25 Facts About The 1200 Dollar A Night New York Palace Hotel

The full name of the New York Palace Hotel is the Lotte New York Palace Hotel. Anyone who is searching for grand and luxurious accommodations in Midtown Manhattan will find that the Palace is an excellent option. This hotel is housed within a heritage landmark called the Villard Mansion, and features an attached, fifty-five story skyscraper.

This hotel caters to well-heeled clients and it's situated on the corner of Madison Avenue and 50th Street. If you were a fan of the Gossip Girl TV show, you should know that this hotel, which is often referred to as "The Palace", was featured in the program's pilot and shows up now and then throughout all of the episodes.

The Palace offers Big Apple glamour at its finest. Perfect for people with elevated taste, it's home to some splendid suites, which are available for a pretty penny, due to their stunning decor and extensive amenities. The hotel features bars and eateries galore, as well as an onsite spa and online concierge service. This just scratches the surface in terms of the many, many appealing amenities available at The New York Palace hotel.

This isn't a budget hotel. It's a place to relax in the most sumptuous comfort. It's the ideal home base during a trip to New York. Guests may spend their days exploring museums, shops, and art galleries and meandering through Central Park, and then come back to The Palace for a little high-end R & R. For those who can afford it, this hotel is well worth a visit.

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25 It's Located in Mid-town Manhattan


According to Booking.com, this superb hotel is conveniently located in Midtown-Manhattan, across from another famous New York City landmark, St. Patrick's Cathedral. When you choose this hotel, your room may offer a lovely view of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

While you're at The Palace, be sure to try out the seven thousand square foot spa and fitness center. You may also enjoy the hotel's on-site bakery and room service. When it's time to venture out, you'll be pleased to know that Central Park is just under one kilometer from the hotel.

24 It Has 822 Guest Rooms


Grand hotels have plenty of rooms and The Palace is no exception! It features eight hundred and twenty-two guest rooms, so there is plenty of room for people who can afford the high rates.

According to the official Lottenypalace.com website, the hotel is a historic and stately landmark, which is the city's premier "icon" hotel. It's a popular choice for high-society nuptials, VIP business meetings and luxurious family getaways to the Big Apple.

Sweeping staircases and the ideal blend of modern and vintage design details make this hotel an exceptional home away from home.

23 There Are 87 Luxurious Suites


In addition to its guest rooms, The Lotte New York Palace Hotel is home to eighty-seven deluxe suites. Those who wish to stay in high style will enjoy occupying these spacious and elegant suites. To show you what the hotel offers, let's talk about its two-bedroom suites.

According to the Lottenypalace.com website, these suites provide fifteen hundred and thirty square feet of space and all of the space is decorated in sophisticated, earthy tones. Each suite comes with a larger-than-average living room, a wet bar, a couple of club chairs and a big desk, as well as a dining area with eight seats.

22 It Was Built In 1981


This is a hotel with a rich and colorful history. According to Expedia.com, the hotel was constructed in 1981, but the mansion which is part of the expanded hotel and adjacent skyscraper has been around much longer. This Mansion is called The Villard Mansion and it's a wonderful example of architecture from the Gilded Age. It was one of the fancy New York houses that comprised "Millionaire's Row".

If you want a taste of "Old Money" NYC, with modern amenities, too, then you'll adore The Palace.

21 Some Suites Are 5000 Square Feet


Manhattan real estate is always in demand, so most people who visit the city are not able to stay in hotel suites that measure a whopping five thousand square feet. Monied guests who book the most luxurious suites at the Palace Hotel are able to enjoy ultra-spacious suites with gorgeous furnishings, exquisite art and dazzling city views.

On sunny days, drapes may be pulled back to let golden sunlight flood into the roomy suites. The Palace is designed to ensconce guests in the highest level of comfort. For those with the means, the suites of this hotel are soothing sanctuaries.

According to Globeguide.ca, the fanciest suite at this hotel will set you back twenty-grand per night!

20 Marble Bathrooms Make This Hotel Special


Bathrooms made of marble are opulent. When you stay at The Lotte New York Palace hotel, you'll be able to enjoy your own marble bathroom, if only for a while. Feel like a king or queen as you stay in the bath, have a refreshing shower or primp in the mirror. You'll love the way that the polished marble floors feel under your feet.

According to the Lottenypalace.com website, marble bathrooms at The Palace are stocked with luxury bath products, such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner, which come from a UK company, Molton Brown. Molton Brown is renowned for adding unique and bold fragrances to its high-end product line.

19 It's Known For Its Grand Courtyard

The Palace is home to a grand courtyard, right on bustling Madison Avenue. If you want to escape from the noise and chaos of the Big Apple, spending time in this serene and stylish courtyard will be a great way to do it. It's outfitted with stone flooring, bistro chairs and tables and elegant, ornate planters.

According to the Blog.lottenypalace.com website, this courtyard is much more than a pathway to the lobby of the hotel. It was upgraded in 2015 with fashionable furnishings from Grayson and it's the perfect urban oasis, with plenty of shady areas.

18 It's a Popular Venue For High-end Weddings


According to the Knot.com website, this hotel is one of the Big Apple's premier wedding venues. This location has real cachet and that's why so many high society weddings are held on the premises.

Some couples with plenty of money to spend on their nuptials opt to have their ceremonies in the Villard Mansion section of the Palace Hotel and then enjoy wedding receptions within the hotel ballroom. There are tons of choices for couples, but this isn't a wedding venue for those on a shoestring budget. Weddings with up to three hundred guests are permitted at the hotel.

17 The Hotel Has In-house Caterers


This is a hotel where every single detail is taken care of for guests. They are treated like VIPs. One optional service that is available at the Palace Hotel is catering. The hotel has in-house caterers, so it's possible to access exquisite appetizers, entrees, and desserts from the hotel's team of culinary specialists.

According to the Lottehotel.com website, this hotel is a great place for social events, weddings and business meetings, and not just because in-house catering is available. It's large enough for upscale social events and big weddings and small enough for more intimate gatherings.

16 The Hotel Has In-house Wedding Planners


If you're interested in planning the wedding of your dreams, you may want to do it while you chill out at The Palace. The hotel's in-house wedding planners will be happy to cater to your every need and make all of your wedding day fantasies come true.

According to the official lottenypalace.com website, it's possible to plan a "storybook" wedding at this hotel, with the help of their expert wedding planning team. Couples who hold their weddings at The Palace are able to access wedding menus created by Cedric Tovar, who is the hotel's executive chef. They will also have private use of the courtyard for wedding pictures.

15 An Online Concierge Service Is Available For Guests


According to the Lottenypalace.com website, this hotel features an online concierge service, which guests may use whenever they wish to. The concierges of the Palace Hotel speak several languages and they are used to handle an array of arrangements and requests. For example, they are there to help if guests want reservations to restaurants, access to transportation, tickets to the theater and appointments to the onsite spa. They will also assist with any personal requests that their guests have.

14 Some People Find the Hotel's Vibe "Snooty"


If you want to hobnob with New York City's movers and shakers, you'll benefit from spending time at this hotel. Bear in mind that some people find this Big Apple destination a bit snooty, as it's definitely a place for the elite. If you're comfortable in rarefied surroundings, you should fit right in. According to the Lottemypalace.com website, this hotel attracts diplomats, leaders, and heads of state, as well as fashion industry VIPs who flock to the city during New York Fashion Week.

13 It Has a Fifteen-story Tower


The New York Palace is home to The Towers, which feature custom guest rooms, as well as roomy suites that cover fourteen of the hotel's fifteen floors, according to Lottenypalace.com. The Towers are an indulgent and private place to stay while in New York City. Within The Towers, you'll find penthouses that are outfitted with plenty of marble, bespoke furnishings and lots of amenities. The suites have rare and exceptional views of the Big Apple. Think of The Towers as a hotel inside of the hotel.

12 Triplex Suites Have Private Rooftops


Once you move to the upper echelons of The Towers and explore one of the Triplex Suites, you'll gain access to your own private rooftop. According to the Lottenypalace.com website, the trio of hotel Triplex Suites has five thousand square feet of space apiece.

These penthouses cover three floors and feature a couple of double beds, a king-sized bed, access to a private elevator, living rooms with double-height ceilings and eighteen-foot windows. They also have terraces with furnishings and second living rooms with functional fireplaces.

11 It Used To Be The Historic Villard Mansion


The Villard Houses are located at four hundred and fifty-five Madison Avenue. They were found between 51st Street and 50th Street, within Manhattan. The Villard Mansion was built during 1884, according to Wikipedia.com, and its design was created by an architect named Joseph M. Wells, who was employed by McKim, Mead, and White.

The mansion is believed to have Roman style with some Renaissance design elements. The Villard houses were constructed for Henry Villard, who used to be the president of a big railway (the Northern Pacific). He asked notable artists, including Maitland Armstrong and John LaFarge, to help with decoration of the interiors.

10 There Is a Special Lobby For the Tower Area


The "hotel within a hotel", The Towers, is an important and ritzy part of The Palace. The lobby is as elegant as you would expect, and, according to the Blog.virtuoso.com website, it's only one of the many reasons to love the Lotte New York Palace Hotel. This hotel oozes decadence and many in-the-know travelers who stay at The Palace love starting their days in the Gold Room, where they enjoy breakfast, from avocado toast to fruit plates, while they drink in the beauty of the hotel's gilded wainscoting, walls, and ceilings.

9 There Are Six Onsite Bars And Eateries


The Palace is a fabulous place to hang out and it's probably smart to wear your most impressive clothes while you people-watch on the premises.

According to the Lottenypalace.com website, this hotel has an array of onsite eateries and bars, including the Courtyard, where it's possible to enjoy a glass of rosé wine while you also enjoy a great view. The courtyard bar also offers tempting nibbles, such as artisanal cheeses. If you want delicious baked goods, consider a visit to the hotel's onsite bakery, Pommes Palais.

8 The Metropolitan Suite Is a "Living Art Gallery"


This Suite is one of the best in the hotel and it's known for its amazing collection of art. It's basically an art gallery that you may live in for a while. If you want to stay in the expensive Metro Suite, which is situated forty-three stories over NYC, you'll need some serious cash.

If you can afford it, you'll love this suite. According to the official Palace Hotel website, it's an "urban oasis" which features polished wooden floors, an array of windows and custom furniture. The suite has a couple of bedrooms and a nice library, as well as a dining room/living room for guests.

7 The Jewel Suite by Martin Katz is Art Deco In Style


According to Businessinsider.com, The Jewel Suite by Marvin Katz is really something else! This suite has the ultimate in amenities and it's found in the revamped Towers part of the Palace Hotel. It measures five thousand square feet and its design is the work of famous jeweler, Martin Katz.

You'll need to spend at least twenty-five thousand bucks a night to stay at the suite. If you book it, you'll gain access to private car service (with a fancy Maybach), free champagne and lots of other enticing perks.

6 A Free Diamond Ring Is Given To Each Jewel Suite Guest


When you're paying twenty-five grand per night for a hotel suite, you're going to reap the rewards, in terms of service, comfort, and beauty. If you're willing to spend 25k per night to stay at the Jewel Suite, you'll get all of the perks that we already mentioned, plus your very own diamond ring from Martin Katz.

According to a Business insider.com article, you may discuss sizing with the designer himself. He'll make sure that your new Microband ring, which is adorned with diamonds, fits your finger perfectly. The free ring is valued at twenty-five hundred dollars.

5 The Champagne Suite Comes With Delicious Perks


According to CNNtraveler.com, this particular suite is one of the fanciest places to stay in all of Manhattan. It's beyond extravagant and it was inspired by the flavor of the world's best champagnes. The suite covers 3 floors and has gorgeous decor. As well, the suite offers a stunning view of nearby St. Patrick's Cathedral. If you're lucky enough to stay in the suite, you'll be able to enjoy a beautiful mural by painters, Alex and Marine, as well as a striking chandelier adorned with crystals.

4 It's Close to Great Shopping and Attractions


According to Tripadvisor.com, there are lots of great things to see and do near this iconic hotel. To explore the city without straying too far from the hotel, spend time at Rockefeller Center or enjoy a bit of retail therapy at Saks Fifth Avenue. Radio City Music Hall is also close by and St. Patrick's Cathedral is right across the street from the Lotte New York Palace Hotel. If you want to enjoy everything that Manhattan has to offer, you'll love the convenient location of this superb hotel.

3 The Mayor of NYC Attended the Hotel Opening


According to Forbes.com, Michael Bloomberg attended the re-opening of the revamped New York Palace in 2013. He wasn't known for attending a lot of events of this type, but he did make a point of showing up for the grand re-opening of the Palace Hotel. His presence made it clear that this event was a big deal and something to pay close attention to. The revamping in 2013 cost about one hundred and forty million dollars. In the past, the courtyard of the hotel was the entryway to Villard Mansion. Now, it's the entryway to one of the world's premier hotels.

2 There Is An Onsite Spa


According to the Lottenypalace.com website, spending time at the hotel's onsite spa is something that everyone should do, because it's the ultimate escape from the busy chaos of the city. When you visit the spa, you'll be able to enjoy a wide assortment of wellness and spa services. In fact, the spa is considered to be one of the best in the city, since it has personal trainers and qualified massage therapists on hand. If you're already at a fancy hotel, you may as well go for it and enjoy pricey spa services.

1 This Hotel Is Suitable for Royalty


After reading this list, you probably have a pretty clear sense that this hotel is absolutely spectacular. It's a hotel that is suitable for royalty and the official Lotte New York Palace website reports that it is a favorite haunt of monarchs! Also, Serena van der Woodsen lived at the hotel during Gossip Girl. Now that you know more about The Palace, why not book a room, or stay somewhere cheaper in New York, but take a stroll through the hotel while you're there?

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