27 Romantic Mini-Moon Getaways For Newlyweds On A Budget

Mini-moons are the latest trend for newlyweds, especially when they are on a budget or don’t have a lot of time to travel. Maybe you can’t get a couple of weeks off from work or you spent all your money on your wedding. We get it. People spend on average $30,000 for a wedding. Modern couples are trying to save as much money as they can and they can do that by taking a shorter or cheaper honeymoon.

These days, newlyweds are trying to save money when it comes to going on a honeymoon. Some couples are choosing mini-moons that are close to home instead of traveling abroad either to save their money or their vacation days. But don’t fret, just because these trips are cheaper, they are no less cool and certainly not less romantic. There are many options out there even if you want to spend your time at the beach. We have plenty of options available to you which you will love. Check out these 30 romantic mini-moon getaway ideas for newlyweds on a budget.

27 Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

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If you are into nature, then you are sure to love this place. You don’t have to go to Niagara Falls to see some falls, you can just go to Washington. There is a 270-foot waterfall inside of a 2-acre park. It would be the most romantic spot for you and your groom to visit. You could spend the day by the waterfall and get some amazing Instagram shots while you are at it. The place is beautiful and there is plenty of places you can do some exploring. Just make sure you bring your hiking boots.

26 Newport, Rhode Island

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What a gorgeous place to visit. There is nothing more charming than New England, just take a look. This is where the wealthy used to visit in the 19th century. The place is scattered with gorgeous mansions that not only add to the attractiveness of the area, but also the history. You can walk the sandy shores in the early morning with your new spouse. Aside from walking the shore, you could go hiking or play golf or tennis.

25 Miami, Florida

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If you were picturing a beach vacation for your mini-moon, then you can’t do any better than Miami, Florida. You get to have your fun in the sun just like if you went away to a tropical destination. You could spend your days in the sun and then go hit up a patio on the beach for dinner. This is a great location if you want some romance. Plus, they have a great nightlife that you can check out to find some dancing.

24 St. Lucia, Caribbean

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St. Lucia is a gorgeous place and one that is considered to be a luxury vacation as well. Some newlyweds who are dying to see the place will just take shorter vacations if they are worried about their budget. A four-day vacation would be affordable and you would still have plenty of time to see volcanoes, mountains and to do some reef-diving. Make sure you spend a whole day at the beach however, it’s totally worth it.

23 Maui, Hawaii

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This is the perfect island for a mini-moon. In fact, any island in Hawaii would be a great vacation for anyone who loves the beaches. Maui is gorgeous and you will find so many gorgeous views you can show off on Instagram. The scenery is gorgeous, the resorts are along the beach, and did we mention the stunning waterfalls? It’s definitely worth taking a mini-moon there.

22 Sedona, Arizona

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If adventure is more suited to you and your significant other, then head to Sedona, Arizona. This is a great place for the nature lover as well. It has 1.8 million acres of national forest, red-rock buttes, and two state parks to keep you busy. You can take a hot balloon ride over the red rocks or literally sleep under the stars. It’s a great place to have your next adventure together.

21 Traverse City, Michigan

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Traverse City is known to be a place that has amazing shopping opportunities. Many people will go there just for the shopping. If you love Mediterranean foods, then you will also love Traverse City. There are beautiful views of Lake Michigan and vineyards which you can see if you got to Chateau Chantal. It has 65 acres of beauty for you to take in. You can have food and take in a two-hour tapas tour where you get to have wine pairings with your food. A great thing that you can do with your spouse is take a cooking class while you are there.

20 The Big Island, Hawaii

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The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a stunning place where you can take a helicopter ride to check out the amazing views in the area. If that isn’t awesome enough, then you and your spouse can go scuba diving to see the manta rays. There is also the 442-foot Akaka Falls that you could literally look at all day long. It’s gorgeous and it will be an adventure that you don’t want to pass up.

19 Anchorage, Alaska

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If you don’t mind the cold, then Anchorage, Alaska is the place to be. Not only is there a breathtaking view everywhere you go, but there are plenty of things to do if you have an adventurous side. You can take bicycle tours, go dog sledding, or even take a glacier cruise. It’s the perfect place to have a mini-moon if you want a memorable vacation. It’s a frosty getaway you're sure to remember.

18 Napa Valley, California

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Who doesn’t love a good winery? If you and your groom love wine, then this could be the perfect destination for you. There are plenty in Napa Valley that you are sure to love. Sterling Vineyards is a place to put on your list if you want to see a stunning view. The Napa Valley wineries are all award-winning, so if you love wine, then this is the place to vacation.

17 New Orleans, Louisiana

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Everyone should visit New Orleans at least once in their life. A mini-moon is the perfect time to visit this vibrant city. The Big Easy has a rich culture that you are sure to want to check out. It also has an unbeatable jazz and blues scene and an incredible nightlife. If you love food, then you have come to the right place because the food in New Orleans is divine. Why not celebrate your marriage with your sweetheart and check out some of the festivals?

16 Antigua, West Indies

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Talk about gorgeous. Could you imagine spending a weekend in Antigua or more specifically, the Curtain Bluff resort? It’s a dream vacation for anyone that loves the beach. This place is all about relaxing. You can book the Under-the-Stars Spa Takeover which includes a couples massage, a dozen red roses, a bottle of champagne, a sunset dinner on the spa terrace, and even a photographer to take pictures of the two of you. It’s the perfect mini-moon.

15 San Francisco, California

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We have another California location that you are sure to love for your mini-moon. You can spend a few days there and spend some time looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. “From sea lion spotting at Pier 39 to catching a cable car up to Nob Hill, this sunny destination is equal parts big city and California dreaming.” It’s a great destination where you can find a lot of fun things to do with your spouse.

14 Telluride, Colorado

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Not only are all the views around you breathtaking, but you can enjoy the views from a hot air balloon or from the top of the ski hill. You can go stargazing with your spouse and have the gorgeous and romantic atmosphere around you. If you love nature, then you are sure to love this place. If you happen to go there in the winter, they have a great ski resort. There is plenty of fine dining to meet your needs, as well as a spa.

13 Lake Tahoe, Nevada

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The scenery here is incredible and if you like nature, then this is the place to spend your mini-moon. Having scenery around like this would be the most romantic atmosphere you could imagine. You can rent cabins and take advantage of the alpine waters and the beach. If you like hiking, you can check out the wilderness trails in the morning. If you venture there in the winter, then you can go skiing or snowshoeing.

12 Clearwater, Florida

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Pretty much anywhere in Florida, you can have a lot of fun on the beach, but Clearwater is absolutely gorgeous. You are sure to find some white sandy beaches that you can sink your feet into. If you are thinking you want to be a beach bum on your mini-moon, then this is the place for you. There are so many things to do when you are not lounging on the beach like parasailing or dolphin swimming, too.

11 Louisville, Kentucky

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Louisville, Kentucky is a great place for people who want a low-key vacation stop and you can do it on a budget. There is a ton of cultural thing to do in this town and just strolling along the downtown streets is entertaining enough. You can check out the Kentucky Derby or the Belle of Louisville, which is the world’s oldest operating steamboat. This can be an exciting and romantic mini-moon to help you to relax.

10 Portland, Oregon

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If you and your man are foodies, then you are sure to love Portland, Oregon. Not only is it a beautiful destination, but the food is to die for. You will love all the options that are available for you and your palate. There are food trucks, coffeehouses, and microbreweries everywhere in the city. You won’t be disappointed by all the food options there, it will provide you with everything you need for some Instagram-worthy food pictures.

9 Beacon, New York

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New York has some small towns were visiting, like the charming Beacon. And if it’s a short vacation that you are looking for, then considered booking a room at The Roundhouse. It’s located right next to the stunning falls of Fishkill Creek. You can stay in their penthouse suite that has a private deck that overlooks the water. Now, that sounds like a great idea. They will provide you with complimentary wine and cheese to snack on in the evening. If you are into art, there's a art scene along with good shopping and unique eateries.

8 Santa Barbara, California

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As you can see here, Santa Barbara is a very beautiful part of California. There is plenty to do aside from going to the beach. You can go to the Bacara Resort and Spa where you can get all the pampering you want on your mini-moon. There is the opportunity to get paddle-boarding lessons so that you can spend some time in the water as well. If shopping is what you desire, then the luxurious stores on State Street are sure to fill your needs.

7 Atlanta, Georgia

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This is another great place to visit if you love food. All you have to do is spend a few days there and you will know why. Sublime Donuts are definitely a place that you are going to want to check out. If you love pizza, then Antico Pizza is sure to brighten your day. Prepare to pack on some vacation weight in Atlanta because the food there is certainly worth it.

6 Santa Fe, New Mexico

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What was once a Spanish colony in 1610 is now known as the country’s oldest capital city, Santa Fe. There is so much culture in the Spanish town that you will feel instantly immersed in it. If you love the arts, then you will be thrilled to find out that they have almost 300 art galleries. It's a great place to blossom your own creativity and bring some things home to start your life together.

5 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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If you've ever wanted to try an authentic Philly cheese steak, then this would be the place to do it. If you want to take a mini-moon to Philadelphia, there is plenty to do there, especially if you are a foodie. There are sweet treats to be found as well as savory bites. There are literally thousands of restaurants to choose from. If you want to go for the weekend, there is plenty to do in what is Pennsylvania’s most popular city. And if you're a history buffs, this city is absolutely ideal for you.

4 Knoxville, Tennessee

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A city that is hailed “America’s Most Romantic City” is definitely a place you want to spend your mini-moon. There are plenty of activities you and your man could do during your stay. You could check out the Tennessee Theatre or take a BBQ cooking class together. If you want, you could explore the Ijams Nature Center before you head on your way. Tennessee is definitely a place you want to check out for your honeymoon.

3 Yadkin Valley, North Carolina

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If you love wine, then this place is a hidden gem in North Carolina. It started off as a tobacco-growing locale. You can see in the picture that the area looks so fresh and green. Not only is the grass rich, but the history is rich as well. The landscape is breathtaking and you can enjoy it with your loved one as you sip wine together. There are a ton of great sites that you can visit while you are there.

2 Charlottesville, Virginia

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This destination has all the small-town charm you're looking for and is very picturesque if you love nature. You can take a mini-moon there and learn about the history in Virginia. There is plenty that you can do there like shopping at the brick-lined Downtown Mall, or stroll through the 30 orchards and vineyards available to you. If you love history, then you are sure to love the opportunity to visit Thomas Jefferson’s home.

1 Charleston, South Carolina

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This has been the backdrop of many of Nicolas Sparks’ movies. It’s known to be a very picturesque and romantic destination so it’s perfect for a mini-moon. The city has Southern charm and that’s why so many people are flocking there. If you are a fan of seafood, then you should totally check out the restaurant The Ordinary. You can go relax at The Spa at Belmond Charleston Place and then go shopping at the Charleston City Market.

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