25 Cruises All Globetrotters Need To Take This Year (And Why)

For those who've never been on a cruise, they don't know what they're missing. If they're afraid of the water because they're worried they'll be seasick, they need to overcome their fear and give in to the wish of spending a few days out at sea.

For those who have been on a cruise, chances are they loved their first experience, and every other experience after it. Most of the people who never get an opportunity to go on a cruise a second or third time have their busy schedules to blame since everyone who's ever been on a cruise always looks forward to more experiences.

The exciting thing about going on different cruises is that although the guests will be on a ship in the water most of the time, the amazing sights along the different routes will always take their breath away. For those who love going to different parts of the world to experience different cultures and visiting the amazing sights that most people just hear about, we dare them to go on these amazing cruises this year.

Here are 25 cruises all globetrotters should take this year since they're all so amazing there's no point in not going on all of them. However, guests will really need to save up because not all of them are cheap, but even the prices on the tickets are not high enough to cover the amazing adventures and relaxation they will experience.

25 The Caribbean Cruise on MSC Seaside

Via: cruisecritic.com

The MSC Cruise ships owned by an Italian Swiss company are ideal for cruisers from Europe. However, the MSC Seaside vessel, which operates from Miami to the Caribbean all year long, can travel either to Jamaica, Mexico, and the Cayman Islands, or to Puerto Rico, St Maarten, and the Bahamas. These are all ideal holiday destinations.

Most cruisers opt to travel both ways for a total of 14 days. The fortnight excursion normally cost between $1,000 and $3,000 depending on the season. The cruise is appropriate for families with entertainment options including concerts, shore excursions, and an aqua park to keep children busy.

24 The Azamara Club Cruise on the Azamara Quest

Via: mundycruising.co.uk

The Azamara Quest has set up its sails ready to hit the Mediterranean once more. The 690-passenger ship is small and can access ports other big ships are not able to. The Azamara Queen is known to camp nights on different shores like Athens, Dubai, Singapore, Fremantle, and Sydney.

This ship offers 7 to 18-day cruises starting from $2,500 mostly for adults and some of the trips features include land excursions, health and fitness programs, cuisines, and complimentary drinks from around the world.

23 The Regent Seven Seas Cruise on Seven Seas Navigator

Via: iglucruise.com

The Regent Seven Seas Cruise fares are always all-inclusive. Their package deals include accommodation, meals, drinks, a wide variety of excursions, pre- and post-tour hotel bookings, and gratuities.

The cruise’s company shortest trip is 11 days long and it costs approximately $6,000 while their world cruise lasts for about 141 days. Seven Seas Navigator travels all around the world. Some of its port destinations include UK, Arctic Norway, Russia, Iceland, Maritime Provinces, Manhattan, and Sydney. Its passengers are mostly affluent 40-somethings.

22 The Oceania Global Exploration on the Ocean Insignia

Via: projects.propublica.org

The $75,000 Ocean Global Exploration is a six-month trip around the world aboard the Ocean Insignia. Stopovers after departure from either New York or Miami in the United States include ports in Brazil, in African countries such as in Namibia, South Africa, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Kenya, in India, China, Japan, Australia, and in New Zealand.

The ship then heads back to the US on the South Pacific via California, Hawaii, Latin America and the Caribbean islands. With a country club set up, Ocean Insignia’s features include personalized services, five-star cuisines, a library, telescopes, and so much more.

21 The Cunard Cruise on the Queen Elizabeth

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Cunard Line of Queens Ships are owned by a British American company based in the Southampton and mainly ply the trans-Atlantic routes. Queen Elizabeth always makes an annual trip around the world and this year is no different.

The ship is supposed to visit 25 countries and make 39 port stops. Cruisers can board the ship at the Southampton in the UK or at a cheaper price in New York or San Francisco. Its full 122-night voyage can cost up to $61,998 per person.

20 The Silversea Cruise on the Silver Whisper

Via: silversea.com

The Silver Whisper travels around the world but also offers options for short trips starting from 6 days up to 18 days. Depending on the season, one can spend as low as $6,300 for a six-day trip. Their all-inclusive packages include personalized butler services, hosted adventures led by scientists and travel guides, gourmet food, and fitness programs.

One of the highlights of their 2018 trip is a tour of the ancient archaeological site Ephesus in Kusadasi, Turkey. The guests will also enjoy a two-night stay in Manaus, Brazil.

19 Crystal Cruises on the Crystal Serenity

Via: cruisemapper.com

The Crystal serenity offers 7 to 16-night cruises around the Mediterranean. The ship makes stops at Norway, UK, the Baltic Sea and then heads back to the Mediterranean. Its fares are all-inclusive, especially for drinks and gratuities.

Some of the amenities on board include a library, learning institute that offer foreign languages and computer classes, piano music, a sushi bar and free wireless internet. Ships fares start from $7,300 for a 7-night trip and go as high as $17,180 for a 16-night package.

18 The Fred Olsen on the Black Watch

Via: cruisetrend.com

This year the Fred Olsen’s Black Watch is offering two global cruises that include on-shore excursions to some of the Seven Wonders of the World including the Pharos Lighthouse in Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, and the Colosseum in Rome.

Onboard the ship you will find a practice golf course, a cinema, tennis court, a spa, and sauna. The world tour fares start at $15,100 per person. You can also go for one of their cheaper trips, a 43-night option from the ship’s departure point in Southampton or a 63-night trip on the ship’s return trip.

17 The Holland America Cruise on the MS Amsterdam

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MS Amsterdam also offers around the world trips that last for 113 days. The ship usually makes a number of stops in South America before heading out to the Pacific Ocean. Other stops include Peru, Chile, Bora Bora, Auckland, Wellington, and Sydney.

It then passes through the Southeast Asian Isles, Suez Canal and then cruises to Northern Ireland and back to Florida. The ship hosts parties for single people on board as well as single themed cocktail parties and game nights. During dinner, the singles sit together so that they can interact and possibly change their status.

16 P&O Cruises on the Arcadia

Via: cruiseindustrynews.com

For only $23,699, P&O cruises offer a 99-night world cruise from the UK and back aboard their Arcadia ship. Arcadia normally circumnavigates to the west down to the Atlantic Ocean then passes through the Panama Canal to join the Pacific Ocean before returning to the Southampton.

It also offers shorter cruises to other countries in Europe that include Italy, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. A two-night trip to Belgium cost around $750 while a three-night trip to France costs $860. There's no reason anyone should have for never going on any of these cruises.

15 Seabourn Odyssey Cruises

Via: nodestinations.com

This 450-passenger cruise ship is able to travel to smaller ports especially in the Caribbean, which makes it a favorite amongst cruisers who love to travel around that area. The cruise line doesn’t exactly offer round the world trips but they normally let guests stay aboard their ships for as long as 152 nights without stopping over at the same port twice.

A seven-night cruise can cost as low as $5,500. Their fares are all inclusive of meals, drinks, and gratuities.

14 Viking Ocean Cruises on the Viking Sea

Via: cruisemiss.com

The Viking Sea is ideal for tours to historic sites around South America and the Caribbean. The trip is appropriate for cruisers who like exploring different cultures. The itinerary includes cultural onboard sessions and interesting excursion for its guests at every port stop.

Most of the trips are 14 nights long and ship fares go for around $10,000. The trips normally begin at Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. Stop over include Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, Cartagena, and Santa Marta in Colombia and the Caribbean Port of Willemstad on Curacao.

13 Antarctica Cruise on the National Geographic Explorer

Via: en.wikipedia.org

There is a lot to see and explore in Antarctica. The National Geographic Explorer is made for such trips, as it is able to slip easily through icy waters. The ship is equipped with ice radars and scanning sonars that can help identify obstacles in the near distance.

The 148-guest ship also has underwater video equipment and photographic gear for exploring the cold waters. Cruisers are also treated to a sight of polar bears and penguins. A 14-day trip to these ice lands normally costs $14,170.

12 The Chobe River Cruise on the Zambezi Queen

Via: jacadatravel.com

If you're up for an African adventure then you need to book your place on the Zambezi Queen. This 28-passenger ship is made for traveling on the Chobe River that borders Botswana and Namibia. Zambezi Queen is designed in such a way that it allows its guests an open view of the river and surrounding landscape.

Some of the highlights of the trip include a safari into the Chobe National that is packed with Wildlife and a two-night visit to the Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

11 Nour El Nil Meroe

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River Nile is the longest river in the world, with its drainage basins in eleven countries in North and East Africa. Meroe, which is the largest of the Nour El Nil’s passenger boats, offers a magical and luxurious way of exploring the Nile.

The interior of the boat is downed with a mixture of Egyptian and Persian designs. There is a lot planned for the guests who choose to travel on Meroe including desert excursions and visits to ancient temples and towns. Passengers can also sunbathe on the boat’s deck. They are also allowed to swim in the river. Costs for the cruise begin at $2000.

10 The Disney Cruise

via: dclnews.com

If you're looking for a fun-filled holiday getaway for you and your young ones, we recommend you book a trip to one of the four Disney ships. The ships offer separate restaurants, pools, and lounges for kids and adults.

Their itineraries feature Disney characters meet and greet, live shows, and movies. Shore excursions include a visit to Disney’s private islands in the Bahamas, monkey encounters in Barbados, and white water rafting in Iceland. Trips can last anywhere between 2 to 15 days. Major destinations include Alaska, Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean.

9 The Panama Canal Cruise on the Un-Cruise

Via: hitzombie.com

The Panama Canal is a manmade waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The canal was built to shorten the distance and time it took ships to travel between the two oceans. Ships had to go all the way round to the furthest point in South America to get to either side.

The 40-mile route that takes ships approximately 11 hours to cross is a must see. Un-cruise offers an adventurous exploration of the canal as well as the neighboring Caribbean and Pacific areas. The trip also offers additional activities like kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding for its guests.

8 The French Polynesia Cruise on the Paul Gauguin

via: youtube.com

The Paul Gauguin is the only vessel that offers single focused destination to the French picturesque Polynesian lagoons located in the Pacific Ocean on a yearly basis. The cruise ship has been custom made with a shallow draft to enable it to navigate the shallow waters of the lagoon.

Special features of the trip include entertainment from local singers and dancers, signature spa treatments that use special oils like the monoi oils, fitness programs, private beach retreats, and various water sports like scuba diving and windsurfing.

7 The Grand Prix on the Star Pride

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If you are a fan of Formula 1 and are looking for even more ways to enrich your experience of the races then there's a seat for you on the Star Pride Cruise ship. The Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 cruise offers the ultimate combination of travel and entertainment.

The seven-day cruise organizes cocktail parties, lunch, dinner, expert hosting and reserved section K seats for its guests at the final races. Guests also go on cruises in other exotic areas like St. Tropez, Sanary-Sur-Mer, and Le Lavandou.

6 The Wildlife Worldwide on the Spirit of Enderby

Via: wildlifeworldwide.com

The Wildlife Worldwide is a 13-night cruise on the Spirit of Enderby to the remote Kamchatka peninsula in East Russia. The peninsula, which is a piece of land surrounded by water, is barely accessible by road and is thus home to rare wildlife like bears, beluga whales, orca whales, sea lions and other marine mammals.

The $8,100 trip also offers other adventures like shore excursions and bird watching. For a little bit more money, you can head further to the Wrangel Island, a nature reserve in the Arctic.

5 The North Pole Cruise on the Icebreaker

Via: recommend.com

The North Caledonia cruise Ship Company offers a 13-night trip once a year from Murmansk in Russia to the North Pole. Their 128-passenger 50 years of victory ship nicknamed the icebreaker is nuclear powered.

Probably one of the highlights of the trip cruises can boast about is a having had the chance to stand at the top of the world at 90 degrees North. Other adventures include inflatables and helicopter rides from the ship to see wildlife like walruses and polar bears. Such cruises are expensive and this one in particular costs close to $29,000.

4 The World Cruise on the Sea Princess

Via: news.com.au

Another round the world trip you should take is aboard the Sea Princess cruise ship stationed at Sydney, Australia. The ship has a different route compared to other ships sailing the world. From Sydney, it travels to Indonesia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka before heading to the Middle East.

Sea Princess will then sail to the Mediterranean and unusual spots like Greenland, Quebec City, and Easter Island then go down to the East Coast and finally join the Pacific before stopping again at Sydney. The trip normally costs $23,000 only and takes about 106 nights.

3 The Carnival Cruises

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If you're shopping for a budget-friendly cruise that offers a super fun getaway without necessarily breaking your bank account, look no further than the Carnival cruise line. The cheapest trip offered costs $80 for one night. This can still go downwards during special promotions.

This cruise ship company also offers other short itineraries three to eight nights long to popular destinations like the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Mexico. The trip is kept simple and fun to avoid extra charges.

2 The Norwegian Cruises

Via: tripsavvy.com

Norwegian cruises are known to go overboard with entertainment. They offer entertainment in all forms. They have Broadway musicals, comedy and improv shows, dance shows and live piano music and bands playing. As if that is not enough the crew also organizes for guest performances.

Cruisers also have the option of watching a show while having dinner and guest can continue partying throughout the night in the various bars and discos provided. Cruise ship guest can also occupy their time by bowling or by playing with Wiis.

1 The Cruise III For Star Trek Fans

via: forward.com

Star Trek fans can enjoy one-on-one interactive sessions with some of their favorite stars from the Star Trek movies. The ships destinations are not of much importance as the main aim of the trip is the onboard experience with the movie stars.

Last year, however, the cruise ship, which started in Miami for a six-night trip, ended up in Cape Horn. The charges for the trip range from $975 to $7,500 depending on the number of days spent onboard.

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