, the archway creates a strange reflection of a perfect circle from every angle, which kind of doesn’t make sense, logically. The bridge is a wholly unique piece of the German park, and just a marvel to look at, from any vantage point you can find.

17 An Underwater Park In Austria

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Because of the way the waters ebb and wave, certain parts of the world become completely different when the seasons change. Rivers can overtake entire areas, such as this park in Austria. Otherwise known as the Green Lake, the area is completely submerged in water when the summers come and the rivers overtake the area. But the local town of Styria makes the most of it, and even rents scuba gear to visitors so they can explore the park.

16 An Overgrown Train Tunnel In Ukraine

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Some of the coolest-looking spots on the planet are the ones that have a beautiful and strange feeling to it, and this one is a great modern example of that. This is one of the Ukranian Kleven train tunnels, which has been abandoned by people and transformed by the local foliage into a natural looking piece of wonderland. Seriously, this looks like where you take a train into Wonderland or Narnia, and every picture taken is just going to seem even more unique.

15 This Statue Under The Sea In Italy

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What makes this statue of Jesus so strange isn’t just the fact that it’s over eight feet tall. No, that’s relatively the normal part, because the statue also happens to be at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Known commonly as the Christ of the Abyss, there are a handful of replicas dotting the Italian coast, but the original was only just found in 1993 and brought to the (overall pretty awesome) National Museum of Underwater Activities in Ravenna.

14 A Valley Between Continents In Iceland

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For those who want to love diving but want to see something a bit more natural than a statue or park, then this spot off the coast of Iceland might provide one of the most impressive sights. Beneath the water is a stone valley that actually serves as the gap between not just islands and not just continents, but entire fault lines. If you go there, you can swim in between the tectonic plates that make up the planet!

13 The Shining Sea In Maldives

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One of the brightest shining places on the planet happens to be on the beaches of the Maldives. And seriously, it’s one of the single coolest and oddest places on the entire planet. The organisms that live in the water actually interact with the moonlight to give the beach an eerie and soft blue glow that fills the night. This beach is one of our favorite places on this list.

12 A Completely Clear Lake In New Zealand

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Most bodies of water have at least some dirt or animals that cloud up the water. But that’s not what it’s like at Blue Lake in the New Zealand Nelson Lakes National Park. According to scientists, it’s the clearest natural body of fresh water in the known world. It’s comparable to distilled water in terms of clearness, and is really a marvel to see. There’s no explanation as to why it’s so beautiful, so we’ll just have to enjoy it.

11 A Seemingly Bottomless Sinkhole In Belize

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One of the biggest sinkholes in the world happens to be located in Belize, and thanks to the location it also manages to be pretty beautiful. Known as the Great Blue Hole, it’s considered one of the dream destinations for scuba divers from around the world and makes for a fascinating exploration. And we have no idea how it formed. Despite the size of it though, it’s not the largest sinkhole of its type. That honor belongs to another sinkhole off the coast of the Bahamas.

10 Three Distinct But Connected Lakes In Indonesia

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It can be strange to see how things can look so different, even when completely connected. Take these three lakes around the remains of a volcanic eruption from ages ago in Indonesia. As a result of the event, the three lakes received distinct coloring in their systems. This includes a bright blue, a softer turquoise, and most surprising of all, pitch black. The three are distinct even in the beautiful area, and the surrounding forests just add to the look of the area.

9 The Most Beautiful Ice Caves In Alaska

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Alaska is one of the most surprisingly gorgeous places in the United States, with the snowy and icy exterior hiding away some truly gorgeous sights amongst the state. And that doesn’t just include in the warm summer months. The Mendenhall Ice Caves are best seen when the ice is truly defined, because of the different ways the ice grows and glows makes it a wondrous little place to explore. Scientists have no idea how this happens naturally, making it even more unique.

8 A Waterfall That Shines Ruby Red In The United States

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The United States is actually full of a whole host of caves and rock formations that hide some truly breathtaking natural lights. Take these ruby red cave walls that light up when the water runs down the falls. The lights are a strange natural phenomenon, though there are some ideas how it could actually look like that in the caves. It’s such a mystical and strange place that it actually inspired a whole attraction at the original version of Disneyland.

7 A Crumbling Jungle Village In Myanmar

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It’s fascinating to see how different cultures went about constructing their different versions of society. This village was built alongside the jungle fauna, which eventually became one with the actual tress. The village was eventually abandoned and became one with the surrounding wildlife. While it’s not really home to people anymore, it can still make for a very fascinating place to visit in modern day Myanmar while exploring the whole local overgrown area.

6 Strange Rock Formations On New Zealand Beaches

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Sometimes, science can’t explain where things come from or how they came to be. Take these unexplained rock formations that have been found on the New Zealand beaches. Scientists have no idea how they actually came to be there, but they’ve become a famed tourist spot to visit alongside the scenic island nation.

5 Supposedly The Strangest Mountain In The World In Venezuela

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Located in the Venezuela wilderness, Mount Roraima has been considered one of the single strangest mountains in the entire world. It’s a surreal looking place, with a strange flat top at the very peak of the mountain. It also happens to be home to a whole lot of weird and unexpected animal life and various plant life. It’s one of the most genuinely unexpected and strange places in the entire world, and well worth the effort to explore and see.

4 Acid Pits In Ethiopia

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The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia is one of the oddest looking locations from around the world. And to be honest, it’s also one of the most eerie places in the entire world. A lot of that probably comes from the pure acid pools that happen to fill these pits. There are entire areas of that seem like land mass, but are actually just more natural acid. The entire area reeks of salt and sulfur, and it is one of the single hottest places around the world. It makes for one of the strangest places in the entire world.

3 The Giant's Causeway In Ireland

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One of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland actually has a wholly unique look to it that makes it stand out. Most stones form over the years following a massive volcanic eruption from ancient times. In the case of the Giant’s Causeway, instead of the traditional way stones, they instead came up smooth and straight. It’s been used as a location for a lot of movies over the years, and stands out amongst similar mountains around the world.

2 The Red Beaches Of China

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Located in Tianzin China, the Red Beach is a normal beach most of the year. But come the autumn season, it becomes one of the most stunning beaches on the planet. That’s when the Suaeda Salsa, a bright red colored plant truly blooms. Thanks to the salt water, the plant thrives in the weather and spreads across the beach. Seriously, you can barely see any strips of sea let alone sand when it goes into effect and creates something out of a fantasy novel.

1 The Seven Giants In Russia

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Comparable to Stonehenge in Britain, the Seven Giants in Russia make for some of the strangest pieces of nature in the country. The stone pillars have been solidified over the years by constant ice and snow, but to this day scientists have no idea how the seven small towers came to be created in the first place. It’s one of the strangest places to visit in the continent, and is a stunning sight. And the mystery of it all just makes it all the better.

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