25 Places Around The World That Are For Music Lovers

There is nothing better than sitting back and listening to a great song. Music speaks to us all in different ways. It cheers us up when we’re sad and pumps us up when it’s time to celebrate. Everyone loves to listen to music and has a favorite song they play over and over. Nowadays, people can load thousands of hours of music into one tiny device. They can listen to music from decades ago or from around the world. Classic albums that use to be difficult to find are now just a click away. Music lovers now have the greatest songs of all time at easy access. Of course, fans still attend concerts and all kinds of music festivals

However, music lovers might want to play their favorite song while they visit iconic music locations. Music lovers all over the world would greatly enjoy their time at many of these historical locations. In fact, many of these locations were the birthplace for a certain genre. These historical sites are the stuff of legends and are a guaranteed to be a classic vacation. Here is a look at 25 Places Around The World That Are For Music Lovers.

25 Abbey Road


The Beatles released their eleventh album Abbey Road in 1969. The album cover is one of the most famous and imitated images. It features all four members walking across a zebra crossing. The picture was taken on August 8, 1969, in front of EMI Studios on 3 Abbey Road in London. Thousands of fans journey to Abbey Road each year and take their own zebra crossing pic. The Abbey Road crossing and EMI Studios was given grade II status, which means it has “cultural and historical importance.”

24 The Electric Daisy Carnival


The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in the world. It features a wide range of electronic dance music and world-famous DJs. It started as a small event in the early 90’s and has grown into a massive festival. The flagship festival takes places annually in Las Vegas at the motor speedway. It’s now a gigantic three-day event with thousands of people attending. In 2017, it won the Festival of the Year award.

23 Dollywood


In 1986, country music legend Dolly Parton bought an interest in the theme park Silver Dollar City. It soon reopened as Dollywood and has become a popular tourist destination. It was originally opened in 1961 and is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Parton grew up in the area and felt it would be the perfect investment. It features several popular amusement park and thrill rides. It also hosts several concerts featuring popular and local stars. Parton performs at the venue often as well. Additionally, it includes the Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame.

22 The Chelsea Hotel


The world’s most famous musicians either visited or lived at The Chelsea Hotel. The famous New York City hotel was built between 1883 and 1885. In 1966, it was designated a New Your City landmark. Several world-famous artists stayed at the Chelsea, including, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, and Joni Mitchell. It was also the site of the tragic death of Nancy Spungen who was the then-girlfriend of Sid Vicious. Additionally, musicians Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin carried on in a relationship while at the hotel. In the 80’s, pop icon Madonna lived in the hotel as well.

21 Bonnaroo Music Festival 


The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival takes places annually at the 700-acre Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee. It first started in 2002 and focused on folk-rock and jam bands. However, it has grown to include a wide range of genres and has featured several famous acts, such as, Tom Petty, Metallica, Kanye West, U2, and Eminem. It also features crafts, a silent disco, and a Ferris wheel. The festival is influenced by past events, including, the 1967 Monterey International Pop Music Festival and the 1969 Woodstock festival.

20 The Grand Ole Opry


The Grand Ole Opry is one of the most historic events in the world. The concerts are held at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and it is the longest-running radio broadcast in America. It started in 1925 as a one-hour show and is still on the air. It pays tribute to country music history and features bluegrass, folk, and gospel. Thousands of tourists visit the iconic site each year and fans listen to the broadcast all over the world.

19 Queen: The Studio Experience


Queen is regarded as one of the greatest rock bands of all time. The classic line-up featured charismatic frontman, Freddie Mercury. However, Mercury passed in 1991. His death and music continue to have a lasting impact on the music industry. From 1979 to 1996, Queen owned the recording studio Mountain Studios in Switzerland. The famous studio is now the charity exhibition Queen: The Studio Experience. It features memorabilia, costumes, and other Queen artifacts.

18 Carnegie Hall


There isn’t a musician that hasn’t dreamt of performing at the world-famous Carnegie Hall. In fact, music lovers have dreamt of watching their favorites perform there was well. The venue has hosted classical music and pop music. It was built in 1891 and is located in Midtown Manhattan. They put on roughly 250 performances each year. It has become such a prestigious venue that it even has its own joke. “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.”

17 Sun Studios


The world famous Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee is considered the birthplace of rock and roll. Sam Phillips opened the iconic studio in 1950. Several legendary artists recorded at the studio, including, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Elvis Presley. Eventually, Sun Studios was sold and became an auto parts store. In 1987, Sun Studios was converted back into a recording studio and soon became a major tourist attraction. Music lovers from all over the world visit the historic studio.

16 Apollo Theater

Nimax Theatres

The historic Apollo Theater is located in Harlem, New York. It originally opened in 1914 as the Hurtig and Seamon’s New Burlesque Theater but went out of business. In 1934, it reopened as the Apollo Theater. Several famous artists first made their name at the Apollo, including, Ella Fitzgerald, The Jackson 5 and Lauryn Hill. The venue is famous for Showtime at the Apollo and Amateur Nights every Monday. In 1983, the Apollo Theater was designated as a New York City Landmark.

15 The Carter Family Fold

Heart of Appalachia

Music lovers all over the world owe it to themselves to visit the historic Carter Family Fold and Museum in Virginia. It also includes a concert stage that now features old-time country and bluegrass music. The original Carter Family (A.P., Sara, and Maybelle) had their first break at The Fold. There is a strict no electric guitar rule that was only waived for the legendary Johnny Cash. Cash was famously married to Maybelle’s daughter June. The Fold also includes a dance floor, the cabin A.P. Carter was born in and The Carter Store.

14 Motown Museum


In 1959, Berry Gordy started Motown Records and established the first headquarters in Detroit. The world-famous studio is known as Hitsville, U.S.A. It was a simple home with a photography studio that was converted into a music studio. Gordy and his family lived on the second floor. Soon Gordy expanded by purchasing the neighboring homes. Some of the most famous acts of the era recorded at the studio. The Hitsville U.S.A. home is now the world-famous Motown Museum. It’s one of Detroit’s top tourist attractions. It features memorabilia, records, photos and the Gordy family apartment.

13 New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival 


The vibrant city of New Orleans is known for its love of great music and has a rich musical history. Each year New Orleans celebrates the city, their culture, and music with the world famous New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest). It was first started in 1970 and is now a major event. It takes place on the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May. It features a wide range of music, such as, jazz, bluegrass, rock, country, and rap. The Jazz Fest includes several performances and attractions.

12 The Bob Marley Museum


Bob Marley is one of the greatest musicians of all time. His music and message of peace and love transcend time. Marley died in 1981 after a battle with cancer. His hometown of Kingston, Jamaica often pays homage to him. A Bob Marley statue stands on Arthur Wint Drive. Additionally, his former home at 56 Hope Road is now The Bob Marley Museum. It features memorabilia and a tour of the home. In addition to being his home, it was also the location of the failed assassination attempt on Marley’s life.

11 La Scala


Teatro Alla Scala (La Scala) is the world’s most famous opera house. It opened its doors on August 3, 1778, and is located in Milan, Italy. It has featured the world’s greatest singers and operatic artists. It features the La Scala Theatre Museum and Library. It also includes the La Scala Theatre Orchestra, La Scala Theatre Chorus, and La Scala Theatre Ballet. The extraordinary venue has changed and evolved over the years. However, the one constant has been the incredible opera music that fills the iconic opera house.

10 Jim Morrison’s Grave


Jim Morrison is regarded as one of the greatest frontmen in rock history. The iconic Morrison was known for his rebellious attitude, wild concert performances, poetic lyrics and unique voice. He was the co-founder of the legendary band The Doors. Morrison suddenly died at the age of 27 in 1971. He was living in Paris at the time of his passing and is buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery. His gravesite has become one of Paris’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s been vandalized throughout the years but remains a popular destination.

9 The Stone Pony


The Stone Pony is one of the most significant venues in music history. The legendary venue is located in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The Stone Pony opened in 1973 and quickly became a launch pad for several famous artists, such as, Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. The Stone Pony faced closure on several occasions. However, fan and artist support saved it and turned it into a historical site. It also includes an exhibition featuring the history of the city and venue.

8 Coachella


The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has become the biggest music festival of the year. It features several stages and different genres, including, electronic, rock and hip-hop. It first started in 1999 but became a regular event starting in 2001. It’s held annually at the Empire Polo Club in California. It’s now a two-weekend three-day event that features the most famous artists in the world. It’s the largest music festival and is attended by thousands of fans each year. It’s become one of the biggest events in music.

7 Kurt Cobain Memorial Park


The Young Street Bridge in Aberdeen, Washington was made world famous when Kurt Cobain referenced it in the song “Something in the Way.” He claimed that he lived under the bridge for a time. The bridge is now a memorial to the iconic musician following his sudden death in 1994. The bridge walls are covered in graffiti dedicated to Cobain and Nirvana. In 2011, a 13-foot tall electric guitar statue was installed near the bridge in his honor. In 2015, the Kurt Cobain Memorial Park was opened near the Young Street Bridge. Additionally, the Welcome To Aberdeen sign includes the words "Come As You Are", which is a reference to the famous Nirvana song of the same name.

6 Paisley Park


Paisley Park is a 65,000 square foot complex that served as Prince’s home and recording studio. Prince recorded some of his most famous songs at the studio. The massive complex includes two concert stages for rehearsal. Fans all over the world mourned his sudden death in 2016 and created a memorial in front of the residence. Paisley Park is now a museum dedicated to the iconic artist. Fans can enjoy a tour of the incredible structure. It features his iconic wardrobe, instruments, memorabilia, and cars. It also includes a vault of unreleased material. Additionally, Prince’s ashes are on display in a Paisley Park shaped urn.

5 Bethel Woods Center For The Arts


In 1969, one of the biggest events in music history occurred in Bethel, New York. The event was the historic three-day music festival known as Woodstock, which featured the greatest performers in history. The Bethel Woods Center for the Arts sits on the site of the legendary Woodstock festival. It features a 440-seat indoor hall, a 1,000-seat outdoor terrace stage, and a 15,000-seat outdoor concert stage. It also features the famous Museum at Bethel Woods, which honors the historic event and the artists.

4 DJ Kool Herc’s Apartment


DJ Kool Herc is regarded as the Father of Hip-hop and his childhood home is where it all started. He lived at the now famous 1520 Sedgwick Avenue apartment complex in The Bronx. In 1973, his sister rented out one of the rec rooms and threw a back to school party. Herc was the DJ and it was on that night that hip-hop was officially born. After years of neglect, the site is finally getting the recognition it deserves. In 2007, the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Perseveration officially designated 1520 Sedgwick Avenue as the birthplace of hip-hop.

3 Strawberry Fields


The iconic John Lennon was a member and co-founder of the legendary Beatles. Lennon was a beloved star who became a symbol of peace and love. His shocking death in front of the Dakota Apartments in 1980 devastated fans all over the world. In 1985, a 2.5-acre memorial dedicated to Lennon was unveiled at Central Park in New York City. It’s known as Strawberry Fields and is located across from the Dakota Apartments where Lennon lived. The memorial itself is named after a song written by Lennon, “Strawberry Fields Forever.”

2 Graceland


The former home of “The King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley is now one of the most famous sites in music history. The iconic Graceland was built in 1939 and is located in Memphis, Tennessee. Presley purchased the 13.8-acre mansion for his family in 1957. In 1977, thousands of his fans mourned his shocking passing. In 1982, Graceland opened to the public and is now a museum dedicated to The King. After the White House, Graceland is the second most visited home in the world. Each year, thousands of fans journey to the most famous house in rock and roll history.

1 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame


Thousands and thousands of music lovers flock to Cleveland each year to visit the iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It features the most famous and influential artists, producers, engineers and other important figures. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation was established in 1983 and Cleveland was chosen in 1986. In addition to the inductees, the Hall of Fame includes a museum that documents the entire history of music. It's the ultimate destination for true music lovers.

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