25 Exciting European Cities That College Students Need To Travel To (Before Adulthood)

College is an exciting time in a person’s life. It’s often when kids fly the nest. The hope is that students study, get a good degree, then venture out into the world of work fully prepared and able to stand on their own two feet. But the period in college is also about new experiences. It can be a wild and fun-filled time. Many see it as an opportunity to soak in as many new experiences as possible. Because after college, there’s the world of work. Who knows what you’ll have time for from then on. Nothing can lead to new experiences quite like travelling. Europe is a favorite destination for those wishing to expand their cultural horizons.

Whether they're going as a group, planning on traveling as a couple, or going solo to experience the European delights of some world-famous cities, students will find plenty to love about these 25 places. Their explorations will engross then. The seamless blend and cultural impact of different civilizations will astound them. It’ll be a trip that sticks in their minds forever. But which cities to visit? There are many great European cities to choose from. However, it’s recommended that every student keeps these cities on their radar. These are the 25 best European cities for college students to travel to.

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Whether you’re a sports lover and fancy stepping on the hallowed turf of the Nou Camp or immersing yourself in the cultural heritage of Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar, a Catalan gothic church, you’ll have no shortage of things to do in Barcelona. It’s full of world-famous attractions. One of the most famous streets, not just in Spain, but in Europe, is Las Ramblas. It’s the city’s central boulevard – essentially the main vein running through the heart of the city.


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The capital of Portugal has pretty much all you could want from a student travel destination in Europe. It’s a city that’s steeped in architectural wonders, history, and you’ll be able to marvel at the artwork at the National Azulejo Museum. But the main drawcard for students has got to be the weather and the fact that Lisbon is a coastal city. Surrounding Lisbon there’re a string of Atlantic beaches. The hilly terrain of Lisbon provides plenty of vantage points to soak in stunning views.


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Need I say why Paris should be penciled into your itinerary? Most people, when thinking about European destinations to visit, think of Paris. Sure, as a student, it could prove to be a bit pricy. But Paris is a small city and is well worth a fleeting visit. For romantics, it’s ideal. Fashionistas will have a field day. Bohemians will feel right at home. And history buffs will have plenty to sink their teeth into. Paris is unlike any other European city. You’ve got to experience it to believe it.


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Cultures collide and seamlessly melt into one in Istanbul. It’s the most populous city in Turkey. It serves as the bridge between Europe and the east. It straddles Asia, and there are plenty of influences from both continents. For students there are bazaars, galleries and bathhouses. The food is unlike anything you’ll find in elsewhere in Europe. There is also a fun nightlife. Istanbul is deemed to be a hipster’s paradise. It’s deemed to be one of the most exciting cities in Europe.


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It truly is amazing how much historical significance the British capital and the activities within it over the years have had on worldwide events. A large part of this has been down to the royal family. See their palaces and residences in London. There are a ton of other sites too, such as Big Ben, The Palaces of Westminster, the London Eye, various sporting arenas and other stadiums. London is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Even after the changes that are bound to occur as a result of Brexit, London will still be able to hold its own as a global powerhouse.


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The Dutch city of Amsterdam is famous for a whole host of reasons. If you’re a student, you probably know why. Its relaxed vibe causes millions to flock to Amsterdam every year. For students up for a good time, Amsterdam is perfect. But it’s also got plenty of other things to offer. It’s steeped in artistic heritage, is famous for its canal system, and generally its culture and hedonism – something that’s bound to be attractive to students.


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Iceland is a country that’s full of natural beauty. If you fancy getting away from the stresses and strains of student life, marveling at the wonders this quirky northerly capital has to offer will astound and rejuvenate. Reykjavik is a city for all seasons. Visit in the winter, and you’ll be able to soak in a view of a lifetime as you gaze at the northern lights. In the summer, there are around 22 hours of sunlight. Reykjavik is also known for its nightlife. So, you can literally let your hair down and party all day.


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Belgrade is considered to be the most up and coming city in Europe. There’s something for everyone, but for students, it’s a city that’s not to be missed. Belgrade is known for its nightlife, its vibrant partying atmosphere. There are contemporary hip eateries, two famous rivers, it boasts the world’s largest Orthodox church, and is home to a pretty cool fortress. You’ll also get plenty for your cash, because Serbia’s currency isn’t the Euro, it’s the Dinar. Your dollar will go pretty far.


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Helsinki may not seem like a typical student destination. But the capital of Finland, which has been rated as one of the world’s most livable cities, is well worth a visit, if only just to see why! Its infrastructure is great, it is very safe, the streets are clean, and the majority of its diverse population are friendly and welcoming. You’ll feel at home in Helsinki as you stroll around the vibrant seaside city, soaking in the outstanding natural beauty of the islands, such as the fortress island, which is accessible by ferry.


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Chances are you know a thing or two about the Polish city of Krakow. It’s steeped in cultural and political history. It makes Krakow a fascinating city to visit. What attracts students to Krakow is mainly the historical element. Places such as Wawel Castle and the square of Rynek Glowny are must visits. It’s easy to get to such sights because transport is great. The city has a dense tram and bus route network, so everything is quickly and easily accessible.


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Amsterdam is the cool place in The Netherlands that people tend to visit. It’s their primary destination in the country. But don’t overlook Rotterdam. You’re going to visit Amsterdam already. It’s well worth visiting Rotterdam too. It’s a port city and one that’s known for its beauty. It’s ever-changing skyline above the waterways and chic eateries and museums are a sight to behold. As a student, it’ll provide you with a place to get away from it all. But there’s also vibrant nightlife. You get the best of both worlds.


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The Irish are rated as being among the friendliest in the world. They’ll welcome you to their nation with open arms. And they’re also known for being able to put on a good time. That’s what you’ll experience when you visit Dublin. In addition to the pubs and restaurants, Dublin is a city that’s steeped in history. You can get a hearty dose of culture, walk the cobblestoned streets on your way to attractions like the Old Library and the Christ Church Cathedral.


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It’s tricky not to fall head over heels for the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. The views and natural beauty of the place are breathtaking. There’s a reason people who visit call it God’s own country. The Baroque buildings, views around the Adriatic Sea and the ancient architecture will give you plenty to keep you occupied, or a reason to just sit back, relax, take a break from your travels and soak everything in. Natives enjoy a laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle; it could be just what you need to get away from hectic student life.


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People who visit Fira think they’ve gone to another world. What you’ll experience in Fira is something that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else on the planet. You could relax in Dubrovnik. But when you’re backpacking through Europe, you need multiple places to chill. You’ll chill to the max in this Greek city. Its gorgeous scenery, crystal-clear sapphire waters, black sand beaches and views that’ll have you speechless are why Fira should be on your itinerary for the rest and relaxation part of your trip.


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Vienna is the capital of Austria. The city lies in a picturesque setting on the banks of the Danube River. The city has an artistic, cultural and intellectual legacy. This has been shaped by some big names, such as the likes of Mozart and Beethoven. You can check out many of these artistic and musical masterpieces. The opulent interiors of the Schönbrunn Palace will leave you spellbound. There are plenty of other 18th century and medieval palaces too. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.


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Bratislava in Slovakia might get a bad rap because of movies like Hostel. Then again, that might be what attracts you to the city. Bratislava is situated on the border with Austria and Hungry. It also lies on the Danube River. Bratislava is an intriguing place. It’ll get you thinking. Perhaps it’ll spark inspiration. The city’s surrounded by vineyards, forests and mountains. It has an 18th century, pedestrian-only town. This area’s more modern, with a lively nightlife and many eateries.


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Berlin is the German capital. It’s a vibrant, thriving, bustling modern metropolis. It’s what people expect from a 21st century European city. But it still bears plenty of wounds from its past. These are evident, a stark reminder of German history. There are memorials and the remains of the Berlin Wall. But the cultural wonderland also has the liveliest nightlife scene in Europe. Whether you want to let your hair down or immerse yourself in the historical neighborhoods, Berlin has plenty to offer.


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Brussels is Belgium’s fascinating capital. It’s renowned for many things. It’s in the news a lot as the de facto capital of the European Union. The political powerhouses of Europe regularly congregate in Brussels. They might not be able to enjoy everything else Brussels has to offer. You certainly can. It’s a multicultural society with influences from all over the world. It has a cozy, friendly, welcoming culture. It has some amazing food – Belgium chocolates! – and a load of historical sites and awe-inspiring architecture.


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As a student visiting European cities, you think of the big names: London, Barcelona, Paris, etc. They’re big cities in some world-renowned travel destinations. Latvia isn’t really a major tourist destination. But it should be, especially for students. Riga in particular is a must-visit. The Latvian city was named 2014 European Capital of Culture. It earned that tag for a reason. It’s a city steeped in history with a historic city center and plenty of architectural brilliance. There are also plenty of festivities for you to immerse yourself in.


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The Swedish capital lies on the Baltic Sea archipelago. There are 14 islands to visit, royal palaces, and plenty of building of historical and architectural significance along the cobblestone streets. Few other European cities can compete with the diversity Stockholm has to offer. That’s why it’s a favorite study place for students and academics. It’s also well worth a visit whilst on your travels. And you can travel in different ways too. Traveling between islands by shuttle boat offers you a unique way to soak in the sights.


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Budapest is the hip and happening place of Europe. It may not be spoken about as one of Europe’s top travel destinations for students, but it’s getting there. Due to its vibrant culture and nightlife, it’s deemed to be the place to go for young travelers looking for a good time. Stop over at Budapest and you can immerse yourself in the nightlife, but also seek some cultural enrichment as you go about feasting your eyes on the historical buildings and the gorgeous architecture.


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Compared to other places in Europe, Oslo, the capital of Norway, is pretty expensive. But as a student, if you want to take in the sights and set eyes on some memorable locations, Oslo is well worth a visit. It is possible to see Oslo on a budget. The city offers you the chance to set your eyes upon some of the world’s greatest natural wonders. The views across the forested hills and the lakes will make you go all warm and fuzzy inside.


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The Italian city of Venice is a popular travel destination for a reason. It’s completely unique, unlike anything you’d have seen before. There are no roads – the entire city relies on its canal system. The only way to travel is on gondolas. Take a ride and marvel at the Renaissance and Gothic palaces built on lagoons. The Piazza San Marco – the basilica-dominated piazza – is another local landmark. This city is perfect to explore with a special someone. If you’ve brought your partner along, round off your travels in Venice. You won’t find a more romantic setting.


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Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. If you want to experience the hip, cool Scandi lifestyle, Copenhagen is the place to visit. It lies on the coast in a picturesque setting. Danes are known for being relaxed, and enjoying everything life has to offer. You’ll experience why, and how they’re able to do that in Copenhagen. You can cycle between the historic city center and the palaces, dive in the waterways, and then experience Nordic cuisine at its best with a bite in one of the many outstanding eateries.


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Switzerland is known as being pretty pricey. It might stretch your student travel budget. But it’s an experience you definitely want to have. See Switzerland in all of its glory by visiting its capital, Bern. The city was constructed around the Aare River. There’s medieval architecture, palaces, and the Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bern has retained its historical features with a blend of modern city amenities. Bear Park is also a must-visit. If shopping is your thing, Bern has plenty of shopping promenades – some of the longest in Europe.

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