25 Of The Sickest Waterfalls And Where People Have To Go To See Them

I absolutely adore seeing waterfalls. I have actually taken entire trips that were dedicated to driving to a location, hiking up and standing in awe of waterfalls. Based on those trips, I would caution you to take a look at a list like this before you head over. There were a few waterfalls that I visited that were so small and weak that you could easily pass by without noticing that you're walking by a waterfall.

This list is only full of the kinds of waterfalls that make you stop and stare and realize how small you are and how big this world is and how many beautiful and stunning sights there are to see around the world. Mother nature is not a force to be reckoned with and you can feel that when you're standing in the presence of a powerful and breathtaking waterfall that is gushing forward with mighty force. There are also the kinds of waterfalls that cascade gently over rocky backdrops and fall into glistening pools of cool water that are just begging for someone to jump in and swim around.

No matter what kind of waterfall you go to see, make sure to take a lot of pictures, but I will warn you that no camera can capture the magic that you feel when you're standing before one of these majestic waterfalls.

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25 Havasu Falls - arizona, US


If you’re headed to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, you’re totally going to want to take time to make a stop to see the stunning Havasu Falls. They’re actually located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation on this offshoot canyon off the Grand Canyon. The stunning look of the falls rushing down the side of the reddish-brown rocky walls of the canyon will take your breath away. There are just hints of green around the base of where the water falls down. If you’re making a bucket list of waterfalls to see in your lifetime, this one sure takes the cake.

24 Ban Gioc–Detian Falls - Vietnam and china


These falls are actually two waterfalls in one. They sit along the Quây Sơn River and are located right between the border of China and Vietnam. It’s the largest waterfall in Asia. Some people even say that it’s the most impressive sight that you can see when you travel to Vietnam. The Falls are 60 meters high, although the longest drop is actually 30 meters. It has 3 total drops, although the way that the rocks form makes it look like there are more. All in all, it is absolutely breathtaking to behold.

23 Sutherland Falls - Milford Sound, new Zealand


Sutherland Falls is located in New Zealand’s south island and is near Milford Sound. It’s one super tall waterfall, sitting at 580 meters in height. While it may not stretch widely across the mountainous cliffs that the water rages down from like some other waterfalls, it is still quite spectacular to behold something so tall and powerful, flowing down from so high up. Everything in New Zealand feels so much more reserved in comparison to the towering mountains, but this waterfall certainly stands up against the awe that the cliffs inspire.

22 Kaieteur Falls - Kaieteur National Park, guyana


The Kaieteur Falls are in Guyana and are off the Potaro River. They’re actually located inside the Kaieteur National Park, so if you head to Guyana, you might as well take a day trip to the national park to explore that and put the waterfall in your to-see list in the park. The falls are actually the world’s largest single-drop waterfall in terms of the volume of water that rushes down the drop. It is absolutely incredible to see in person as pictures cannot capture the might and power that comes from it.

21 Gullfoss - southwest iceland


You’re going to want to head to one of the most stunning places on this earth to see this waterfall. This one is located in the southwest of Iceland and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. It’s absolutely incredible to stand before it and take in such might and power and the beauty of the untouched nature around it. Interestingly, in the first half of the 20th Century, people actually debated the possibility of using the Gullfoss falls to generate electricity.

20 Iguazú Falls - Misiones, argentina


Iguazú Falls (or Iguaçu Falls as it is sometimes spelled) are located in Argentina in the Misiones Province. The Iguazú Falls makes up the largest waterfall system in the world, with an incredible 275 drops across the entire thing. The width of these falls is an incredible 2700 meters. It’s truly a spectacular sight to behold and therefore is a very popular tourist destination. If you’re going to go see it, make sure to check out tourist information about it before you head out.

19 Angel Falls - bolivar, Venezuela


I imagine that this stunning waterfall got its name from the sheer height of it. It looks as if it stretches up towards the heavens and is an absolutely beautiful sight to take in. It’s located in Venezuela and is actually 979 meters tall. It’s the tallest uninterrupted (as in the tallest free-falling waterfall, not like interrupted because people keep butting in on its conversations) waterfall in the entire world, which is very impressive.

18 Svartifoss -Vatnajökull National Park, iceland


Iceland seems to be the place to go if you want to view absolutely breathtaking sights and gorgeous waterfalls. This one is located in the Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland. Right near the waterfall is dark lava columns which make this waterfall site unique and absolutely gorgeous. It’s the kind of thing that you have to go and see in person because pictures do not do it justice. The water that pours down from this fall actually comes from the melting glaciers, so the water is absolutely ice-cold.

17 Bridal Veil Falls - new york, U


The Bridal Veil Falls is the smallest waterfall of the three waterfalls that make up the infamous Niagara Falls. You’ll have to go to the American side in New York State to see this one up close. There is a cave located behind the Bridal Veil Falls that was named “Cave of the Winds”. My guess is that this waterfall was named because the shape and consistency of the water falling over it kind of looks like a bride’s veil on her wedding day. Of course, veils are usually light and airy and this waterfall is powerful and fierce with the force of the waters cascading down it.

16 Bridal Veil Falls take 2 - Oregon, US


Yes, there are two different Bridal Veil Falls. I guess that is what happens when you name a waterfall after something common. Although I will say that looking at aesthetics only, this waterfall DOES look more like a wedding veil that you would find on a bride. This waterfall can be found in Western George in Oregon. The path up to the waterfall is paved and is easily accessible for kids and mobile hikers. There are beautiful views of the Columbia River from the trails to the falls.

15 Skógafoss -Skógá River, iceland


This is another Iceland beauty located on the Skógá River. It’s actually one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. It has a 60-meter drop and is 25 meters wide. This waterfall is one that you can actually walk right up to, but honestly, make sure that you’re prepared to get completely and totally drenched if you’re going to do this and it’s probably going to be very cold water. This waterfall is absolutely a must see. And now I have decided that a trip to Iceland is going to be an absolute must for me.

14 Jog Falls -Karnataka, india


The Jog Falls is located in Karnataka in India. It’s actually the second-highest plunge waterfall in India, which makes it an absolute must-see. The height is 253 meters high and it’s 472 meters wide. If you’re going to visit the falls, the absolute most spectacular time to see it is during the monsoon which is when it looks the fullest and has the most “wow” factor to it. Make sure that you check the weather before you go because if it’s too foggy you won’t be able to see the waterfalls.

13 Burney Falls - california, US


Burney Falls can be found in Shasta County in California and is actually located within the McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park. It was actually declared a National Natural Landmark in 1984 and President Theodore Roosevelt actually called it the Eighth Wonder of the World. The water comes from underground springs above the falls and has an almost constant flow down the waterfall. I absolutely adore the way that it cascades down the rock wall. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

12 Palouse Falls - washington, US


These waterfalls are on the Palouse River in southeast Washington. The Palouse Falls State Park is where this stunning waterfall is located. The park is a stunningly 105-acre camping park. The view of this waterfall is absolutely stunning. It falls in a thin line off of expansive rock cliffs into the most serene and large pool of water. Falls like these are just begging for you to take a swim and relax and forget all of your stresses and worries.

11 Union Falls - Wyoming, US


These falls are in Wyoming and are quite the sight to behold. While they’re not overwhelming in their height, with only a 76-meter height drop, these waterfalls are expansive in their width in the way that these falls start smaller at the top and then gets wider as they cascade over the jutted out rocky cliffs. These are another one of those waterfalls that you cannot quite grasp just how amazingly breathtaking these falls are by looking at photos. This is the kind of waterfall that you need to see in person.

10 Huangguoshu Waterfall -Guizhou, china


This waterfall is located in Guizhou China. It’s actually one of the largest waterfalls in China and East Asia. This waterfall looks completely different depending on what viewing point you choose to see the waterfall from. There is the Waterfall-Viewing Pavillion which is the place where you can take in the gorgeous waterfall from a distance. The second area you can see the beautiful sights is at the Water-Viewing Stage, which gives you a bird's eye view. The third is the waterfall-view stage which is from below and you’ll have to look up to see the breathtaking view.

9 Torc Waterfall - County Kerry, ireland


This stunning waterfall can only be found in County Kerry in Ireland. If you're going to visit this waterfall the absolute best time to go and see it is after heavy rain. If you go to see this waterfall you're going to want to take a walk through the stunning woodlands that surround the waterfall area. Interestingly the waterfall is located near the base of the absolutely breathtaking Torc Mountain.

8 Blue Nile Falls - Blue Nile river, Ethiopia


This stunning view can only be seen from the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia. The waterfall is known as Tis-Isat Falls in Amharic, which means smoke of fire, which is incredibly appropriate from the water mist that rises around this waterfall. It's an absolutely stunning sight to see and rather than being a serene view like some waterfalls, this is powerful and overwhelming and reminds you of how incredible mother nature actually is.

7 Wallaman Falls - Queensland, australia


The Wallaman Falls is located in Queensland, Australia. The height is 268 meters tall and it's 15 meters wide. It has 2 drops in total. There is a nearby camping area where there are wood-fire barbecues, shelter areas, picnic tables and water. I absolutely love seeing the thin and powerful flow that cascades down the expansive mountainous rocky cliffs. If you want to stand in awe with your mouth slightly agape and get lost in wonder, then head to Australia to see the Wallaman Falls.

6 Cummins Falls - Jackson County, Tennessee


You're going to see these absolutely stunning falls in the southern Jackson County in Tennessee. It's right on the Blackburn Fork State Scenic River. If you're looking at waterfalls in terms of volume, it is actually the eighth largest waterfall in Tennessee. It's only 23 meters in height but the way that it gently cascades over the step-style rocks is absolutely gorgeous to look at. If you go to the Cummins Falls State Park you should know that the top activities there, other than seeing the falls, is hiking and swimming.

5 Pearl Shoal Waterfall - Sichuan, china


The Pearl Shoal Waterfall can be found in Sichuan, China and is along the Bailong River. The way that the water slowly cascades and crawls over the rocky expanse is absolutely breathtaking. This waterfall is best to see after a day of heavy rain, but no matter when you see these waterfalls, you're going to feel absolutely stunned with how beautiful the natural surroundings are. The beauty of mother nature is absolutely incredible.

4 Victoria Falls - Livingstone, Zambia


This amazingly stunning waterfall is located on the Zambezi River in Livingstone, Zambia. This is another one of those boarder waterfalls that is located between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It's actually the greatest curtain of falling water in the entire world. It's 108 meters high but runs very wide. It has a giant natural pool where visitors can swim while they take in the absolutely beautiful and breathtaking views of the enormous waterfall.

3 Dettifoss - Vatnajökull National Park, iceland

Dettifoss is located in Northeast Iceland in Vatnajökull National Park. The water looks a little grayish white because the water actually comes from a glacier that is rich in sediments. It's actually known to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe. The misty cloud of water that rises from this waterfall gives the area a sense of mystique and a feeling of magic. The gorgeous rocky background of this waterfall is stunning to behold.

2 Vernal Fall - california, US


The Vernal Fall can be found in California. It's on the Merced River that is just downstream of the Nevada Fall in Yosemite National Park. There are these two giant granite steps that are referred to as the Giant Stairway. The Giant Stairway is where the Vernal and Nevada Falls drop over. The beautiful greenery that is around the waterfall pops against the beautiful powerful force of nature cascading down the rocks.

1 Horseshoe Falls - niagara falls, canada


I have a soft spot for the Horseshoe Falls. I travel to see them almost every single year. It's the largest of the three waterfalls that create Niagara Falls. Most of the Horseshoe Falls is owned by Canada. It's amazing to stand at the looking points around the falls in Niagara Falls, and hear the powerful rushing of the water tumbling over the cliff and falling into the water with a mighty roar, as you feel the mist of the falls coat your face and cool you off during the hot summer days.

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