25 Places Around The World That Are Perfect For Foodies

Food lovers sometimes revolve their vacations around their food. Now, food is a part of the culture, and when you visit a country, it’s a must to taste the local food. In fact, some of the best tasting foods are actually sold from street vendors, which not only make them amazing but also not expensive.

We have come across 25 top places that are known for offering mouth-watering delicacies to the visitors. It’s a great pleasure to try the specialties of each country.

Starting from sushi in Japan and chocolate of Belgium, each city has its signature cuisine. If you love spicy food, then you may visit India. For tasting Mediterranean seafood, you should visit Spain which is the best choice for all seafood lovers. Of course, if you are an extreme food lover, you might already know of some of the places listed below.

This list emphasizes 25 destinations that are the most popular in concerns of food, but mostly street food. These are always affordable, and super accessible to everyone.


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If you are roaming around in Bangkok, you will undoubtedly get attracted by the street side stalls and restaurants. Nightlife in Bangkok is truly buzzing. You will see various categories of food based on themes like New Orleans, Northeastern Thai or even a Roman dinner.

One will find different pop-up restaurants where chefs organize dinner that abides by a fixed price and with a wide range of options to choose from. You will be delighted to see traditional starters, main course, side dishes and amazing desserts. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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Barcelona is considered the heaven of Mediterranean-style food. You will experience a great deal of pork, serrano ham and also cold cuts acquired from inland Catalonia. You might get fresh fish from the Mediterranean and experience Catalan cooking. If you explore areas like Barri Gotic quarter, you will be amazed by the variety they have on display.

Try sample tapas in the various tapas restaurants. You can explore different Boqueria markets for parts that display various fresh produces. If you are a fish lover, you have definitely ended up at the right place. (Source: Businessinsider.com)


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Everyone will enjoy the various food tours in Bologna, Italy. It is the city that invented the item Tagliatelle Alla Bolognaise. Italy is the best place to indulge in cheeses, like their most famous, mozzarella and various others. You can browse the different family-owned stores and also artisans that produce cobbled lanes made of Quadrilatero.

Your day will likely end in a bowl of creamy gelato. There is no end to the delicacies you will find in Italy. Find the boutique restaurants or those that sit on the beach; you will find mouth-watering food that you will remember for a lifetime. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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Belgium is the land of chocolate. You will find various delectable stands where you will see waffles topped with cream, fresh fruits and sometimes chocolate. Once you visit Bruges, you will find different kinds of top-notch chocolates, fries, and mussels.

If you take a walking tour of the chocolate shops, then you will have the privilege to witness the chef use wasabi, guacamole, chicken, and also sometimes oysters in his chocolates. Not only that, but chocolate is also made to be decorative such as in the photo above. (Source:BusinessInsider.com)


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Buenos Aires is one of the places where you may avail mouthwatering food at a reasonable price. You will be amazed to try the luscious steaks along with a multicourse meal of the chef’s best plates and quality wines all at below 30$.

This place is famous for the grills and Parilladas. The tender steaks are a real treat for your taste buds. You will find a large amount of the underground food scene that actually received high praise from the media in the past few years. If you are looking towards a mouthwatering destination where you can get your fix of wine and meat, Buenos Aires is your desired place. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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In case you have visited Mexico, you should not have returned without enjoying the Ensenada market. They made waves when they innovated fish tacos in 1958. If you go to this place, you will find fish and prawns wrapped with mayo sauce, fresh cabbage and salsa inside the taco.

You will get a range of restaurants that will serve you seafood, pizza, steak, Italian, Japanese, Mexican food, and also sushi. It is a great way to have a taste of different cultures, while still enjoying the main dishes of Mexico. It is definitely a fantastic cultural experience. (Source:Businessinsider.com)


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If you ever plan to visit Malaysia, never miss a chance to visit Penang. Rated as the food capital of Malaysia, Penang has been one of the top culinary destinations of the lonely planet in 2014. You will get a variety of authentic Malay, Indian, and also Chinese dishes with cooking methods that were followed for centuries.

If you visit the hawker centers, you will find the town filled with tasty treats of all delicious varieties. They have a ton of fantastic and interesting soups that most people have never heard of or would never have thought of. One of which is the mackerel-chili soup, which is a must for everyone. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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London is considered the epitome of sophisticated food and lifestyle. But, the city has undergone great transformations, from top-notch restaurants to gastropubs and food trucks. The city has embraced the multicultural cuisines and is now the host to restaurants of various origins.

But recently, Latin American and Korean food joints are on the rise. Explore London to find food joints of various ethnicities, and I am sure, you will never go dissatisfied in London, as they have something for everyone. Never miss a dinner at "Heston Blumenthal" and also "The Ledbury" which just opened in the city. (Source:Businessinsider.com)


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Los Angeles is a place where you can probably find food everywhere. Chef Roy Choi was the first person to start Kogi food truck, which was the first mobile truck stuffed with food for the food lovers.

They have a great choice of seafood for everyone who loves that. You can also get a good choice of seafood here in Los Angeles from the beach to the posh restaurants which are made by Curtis Stone. Besides, you might enjoy a wide range of choice from Korean, Mexican and some of the best sushi. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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Lyon is rightly called the gastronomic capital of France. It is the food capital of the country for the last 76 years. While in Lyon you will get a wide variety of cheese and other eclectic dishes like pig brain dressed in pork vinaigrette.

Trois Gaules is considered the first pub and also for quaint market. If you go to Les Halle de Paul Bocuse, you will find high-end snacks and other treats. While in France, never miss a glass of wine. If you are not a big wine person, then definitely buy a bottle of champagne to enjoy to yourself. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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Marrakesh is situated in Northern Africa, and combines the culture of Africa, the Middle East as well as France. There are various food stalls meant to quench the taste buds of the tourists as well as the locals. You will have many chances to take a bite of Kefta or Moroccan meatballs.

During the day, never forget to have a bite of the Mergez or a spicy sausage. Any restaurant that you have dinner at will definitely leave you breathless. Every dish is made to perfection, and the ambiance is just as good as the food. (Source:Businessinsider.com)


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If you ever visit Delhi in India, then you must visit the ‘Paranthe Wali Gali.’ You will be amazed to see the various types of parantha or Indian bread. You will love everything from ordinary flatbread or stuffed parantha, where the stuffing can be anything ranging from vegetable or even kheema (minced meat). It is just a heaven for those who love spicy food. The street food of Delhi is also mouth- watering and attracts people from all diversities. If you are fond of sweets, then never miss a chance to try to mouth-watering delicacies from the shops of Delhi. (Source: India.com)


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New Orleans is undoubtedly a sought-after place for food lovers and popularly known for its choice of Creole dishes. Creole, a combination of French, Spanish and West African cuisine is treated as a gumbo dish and is available throughout the city.

If you ever try a po' boy sandwich with fried seafood or sausage inside, you will simply love it and feel that it is out of the world. You may head to one of the oldest eateries in America called Antoine’s, a place where Oysters Rockefeller got invented. (Source:Businessinsider.com)


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New York is one of the cities that have a diverse culture in terms of the food scene. You will find every possible culinary delicacy in New York starting from Afghan, French, Tibetan and also Indian. You may land in one of the Michelin starred restaurants to grab a hot dog or might be a halal platter from a street vendor.

In case you are a food enthusiast, then you might visit New York during the food festival like Smorgasburg or any other event like that. Try the authentic Chinese food which is available around every nook and corner of the city. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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If you are in Paris, you should not miss a chance to taste the wine and cheese. Paris, which is known for cheese and sweets, displays the best of its delicacies in the Bastille market. You will see Brasseries situated at spots near the tourist places. Never forget to have a taste of the traditional dishes like quiche, madeleines or Coq au vin.

The city has several famous restaurants like L’Atelier which is run by Chef Joel Robuchon, who was named as the ‘Chef of the century.’ While in Paris, have a look at the various multifarious cuisines like Lebanese, Japanese, Korean and also Chinese. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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If you visit Portland in Oregon, you will love to see the food truck scene. You may have access to some tasty options like ‘Pok Pok’ which is an innovative option that allows you to stick your teeth into succulent chicken wings.

Never miss a chance to visit the restaurant that sells Ken’s artisan pizza topped with almost everything including fennel sausage, onions, and bacon. Visit Biwa where you will get to taste handmade noodles along with Bunk Sandwiches. You will get a flavor of pork belly sandwich called Cuban sandwich. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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San Diego can be referred to as one of the top places for trying Mexican food in the US. In case you go to California, try the burrito at "Lucha Libre," a specialty dish which is filled with grilled steak, French fries, shrimp, pico de gallo, chipotle sauce and cheese.

This specialty item got featured in ‘Man Vs. Food’ so the world has seen the craze for this dish. If you are planning to explore San Diego, then make a note of all the famous restaurants, which you can visit and make a possible food tourism a reality. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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San Francisco happens to be the only city in the US which was awarded 40 Michelin stars in the last year for having prime dining destinations. Its favorite three-star restaurant list includes Benu and Saison. The city does offer casual eateries at "Ferry Building Marketplace."

The vendors generally offer everything starting from wild mushrooms to salamis which are freshly cured. San Francisco eateries include some of the well-known places that offer burgers, pizzas and other meat delicacies. For those who are vegetarian, you will get a wide variety of mushrooms to try. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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San Sebastian is a dream destination for any self-proclaimed foodie. The city is regarded as home to pintxos and other small tasty treats. There’s a lot to understand about the food culture of San Sebastian.

As for various gastronomy association, generation-wise the male chef cook food for their friends while playing traditional music. Here, you get to know about a wide variety of restaurants that deal in mouth-watering grilled prawns and other grilled delicacies. There’s a lot of French influence in cooking. (Source: Withhusbandintow.com)


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Sao Paulo has a long-standing culture of exclusive cuisines, but in the recent years, it has successfully incorporated Japanese, Italian and Lebanese tradition with that of Brazil. The city’s largest market hall hosting the city’s fresh produce is located in "Bar do Mane" and in the stalls of "Mercado Municipal" of Sau Paulo.

The city specializes in giant-sized epic sandwiches made from grilled mortadella and melted cheese. There are various other specialties in street food like pastel, hotdog, acai, tapioca, Eshifa and many more. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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If you head to one of Seattle’s most prized food markets like the iconic "Pike Place market," you can gorge on succulent fresh oysters in the Pioneer Square. You can indulge in having coffee, warm biscuits, and croissants at a specialty market in a place called "London Plane."

Do not miss a cup of coffee at Zeitgeist, where you may even enjoy a movie screening. You can enjoy sipping into signature blends while enjoying an art museum. Before setting your feet in Seattle, you can make a list of the top ten street foods that are mandatory to try. (Source:Businessinsider.com)


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If you are in Tokyo, you are basically at the seafood lover’s destination. And, for those of you who want to explore various types of seafood, then come to Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market where almost 5 million pounds of fish are sold every day. You will no doubt enjoy Japanese Sushi every day over there.

There are various food joints, and the Michelin starred restaurants are the highest over here, that is around 267 in number. Now, if you want to explore more, and made up your mind to visit the seafood localities, you should study the best-rated places before you set for your food tourism. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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When you are in Sydney, never miss a chance to taste the regional food like crocodile or kangaroo, which is generally grilled and served. You will love the style how these local meats get grilled to perfection. You may enjoy the city’s bountiful and age-old fish market in Sydney.

You will find Korean and Chinese restaurants in Sydney. Get the entire guide on food and wine in Sydney before you actually land and be sure to explore the culinary adventure there. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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According to a survey made by Guardian, Taiwan is the best destination in the world meant for street food markets. One of the best ones resides in Taipei. You must never miss the night markets that bustle with life, and you can buy everything from popcorn chicken to candied fruits.

The desserts are a ‘must try’ and you can try all delicacies starting from squid ink bread, stuffed bread, bread filled with custard and also with pineapple crust. Never miss the non-vegetarian snacks especially the variety of bird meat delicacies. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)


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In Tel Aviv, Israel you will see a lot of restaurants which brings the farm-fresh vegetable to your table. The city specializes in open air restaurants where people prefer to sit for long hours before they are served their favorite delicacy.

The restaurants generally serve samples of creamy labneh, flatbreads, hummus, pickled onions and red peppers before you indulge with the main course. In a couple of words, the arrangement is genuinely impressive. Never miss a chance to try falafel, white cheese, Jalatimo and pomegranate juice if you are in Tel Aviv. (Source: BusinessInsider.com)

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