25 Themed Hotels Around The World We Would Never Want To Leave

For the most part, when looking for a hotel, people only have a select few considerations in mind. Most important is obviously location, likely followed by price, and then the requisite issues of cleanliness, respectability, and safety. Maybe for a longer trip it would be nice if there were also a gym, pool, or certain other amenities, but practically speaking, even people looking for a four-star experience really just need a place to sleep and be comfortable when not doing whatever it is they traveled to do.

Well, most of the time, anyway. In a select few cases, hotel owners have decided to make their temporary lodging a vacation destination in and of itself. The most popular way to do this is turning the rooms or even the entire buildings into tributes to movies, music, and various other forms of pop culture. Typically, hotels of this nature are located in areas intrinsically connected to the media at hand, making them the perfect place to stay when touring fan hot spots.

Unfortunately, many locations of this nature were temporarily tied in to movie promotions or art exhibits with a very short shelf life. Even the ones available year-round are generally in pretty high demand, making it hard for people to actually visit them all. One can always dream, though, so keep reading to learn about 25 theme hotels around the world we would never want to leave.

25 Magical Chambers For Enchanted Wizards

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Since the first Harry Potter book was released, fans around the world have wanted to enroll in Hogwarts, or at least spend some time there. Technically, the Georgian House Hotel in London, England won’t give quite that experience, as it isn’t officially related to J.K. Rowling’s series. Nonetheless, the establishment’s Wizard and Enchanted Chambers come as close as possible, with the Hogwarts colors all over the wall along with plenty of other magical memorabilia, including actual cauldrons. For more direct Potter-based fun, the building isn’t far from London’s Muggles tour and Warner Bros. studio.

24 Disneyland Hotel Will Treat Guests Like Princesses and Pirates

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If any hotel would be downright expected to give guests a movie-themed experience, it would be those at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Since it's considered to be the happiest place on Earth, there’s no shortage of options for overnight park attendants looking for a magical experience. For young female fans, there’s the Fairy Tale suite, in addition to Pirates of the Caribbean and Mickey Mouse based rooms that the whole family can enjoy. On top of these movie based rooms, there’s also a Big Thunder suite, based on one of the park’s most popular rollercoasters.

23 This Robotic Hotel Is Straight Out of the Future

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Depending on how confident a person is in Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics,” they might want to skip out on this next offering. Those who are confident robots on the future, however, might see it as the coolest hot on our list. Located in Nagasaki, Japan, the Henn-na Hotel is staffed almost entirely by robots, both realistic looking and, well, more monstrous types.

Somehow, the robots are able to interact with customers conversationally and that’s not even the most technologically advanced part.

Instead of keys, the rooms have high-tech facial recognition software.

22 The Icy Legacy of Tron

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With all due respect, Tron: Legacy feels like one of the more unlikely films to have been turned into a hotel room. This doesn’t make the results any less awesome, of course, as the movie’s stunning visuals would look cool in pretty much any setting — especially one made entirely out of ice and snow. In 2010, the same year the movie was released, artist Ben Rousseau teamed with architect Ian Douglas-Jones to create this unfortunately temporary exhibit in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden’s famous ice hotel called “Legacy of the River.”

21 Head Down The Rabbit Hole To These Alice in Wonderland Hotels

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Despite the fact Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland didn’t always go that great for the girl in question, the fantastically whimsical creatures she encounters make the Queen of Hearts’ kingdom the sort of place audiences have never stopped dreaming about. Anyone hoping to gaze through the looking glass themselves has two options in Brighton, England alone. Either the Wonderland House or the Looking Glass Cottage could be the perfect place to celebrate a “very merry unbirthday,” especially in the Mad Hatter banquet rooms, which both of them naturally contain.

20 Hello Kitty Hotels Are All Over The Place

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Iconic and fashionable as Hello Kitty can be, it may be somewhat surprising to learn she’s the focus of more hotel rooms than almost any other figure on this list. The Keio Plaza in Tama, Japan alone has two distinct suites for fans of the adorable cat, one for kids, and a more professional-looking room for adults. In addition to Hello Kitty’s homeland, hotels rooms based on her image have also been found in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Singapore, and even a short-term exhibit in Los Angeles honoring the character’s 40th anniversary.

19 Get Some Sleep At This Pokémon Hotel

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After the explosion of Pokémon Go, people have theoretically been able to find Pocket Monsters crawling around any normal hotel willing to earn distinction as a hotspot. One establishment looked to take things a step further for the summer of 2017, when the Haeundae Grand Hotel in South Korea temporarily became the Pokémon Hotel. Multiple theme rooms were dedicated to the creatures, with corresponding colors to match their attack types. Unfortunately, limited availability made it unlikely any one fan could catch them all in a single visit.

18 The Lord of the Rings Fans Can Journey Around The World

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Dangerous as parts of The Lord of the Rings mythology may seem, it’s arguably the most popular fantasy series in film history, so there’s no surprise to the fact multiple hotels, motels, and individual rental houses are based on living like a Hobbit. At the source, there’s the Hobbit Motel in Woodlyn Park, New Zealand, where the movies were filmed. If that’s not direct enough, J.R.R. Tolkien’s hometown in Bloemfontein, South Africa has the Hobbit Boutique Hotel. For a similar experience in the Midwest, look no further than The Shire of Montana’s Hobbit House.

17 The Game Is Never Over At The Arcade Hotel

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For some customers, the hardest part of going to a hotel isn’t just staying away from home — it’s leaving leave their video games behind. There’s no way this could ever be a problem at The Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which if anything has a name that downplays just how many options are available to gamers spending time there. Each room contains a giant flat screen TV with modern and retro consoles, and for a more social experience, there’s also a public game room with six top-line PCs, a VR device, and every console one could imagine.

16 Everything Is Cool At the LEGOLAND Hotel

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Structurally speaking, a hotel made entirely of Legos might not be the best place for a human being to stay. On the other hand, a regular building that happened to contain thousands of the building blocks for guests of all ages to play with is the natural complement to Carlsbad, California’s famous Legoland theme park. In addition to the general block based theme, guests can also stay in rooms themed on pirates, royalty, Lego Ninjago, and Lego friends. Similar versions of the hotel exist at various other Legoland locations around the globe.

15 Sleep Like A Log At The Beatles-Themed Hotel

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Still the most popular band in music history to this day, it’s very possible The Beatles will never go out of style. In reflection of this fact, fans of the Fab Four have been flocking to Liverpool, England since they came to prominence, wanting to see where John, Paul, George, and Ringo got their start. Giving these fans a place to stay, the Hard Day’s Night Hotel opened not far from the Cavern Club. In addition to '60s style art work all over the walls, the highest paying guests can specifically ask for the Lennon or McCartney suites.

14 Experience the Beauty of Marilyn Monroe

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Believe it or not, anyone out there still harboring fantasies about spending a night with Marilyn Monroe more than 50 years after her death may just be in luck, well, kind of. While Monroe herself is probably best associated with Hollywood, the Platine Hotel dedicated to her image is found in Paris, France. Located not far from the Eiffel Tower, each room appears to be covered head to toe in Monroe based memorabilia, from magazine photos to movie stills. The general décor is also heavily based on Monroe’s most iconic outfits, giving any guest the chance to feel as glamorous as Marilyn.

13 There’s No Jurassic Scare At This Romantic Hotel

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Quite frankly, the last thing most people want to see before drifting off into dreamland is a gigantic T. Rex glaring its teeth. In general, driving a Jeep into Jurassic Park, or Jurassic World, doesn’t feel like the most comforting way to start a vacation. Nonetheless, Sky Resort Hotel’s Jzauruss allows guests to do exactly that, with gigantic dinosaurs lining the entrance. Oddly, the location is considered a “love hotel,” a popular trend in Japan for travellers looking for a particularly romantic getaway, which apparently can also involve dinosaurs.

12 Hotel Pelirocco Offers Something For Everybody

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For the most part, hotels on this list stuck to one form of popular media, or at most a select few that were directly related. Hotel Pelirocco takes a decidedly different approach, calling itself “England’s most rock and roll hotel.” Fittingly, rooms are based on some of the most important acts in music history across all genres, including rock, punk, mod, soul, reggae, and even country. Outside pop culture figures are also represented, with suites dedicated to Muhammad Ali, Bettie Page, and Star Wars villain Darth Vader.

11 Sleep Where No Man Has Slept Before

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Space may well truly be the “final frontier” for hotel rooms, as anyone hoping to literally spend a night in the stars is still out of luck. However, for a brief time near the opening of Star Trek: Into the Darkness, people staying at the Sheraton in Sao Paolo, Brazil could come pretty close. As a promotional tactic for the movie, one of the hotel's rooms became a tribute to the franchise in general, covered in classic memorabilia from the series. In addition to the usual hotel amenities offered, an overnight stay also came with tickets to see the movie.

10 A Place For Minions To Play


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For parents of young children, spending time in a hotel room can feel like more work than whatever it was that made them need a vacation. Not to be outdone by Disneyland, Universal Studios Orlando has an option available that will distract kids long enough for their parents to relax. Rooms in the park adjacent Loews Portofino Bay Hotel are covered in pictures of Despicable Me’s lovable Minions, connected to more regular accommodations for the adults. Let’s just hope those Minions don’t inspire the kids to get up to no good.

9 Devoting Full Time To Floating Under The Sea

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Anyone with claustrophobia or any resistance to swimming should probably avoid this next entry. Everyone else might want to put it near the top of their list, though, as it’s one of the most unique experiences available to travelers. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, located in Key Largo Undersea Park, is actually located 21 feet beneath the water. Guests need a scuba diving certification to even tour the area, and the establishment offers classes to any amateur divers who might not be ready for the plunge. Don’t worry about getting food down there, though, believer it or not, they offer a pizza delivery service.

8 Love and Vampires Collide In Twilight-Themed Hotels

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With how popular the Twilight series of books and films have become, it was only a matter of time before people living in the real Forks, Washington found ways to capitalize on the success. At least two hotels in the city have done so, albeit with decidedly different approaches. First is the Miller Tree Inn, which wasn’t originally intended to be Twilight based, until the owners noticed its resemblance to the Cullen’s house as described in the books. More directly, the Pacific Inn Motel offers several Twilight themed rooms, with posters of Edward and Bella plastered across the walls.

7 This Batman Hotel Looks Nothing Like A Cave

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When people first hear “Batman hotel room,” they probably think of a dark Batcave filled with mysterious gadgets. Instead, the Eden Motel in Kaohsiung, Taiwan went for a more Bruce Wayne approach, creating a beautifully ornate room fit for a millionaire playboy. For those who don’t appreciate the Caped Crusader, the hotel features a variety of other pop culture based themes, including world travel, fantasy, and fashion-inspired rooms. By way of being most specific, though, it’s the Batman room that gets all the attention.

6 Sling Over To A Castle With A Spider-Man Room

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In the unlikely event a comic book fan is visiting Taiwan, but doesn’t much care for Batman, surprisingly, there’s a second option to match their interests. Over on the opposite side of the island, Taipei City features a sprawling motel called Sato Castle, which indeed looks fit for royalty from the outside. The inside is equally impressive, albeit in a much different manner, with the rooms taking on a variety of themes to suit all interests. Most notable is the Spider-Man room, and there are also suites based on Egypt, princesses, dragons, soccer, and Las Vegas, among others.

5 A Night at the Roxbury (No, Not The Movie)

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Surprisingly, the one movie experience not available for guests at The Roxbury Motel in New York’s Catskill Mountain is one starring the Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan with which it shares a name. However, virtually every other media is present in some form, with each room based on a different movie or TV show. To name just a few popular movie inspirations, The Roxbury features rooms based on Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Wizard of Oz, Saturday Night Fever, Austin Powers, and Amadeus. TV shows are also present, from BewitchedI Dream of Jeannie to Charlie’s Angels and The Flintstones.

4 This Titanic Hotel Room is fit for royalty 

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Theoretically speaking, knowing what we know now, it’s hard to imagine anyone would be able to get a good night’s sleep on the real RMS Titanic. However, thanks to director James Cameron’s wildly popular movie, interest in the “unsinkable ship” will likely never falter, leading to at least three hotels based entirely around the boat’s history. In Belfast, Ireland, there’s the Titanic Hotel housed in the same building where the ship was designed. Not far away in Liverpool, England, there’s also the 30 James Street Hotel, similarly designed like the boat. Further away, a third Titanic hotel exists in Turkey, too.

3 Perfect To build a snowman

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Technically speaking, the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec City, Canada has nothing to do with the movie Frozen. In fact, it existed for at least a full decade before the Pixar film was made, as have a number of other “ice hotels” scattered throughout the world. Genuinely made entirely out of water, these establishments are nonetheless exciting and gorgeous pieces of architecture regardless of any movie connections. It’s also worth noting that Frozen’s producers were definitely aware of the place, holding early press junkets at the location.

2 The Dog Bark Park Inn Has Visitors Howling With Joy

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By and large, this list focused on hotels themed around movies or TV shows, but the Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho might celebrate an even more universal joy: dogs. Not only are furry friends welcome; the entire building is designed like a massive 12-foot beagle built by owners Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin. The duo still creates all sorts of dog-based wood carvings that can be seen strewn about the location, almost reaching a point of canine overload. Except for guests who really, really love dogs, of course, which is the whole point.

1 The Secret Agent Suite is Fit For 007

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Just about every man alive has thought about being James Bond, and plenty of women have probably pictured spending a night with the guy. Either way, those dreams can become reality at Hotel Seven in Paris, France. Appropriately numbered room 007, the Secret Agent Suite features every single Bond film available for viewing on large screen TVs, in rooms adorned with style and class befitting England’s top spy. For those seeking a different sort of experience, the hotel also has a cabaret suite, based more on the general art form rather than the specific 1972 film of the same name.

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