25 Castles That Are Affordable For Commoners To Stay In

When you see a castle in real life there is an air of awe that overcomes you. We've read so many stories of princesses in a castle and gallant knights saving the day. Castles are full of wonder and romance and fairy tales. But we all know that castles are for the important: kings, queens, princesses, royal knights. Outside the castle walls is where all of us commoners belong.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could actually spend a night in a castle? Just pretend for one night that you were, in fact, royalty that deserves to be high up in the ivory tower looking down on the kingdom around you and living a life of luxury? Well, you actually can. There are so many castles around the world that you can actually stay in for a night. Some of these castles have been renovated to include the modern luxuries that we have become accustomed to. And some give you a real authentic feel of staying in a castle (well, maybe "authentic" plus a real washroom).

You'll get to see the beautiful handiwork of the stone walls and be transported back in time (not literally, obviously) as you walk through the stone corridors and see all of the beautiful architecture around you. You can feel like a knight or a princess as you stay at one of these castles fit for royalty, but made accessible to a commoner such as yourself for a reasonable price. These castles are well worth the price, and the great part is that these won't put too big of a dent in that wallet of yours.

25 Kasteel Wurfeld — Maaseik, Belgium - $111 per night


Rooms at this beautiful castle will start around $111 per night, which is an incredible price for such a luxury stay. The stunning castle has both an updated half and a historic half. One half will give you a more authentic feel since it was part of the original structure, but the newer additions will still give you an idea of what it feels like to stay in a castle. Either way, it will be a night to remember.

24 Castello di Pavone — Torino, Italy - $150 per night


This gorgeous Italian castle will send you straight back in time with the historic decor and settings in the dining areas and common areas. Even the rooms themselves, which will start at the very reasonable price of $150 per night, give you stunning medieval architecture and an idea of what life back then was like. The insides are so much of an adventure you may not even want to leave to do the traditional touristy things when you stay here.

23  The Castle of Varennes - Bourgogne, France - $214 per night


This beautiful 11th-century castle has all the typical romantic fairytale castle charm. It has a drawbridge and 4 towers. The grounds are absolutely stunning with a park, gardens, ponds, fountains, and pools. Oh, and there are two very friendly hound dogs and castle donkeys to help make your stay even more memorable. A night at this beautiful and historic castle starts around $214 a night and you can even have a seriously sumptuous breakfast served at your door at whatever time you desire. If that doesn't show serious royal-treatment, then I don't know what does.

22 Caher Castle - Craughwell, Ireland - $239 per night


The owner of this castle has had it for over 20 years and enjoys giving people the authentic experience of staying in a castle. But by authentic, he wants you to know that this means that dust and cobwebs are most likely part of the package deal. But don't let that deter you! The castle was built in the 1400s and is absolutely stunning with limestone and oak beams, and absolute gorgeous architectural structures. The hosts of this place are dedicated to making your stay as comfortable as possible. The rooms here cost around $239 per night.

21 Hever Castle Luxury Bed & Breakfast - Edenbridge UK - $219 per night


To stay at this stunning castle that has been turned into a bed and breakfast starts at $219 per night. This castle is absolutely steeped in history. It was the childhood home for the second wife of King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn. It was built in 1270. In 1903 it was updated to have absolutely gorgeous gardens that can be enjoyed by the guests staying at this historic castle. This castle will give you an authentic feel of what it was like to be part of royalty in Europe and live in such a beautiful building.

20 Warwick Castle - Warwickshire, UK - $312 per night


The experience that you get at Warwick Castle is well worth the reasonable $312 a night. The castle has idyllic views as it sits on the river bend of the River Avon. The experience is fun for the whole family. There is a castle dungeon that you can walk through. There are displays that show true authentic medieval experiences. There are also shows that will help your family learn through entertainment! The Warwick Castle also has the Knights Village where your family can experience luxury camping in the castle grounds as if they were a castle Knight!

19 Fairmont Banff Springs - Banff National Park, Canada - $405 per night


While this is on the pricier side of affordable castle stays, starting at $405 a night, the experience is seriously well worth it. This award-winning castle hotel was built in 1888 and has had many incredible celebrities stay there such as Marilyn Monroe and Fred Astaire. It is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, is located in the renowned Banff National Park, and is fully loaded with more amenities than you could possibly want. This castle truly gives you the experience of living like royalty.

18 Roch Castle - Pembrokeshire, Wales - $225 per night


This absolutely stunning castle starts at $225 per night, but that includes both the stay and breakfast. This gorgeous place was built originally in 1195. It was built onto a rocky hillside and some of that beautiful rock is actually exposed on the inside of the castle. It was a royalist stronghold in the Civil War, and then was abandoned shortly after, but was rebuilt again in 1900. It has stunning views over St Brides Bay and the breathtaking Preseli Hills. The castle has six luxury bedrooms, which means that you are going to get the ultimate experience here.

17 Bath Lodge Castle - Somerset, UK - $139 per night


Rooms in this beautiful castle will set you back around $139 per night, which is making me want to plan a trip right this moment. While this is a smaller sized castle, you'll still get maximum castle experience. It was created to model the Farleigh Castle and the Farleigh Manor. The castle has towers, battlements, and portcullis and really sends you back in time just looking at it. Each room in this hotel castle has its own style and feel and of course comes with an en-suite. One of the rooms even has doors that open out to the battlement, which is quite spectacular.

16 Castle Colmberg - Colmberg, Germany - $278 per night


This castle's location made it a powerful place in medieval battles. The cost per night lands right around the $278 mark, which makes this place a wonderful choice for anyone who loves history or the romance of the medieval era. Within the castle today sits an absolutely stunning ancient chapel that has so many touches of the past that you cannot help but feel completely connect from past through to present when you see it. If you ever get the chance to go, I would highly recommend it.

15 Castle Auf Schönburg - Middle Rhine Valley, Germany - $339 per night


A night in this castle is going to cost you around the reasonable price of $339, which is a steal when you actually look inside. This castle is on the peak of a hill and overlooks absolutely stunning sights. If you go, try to get the tower room, which has a balcony that overlooks the Rhine and has the kind of sights that will take your breath away. Everywhere you look the vineyards roam over the hills. There is an absolutely stunning library and a romantic restaurant that will serve you dinner by candlelight. I don't think there is anything more fairytale than that.

14 Dornroeschenschloss Sababurg - Hesse, Germany - $115 per night


This 650-year-old castle is quite the charmer. One night here will set you back around $115, which is an absolute steal. It's known as the Sleeping Beauty, as it was named after the story from The Brother's Grimm, and you will feel just like the slumbering princess when you stay here. Although so much of the castle will pull you back through time, the amenities are very modern, such as Jacuzzi baths. There are stunning gardens and the absolute most picturesque grounds that you'll want to explore when you stay here in your fairytale castle.

13 Star Castle Hotel - St Marys, Isles of Scilly - $320 per night


The castle was built to fight off the second Spanish Armada in 1593. In 1933 it was turned into a hotel and it will set you back only $320 to feel like a king in this idyllic place. This once-garrison has been completely outfitted to help you enjoy the old world charm while enjoying all of the amazing amenities of the modern age. The dungeon was turned into a bar and if you love food, you can enjoy one of the two award-winning restaurants. Oh, and you'll definitely want to stroll through the breathtaking gardens here.

12 Parador de Oropesa - Spain - $125 per night


The rumor around this castle is an interesting one. It is said that it was built by one of  Hercules' Soldiers. But whether or not the lore is based on fact, it is true that it is one of Spain's oldest castles. To stay in this beautiful piece of history is only going to cost you around 125 per night. The views of the surrounding mountains can be appreciated while you dip your feet into the sides of the pools. And you can take in the beautiful olive trees from the terrace.

11 Kincraig Castle Hotel - Invergordon, UK - $179 per night


This beautiful place only costs $179 a night to have the experience of staying here. The ornate ceilings and carefully chosen design within the rooms leave you feeling cozy and like you are taking part in history. The castle is steeped in Scottish History as it was once home to the famous Mackenzie clan. The beautiful building has been almost completely unchanged since it was first built in 1800 which has granted it to be listed as a building of architectural importance. Of course, just looking at it, you immediately think of its strong romantic character and the fact that it is also an award-winning hotel becomes a bonus.

10 Schlosshotel Munchhausen - Lower Saxony, Germany - $240 per night


This amazingly beautiful hotel will have you sleeping in luxury at the low price of $240 a night. While a castle hotel like this will catch the eye of any traveler, golfers should take special note because the golfing here is spectacular. You'll have insanely amazing views, incredibly delicious meals, all while staying in a place that looks like it is fit for a noble King and Queen. Interestingly, it sits very close to the town of Hameln, where it is said that the Pied Piper used to play and lure kids away from their homes.

9 Hotel Schloss Landsberg - Meiningen, Germany - $160 per night


The first thing that comes to mind when you see the inside of this castle is grandeur. This castle hotel features a tower, stained glass windows, and the kind of four poster beds that they reserve for royalty.  The surrounding areas having rolling hills and enchanting woods. You won't be able to refuse the call to wander and explore while you're here. Surround yourself with wonder and history as you explore this beautiful castle hotel and the lands around it.

8 Château d'Hassonville - Belgium - $169 per night


This stunning castle was once the hunting grounds for King Louis XIV. With the spectacular dense forest around it, it's no wonder that it was a haven for hunting. The rooms here bring the past to the now with thick drapery, roaring fireplaces, bronze busts, and floral patterned wallpaper. They are exactly the kind of rooms that will help you to enjoy the complimentary port. The rooms here are incredibly reasonable, starting at $169 a night. Lastly, if you stay here, you'll enjoy insanely delicious meals.

7 Lumley Castle Hotel - Durham, UK - $180 per night


The price to stay at this beautiful and historic castle is a very reasonable $180 per night, which will include access to the delicious Black Knight Restaurant. The castle has an interesting history, being named after Sir Ralph Lumley, who was a very well regarded soldier. He had turned the manor into a fortified castle, which can still be seen from remains today. He and his son were involved in the plot to try and overthrow Henry IV. The castle has remained with the Lumleys until it was turned into a magnificent hotel in 1976.

6 Stonefield Castle Hotel - Loch Fyne, Argyll - $117 per night


This elegantly stunning castle was created in 1837. It was home to the Campbell family. You'll feel absolutely surrounded with the feeling of yesteryear as you take in the intricate wood panelings, the ornate ceilings, and the roaring fires. The castle hotel has over 60 acres of woodlands surrounding it. There is a beautiful view of the sea that can be seen from the dining room where you can look out as you enjoy fresh local seafood. A wondrous stay here is only going to set you back around $117 per night.

5 Carberry Tower -  Edinburgh - $179 per night


One magnificent night in this beautiful castle is going to cost you around $179. This castle has been a special place to The Queen, who often stayed there with her sister Princess Margaret. What the two women loved most about their visits the Carberry Tower was the wonderful games that they could play on the extensive grounds. Knowing the large connection to Royalty, you're sure to have a stay fit for a king while you drink in the views and the architecture of this remarkable castle hotel.

4 Crossbasket Castle - Glasgow - $400 per night


While this might not be the cheapest on the list, hitting closer to the $400 range per visit, you will be absolutely blown away by your visit here, which makes the price absolutely worth it. The intricate details in the design of this castle are absolutely stunning. You'll feel swept away by the splendor and decor of the past, while getting to enjoy things like free Wi-Fi that come from the present. There is an amazing restaurant in the castle and the grounds are spectacular to view. This place has been rated very highly as a great place for couples.

3 Hazlewood Castle Hotel - Tadcaster, North Yorkshire - $139 per night


This insanely expansive and gorgeous castle was a family home for over 900 years. Just let that sink in for a moment. Can you imagine if your family home was a castle? I would have spent my entire childhood exploring and playing hide-and-seek. It was briefly a retreat for monks before being turned into a hotel. This stunner boasts over 77 acres of immaculate grounds and is only going to cost around $139 per night to stay here. The food and wine here in and of itself is a reason to come, but the decor will leave you speechless.

2 The Castle at Taunton - Taunton, Somerset - $340 per night


This 11th century castle is enriched in history. It's nestled in the heart of the West Country of England. This fortress has seen its share of terrible days throughout history and has withstood the test of time and battle. While steeped in history and decorated with the pieces from the past, this charming castle hotel has warm hospitality that will keep you coming back. There is also a wonderful restaurant inside and guests can enjoy free wi-fi. The stunning grounds will soothe your soul and help you relax and all of this will only cost around $340 per night.

1 Tregenna Castle Estate- St. Ives, Cornwall - $352 per night

This ivy-covered castle is going to cost around $352 per night and every penny will be worth it. While most castles tend to be nestled into hills or sitting atop mountains, this castle is only a 6-minute walk from the beach.

This castle has over 72 acres of gorgeous grounds that you'll want to wander. Rooms come beautifully decorated to help you feel like a king and some rooms even come with an amazing view of the sea. This castle features only the best of the most modern amenities, including flat-screen TVs in the rooms, hot tub, sauna, and a wellness facility. Plus your mornings will start off right with a delicious Irish breakfast served every morning.

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