25 Reasons Why The Tour Of Asia Is The New Euro Trip

Asia is without a doubt one of the most attractive tourist locations in the world today. For many of us, we feel a strange urge pulling us to this fascinating, faraway continent – almost as if there's something important there waiting for us. It's a landmass filled with nations unlike any other on Earth, and if you travel here you're almost sure to find something truly magical awaiting you. However, some people planning massive trips seem to disregard Asia as a possible destination. They'd rather go to Europe, South America, or somewhere closer to home.

If we look into what Asia really has to offer, however, we might start rethinking our entire opinion of the area. Little by little, this stunning region will charm anyone. There are countless reasons to travel to Asia, and at least one of these compelling features is sure to convince us to pack our bags. It really is the perfect continent to take a tour of, and more and more people are ticking this trip off their bucket list. So what's keeping everyone from discovering the vast secrets of Asia? Take a sneak peek at the most enchanting jewels Asia has to offer.

25 Fascinating Festivals


Definitely some of the most compelling reasons to take a tour through Asia are the many amazing festivals you can find throughout this stunning land. These are totally unique in nature, and quite unlike anything you would find in your own country. Examples would be the Snow and Ice festival in China, where stunning works of art are carved from the snow and ice, and the Obon festival, pictured above. The Obon festival honors ancestors through lanterns, candles, and dance.

24 Interesting Markets


The bustling, frenetic nature of an Asian market is unlike anything you will find in your nation. These authentic places of commerce are always a wonder to behold, no matter which country in Asia you're passing through. Indonesia, China, Vietnam, and many other countries are famous for their stunning markets, which can operate at night or during the day. These markets sell just about anything you would want, from clothing to food and much, much more.

23 The Amazing Food


Speaking of food, that's definitely a huge reason to take a tour through Asia. While you might be familiar with your local sushi shop or Chinese restaurant, nothing really compares to the authentic Asian cuisine you will experience from the landmass of Asia. There are all kinds of different tastes and treats to experience throughout the various countries, and the type of cuisine will vary greatly depending on which area you're in. From Thai to Japanese food and much more, it's almost impossible to leave Asia with your taste buds unsatisfied.

22 Affordability


Another huge reason to go on a tour through Asia is the fact that it's quite affordable. Almost every country will leave you pleasantly surprised when it comes to paying the bill, whether it's for a hotel room, meal, or transportation. In Southeast Asia especially, you can survive in some truly wonderful and picturesque locations for a handful of dollars per day. It's even more affordable if you travel with a group, and share as much as you can.

21 The Nightlife


The nightlife is a legendary part of Asia, and so many of the cities have the ability to truly dazzle and fill us with joy when the sun goes down. Bangkok, Beirut, Tokyo and Singapore are but a few Asian cities for their vibrant and sometimes unbelievable nightlife, and many people who have gone all out in these locations have had the best nights of their lives. And the best thing about most of these Asian cities is that even in the middle of the night, it's still relatively safe when compared to other cities in different continents.

20 The Weather


For the most part, Asia is a place with incredibly comfortable climates. Of course, that's quite the blanket statement, seeing as Asia is a huge area with massive diversity in environments. You can climb snowy peaks and visit sandy deserts, often within the same country... But the general rule of thumb is that Asia is a warm, humid climate where tropical forests and islands are the norm. If you're wanting to go somewhere hot and relaxing, Asia is always a great option.

19 The Amazing Transportation Systems


Another amazing thing about Asia is the fact that some countries have incredible transportation systems. And for tourists like us, this is great news. While some nations in the west and around the world have decent trains and buses, we can't deny that some Asian countries are lightyears ahead when it comes to public transit. Take Japan, for example; they have had lightning fast bullet trains for decades now, and it's really helpful for tourists to get around the island nation. That's just one example, and there are plenty of other Asian nations who have great transit systems as well.

18 Wonderful Creatures


If you're the type of person who loves to see wild animals, then Asia is definitely a great option. The landmass is positively teeming with stunning animal life. China is home to all kinds of wild animals, most notably the Panda Bear and various bird species. Borneo in Southeast Asia is home to some of the few remaining wild Orangutan species in the world, and you can even find snow leopards in places like India and China – although these are incredibly rare.

17 The Temples Of Angkor


If you're going to pass through Cambodia, you need to stop at the Temples of Angkor. Angkor is actually an ancient, abandoned city, and this stunning metropolis used to be the heart of an entire empire. At its peak, the megacity is alleged to have supported a large portion of the world's global population, and up to 1 million people could have lived here. At around 1000 AD, when this city was created, this was a massive population. The sprawling structure combines Hindu and Buddhist themes into its artwork and monuments.

16 Modern Architecture


Whether you're interested in buildings old or new, Asia has something to offer. The landmass might contain some of the oldest ruins on Earth, but it also boasts some of the most technologically advanced architectural marvels on the planet. From the skyscrapers of Dubai to the futuristic skyline of Singapore, a visit to Asia is sure to remind us all what humanity is really capable of building. Pictured is the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, which features a "boat" sitting on top of three towers.

15 The Stunning Mountains


We alluded to the snow peaks of Asia earlier in this article, but they are far from worth just a passing comment. In some Asian countries, the mountains define the landscape, playing a major role in the culture and history of the people there. The most obvious example is the Himalayan mountain range, which exists in Nepal and the borders of other Asian countries. The people there worship the snowy peaks as deities, and it's not hard to see why. These majestic mountains are just a few examples of beautiful mountains in Asia.

14 The Great Wall Of China


The Great Wall Of China might just be the most famous man-made landmark in the entire region, and the famous wall is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself passing through China. The original wall was built many hundreds of years ago, although the first bricks are now covered by many layers of renovations and improvements made over the years. These walls were built to keep out marauding invaders, as well as to control trade routes throughout the area.

13 Tropical Islands


Some of the most stunning tropical islands in the entire world are located in Asia, and if you're looking for the type of picturesque tropical getaway you see on the front of postcards, this region has plenty to offer. Pictured above is just one of many tropical islands in the region, and this one is called Pom Pom island. It's located in Malaysia, and as you can see, the crystal clear waters are worth every hour of jet lag you'll suffer to reach these shores.

12 Japan


Japan is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, and it's not hard to figure out why. This unique, isolated island nation has a very magical vibe to it, and a visit to the land of the rising sun will be unlike anything else you'll experience on a vacation. Tokyo sits under the looming figure of Mount Fuji, and the capital is a strange mix between technological marvel and respectful adherence to tradition. Whether it be the culture, the landscape, or the city lights, something about this nation will succeed in charming you.

11 Ancient Mysteries


Sometimes, the most magical things in life are those that are left unspoken. This quintessentially Asian viewpoint is visible not just in the people, but also the physical landscape. Asia is a landmass filled with compelling secrets, a rich history, and plenty of legends. Few locations sum this up as well as the Plain of Jars. Located in Laos, these mysterious stone jars are scattered throughout the landscape in the hundreds. As you can see, they are massive. Legend holds they were built by giants – but we still don't really know who put them there – or why.

10 Huge Shopping Malls


If you think your local shopping mall is impressive, then you need to see some of what Asia has to offer. Places like Dubai and Singapore are famous for their gargantuan, massive shopping malls that seem to go on forever. Shopping is definitely something that is taken very seriously in Asia, and if this is your favorite activity while on vacation, then you will be happily surprised at the sheer magnitude of some of these shopping centers. Pictured above is China's New Century Global Center, which is the largest building in the world in terms of floor area. As you can see, it contains artificial beaches, hotels, and of course tons of shops.

9 India


A lot of people forget that India is actually part of Asia, and this country is one that you should definitely visit during a tour through this vast continent. India is a place rich with history and vibrant culture, and it has one of the largest populations in the world. If you tour through this nation, you will find beautiful, ancient monuments, as well as plenty of  modern cities. India is unlike any other nation on Earth, and it's truly worth visiting.

8 Experiencing Different Cultures


Speaking of cultures, this is one of the main reasons to tour through Asia. Almost every single country in this landmass offers a totally distinct and unique culture. Sometimes interacting with the people of a nation tells you more about their history and personality than any book or stone monument. There are countless opportunities to take part in traditional festivals, watch age-old performances, or just learn more about these unique peoples of Asia.

7 Laos


We've actually mentioned Laos a few times throughout this article already, and it's definitely a highlight of Asia. Laos is a nation surrounded on all sides by nations such as China, Vietnam and Cambodia, and yet it has maintained a distinct culture and national identity for many years. In the last few years, its tourism industry has experienced a massive increase, and it's viewed as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Laos is perfect for backpackers, as it offers incredible Buddhist monuments nestled in the jungle, as well as beautiful natural splendor all around.

6 Indonesia


Indonesia is another incredibly beautiful and interesting nation to visit within Asia, and it should be near the top of the list for those planning a tour throughout this continent. This differs from some of the other nations we've talked about because of the fact that it's an island nation. In fact, it's the largest island nation in the world. Tropical climates make this a perfect getaway, and like many of the other nations we've mentioned, it boasts a rich cultural heritage. The stone monuments and ancient ruins are some of the most impressive in the world.

5 Bagan


But if you really want to have your mind blown by ancient ruins, there is no better place than Bagan. Located in Myanmar, this ancient city is filled with temples and pagodas as far as the eye can see. One can only imagine what this place was like at its zenith, as even today it looks like a utopian paradise. In fact, when this city was created almost a thousand years ago, it contained a whopping 10,000 structures. Only about 2,000 structures still remain, and it still looks quite crowded.

4 Vietnam


Almost everyone planning a trip through Southeast Asia stops by Vietnam, and that's no coincidence. The nation has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire world, and it has plenty to offer, no matter what you're looking for. Natural Wonders such as Ha Long Bay, massive underground caves, and the sprawling jungle make this one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. The nation has achieved a wonderful balance between urbanization and protecting the natural beauty that surrounds them.

3 The Natural Wonders


Speaking of natural wonders, the continent of Asia is positively filled with them. Almost every single country within this land mass has something extraordinary to offer, and mother nature has painted masterpieces all over Asia. China is home to more than a few including Danxia Landorm Geological park, pictured above, as well as the wonders of Red Beach and Shilin Stone Forest. If cities aren't your thing, you can spend your entire tour through Asia marvelling at nature – and you'll never get bored.

2 It's Great For Backpackers


This leads us to our next point – Asia is almost tailor-made for backpackers. The beautiful natural landscapes ensure that you'll always be staring wide-eyed at the wilderness that unfolds before you, and the great climate means that you'll never get sick of being outside. Add to that the relative safety of most nations, and you can trust that a backpacking trip through Asia is almost guaranteed to end in many happy memories. It's definitely the best way to get the full experience of Asia.

1 The Cities Are Massive


Let's say you aren't the most outdoorsy person, and you're a little bit of a city slicker. Well, Asia is the perfect place for those that like to explore urban landscapes as well as natural ones. This continent boasts some of the largest, most impressive cities in the world, with Shanghai ranking as the largest urban center in the entire world. It would take weeks to explore cities like these completely, and it can be quite an adventure. These cities are often full of little hidden secrets.

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