25 Amish Towns In The U.S. Anyone Can Visit

Amish towns are very unique and it would be a very interesting place to visit because you will be witnessing a different way of life. The Amish people are a small community who live very differently to the modern world. For instance they wear different clothes from us, women wear dresses which are covered with a cape and apron and they wear their hair in a bun and they're not allowed to cut their hair. Men and boys wear dark-colored suits with straw-rimmed hats. They live a much simpler life by living off the land and they use buggies as a form of transport instead of cars.

There is a wide interest in this strange community, therefore Amish towns have become tourist hotspots and luckily, the public can visit some of the towns. The most popular are in Lancaster, Pennsylvania because they have the biggest communities. There are other states though where you can visit these towns, such as Ohio, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Missouri and Michigan. Need a vacation and want to go somewhere where you will learn something new? Amish towns should be on the list because you will also be stepping into a different time period before returning to the modern world.

25 Learn The Amish Way Of Life In Lancaster

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This town is the most well-known Amish town in Pennsylvania and many of the communities live outside the main town. The Lancaster communities should be the first Amish community to visit because you can actually experience their way of life by taking a tour of their homes and farmlands with The Amish Experience tour. You even get to engage with the Amish culture and people. After the tour you can dine on Pennsylvania Dutch home-style cooking. It sounds like an experience you don't want to miss.

24 Go On A Buggy Ride In Strasburg

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It's another town in Pennsylvania, but this tour is a little different to the Lancaster one in regard to transport. Since the Amish people don't drive cars and use buggies instead, this is very strange to us and we definitely would want to try it and luckily we can at Ed's Buggy Rides. You can take a three-mile tour through the historic Amish farmlands in an open or closed buggy. Through the back roads, you will witness the Amish working and playing on their farm.

23 Holmes County Is The Largest Amish Community

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Want a full Amish experience? Holmes County in Ohio should be a top choice because there's so much to do. The highlight will be eating a meal in an actual Amish home, which sounds exciting. You can also enjoy a hot air balloon ride or ride like the Amish on a buggy and you can even ride a bike on a trail where you can experience the Amish farmland. If you want something different, you can visit Age of Steam Roundhouse and learn about the trains from 1920 to 1940.

22 Take A Tour Back In Time

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Jamesport in Missouri is also a large Amish community and not only is it the oldest Old Order colony, but apparently, it's the only one that allows public tours in Missouri. The tour is only over two hours, but unlike the others, you will witness the strictest Amish community. They completely abide by the rules and they still live exactly like their ancestors did 100 years ago. On the tour, you will get to witness an Amish home and even get a demonstration by an Amish family of their heating, lighting, and cooling tools.

21 Experience An Amish Flea Market

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Shipshewana is an Amish town and it's another destination where you can do a lot such as explore the Shipshewana flea market where you can find many bargains. Fun activities for the family include taking an Amish farm tour with a tour guide and in the fall, you can enjoy the Shipshewana Corn Maze. The funnest thing to do in the Amish town is experience the sounds and sights of a tornado inside the Tornado Theatre which sounds like a lot of fun.

20 Audio Heritage Trails In Indiana

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Now an audio tour sounds unique because you don't need a tour guide because it's all done via audio. In Elkhart County in Indiana, you can take a scenic drive in your car and listen to the free audio tour which gives information about fun facts which you can listen to while you explore area attractions and Amish life. Plus, you will be welcomed by the community. The audio will also give you a heritage trail map so you won't get lost. It's not available on Sundays, though.

19 A Bridge Tour In A Small Town

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Ephrata is a small community in Lancaster Pennsylvania and after it was founded in 1732, it became an agricultural community. Nowadays, you can visit the tiny town and enjoy local shops and boutiques for vintage buys. It also has the largest farmers market in the country so you can stock up on fresh food. The highlight will be the Amish Country Covered Bridge Tour as you can visit a number of historic bridges which the Amish use with their buggies.

18 Visit An Amish Home For The Day

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We all hear about how the Amish live and then we wonder how their homes and farms actually look like. Well all your questions will be answered at the Yoder's Amish home tour in Millersburg, Ohio. With the guided tour, you will experience each room in the house and learn about the history and lifestyle of the Amish people. You can even pet the barn animals in the very old barn which is 119 years old.

17 A Very Large Amish Community Settlement

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The largest and oldest Amish settlements in the state exists in St. Joseph County, Michigan, and it's known as the Centreville. About 1,500 Amish people live in the community and it was founded in 1910. The area is rural with a lot of wooded farms and Amish shops scattered among residents who aren't Amish. You can visit the town and look at the farms while driving along the roads and you can visit the businesses nearby where the Amish men work.

16 Tour An Amish Store That Is Only For Tourists

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Amish shops are popular because we can buy things that Amish people have made or farmed. They are open to everyone like at Augusta in Wisconsin in Eau Claire County. However, it's not as old as the other towns since it was settled in the late 1970s. There is a tour and the tour guide will actually drive with you in your vehicle. You will stop at places such as their homes, farms, and scratch-and-dent stores. There's even a store that's only open to customers who are on the tour.

15 Experience The Amish Farmer Life

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One of the biggest aspects of the Amish lifestyle is farming and it's so important because they live off their land which is why they grow their own food. In Millersburg, Ohio, you can do a tour called Amish Heartland tours. You can do a number of them, but if you specifically want to learn about their farming techniques, the 1.5-hour "organic" farm tour and buggy ride is a good option. You will be taken around the farm with a farmer and enjoy a buggy ride on the backroads.

14 Learn Amish Traditions

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There's so many tours which focus on the lifestyle of the Amish such as farming and how they live, but if you want to learn about their culture, such as religious practices and customs of courtship and marriage, you can do a guided tour in the Amish village in Cashton, Wisconsin. The tour can be up to two hours and you will also hear about their history and traditions. The tour guide will also share with you personal experiences they had among Amish friends and neighbors.

13 Amish Products You Can Buy

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Normally, when we travel, we want to take something home with us to remember the trip and there's nothing better than taking a piece of furniture that the Amish use in their homes such as oil lamps and wooden objects. In Dalton Ohio, in the Amish town there's a hardware store called Lehman's which sells old and new products. The store was opened specifically for the Amish people. There's also museum quality antiques that you can look at.

12 Eat Like the Amish

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If you want to experience everything about the Amish lifestyle, it also includes their eating habits. Since they have a different diet compared to ours, the food is unique and it should be on the list to try. In Wilmot, Ohio, there is a restaurant called Amish Door when you can eat in a large Amish home for the authentic Amish experience. If you don't want individual orders, you can enjoy a full family Amish-style meal. The restaurant also includes a bakery and inn.

11 Ride In A Horse-Drawn Wagon

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There are so many different tours that each Amish town offers in different states across America and thankfully, most Amish towns are open to the public. In Lanesboro, Minnesota, you can step back into time with a three-hour long trip with Bluffscape Amish tour. During the tour, you will stop at farms and Amish stores to stock up on some goodies. Depending on when you visit, you may even be able to go on a horse-carriage ride with an Amish husband or wife which sounds exciting.

10 A Tour All About The Business Side To The Amish Life

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All of the tours mainly consists of Amish homes and businesses, but the Old Crow Antiques And Amish Tours in Canton, Minnesota, offers more interactions. The tours last about two hours but you will experience about six Amish farms and businesses. The best times to go will be during the week as the Amish farmers or craftsmen will have more time with you. If you do a Saturday tour, mainly in the winter, the Amish children will be at home and interested in who you are.

9 See How The Old Order Amish Community Live


In a town called Randolph Pontotoc County in northeastern Mississippi, an Amish community settled there in 1995 after leaving Pennsylvania and Ohio. There is a tour you can do but it's limited because the settlement has an Old Order way of life, so they are very conservative. A tour guide will travel with you in your car and will take you wherever you would like. It lasts between two to three hours. You can even interact with the community and they are very friendly.

8 Stay On An Amish Farm

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In Indiana, in a town called Nappanee, you can stay in a historic farm and heritage resort called Amish Acres. You can stay in inn-like rooms and there are a number of packages you can enjoy during your stay. One of them is a tour called Amish Acres PastPort and it's a day trip. The tour includes a house and farm tour, farm wagon, and horse and buggy ride which are the main Amish activities tourists are allowed to take part in. They'll even show you three documentaries.

7 Visiting An Amish Town on your own

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It is possible to visit an Amish town without a tour but you just can't go inside the homes of course. In Adams county, Indiana you can spend a day visiting the various Amish stores. You can visit a shoe shop, deli and bakery and experience an old country way of living. The Amish community in Adams consist of about 96 households which is smaller than other states. While there, you will see Amish people in their buggies and homes going about their day without you being on an organized tour.

6 Have A Feast In An Amish Home

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Amish people actually sometimes open up their homes to the public and invite them over to eat. You can do a tour called ACM Tours in Arthur Illinois and you can do a farm tour and eat a lovely meal inside one of the Amish homes which will be quite an experience. Making quilts is a big part of the Amish lifestyle and you can look at all the quilts and even buy some at the store in town.

5 Closed-Top Buggies In Daviess County

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The Amish town in Indiana was founded in 1868 and has 26 church districts. The group is a mixture of Swiss and German heritage. In this county, the Amish community use closed-top buggies instead of open ones. You can do a guided tour and visit the local Amish farms and witness the horses and wagons. You can also shop for special Amish-made products to remember your trip by. You can also witness Amish product auction sales which are held every Friday night.

4 Visit An Amish School

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Take a tour with the Amish Experience at the Plain and fancy farm. It is located between the villages Bird-in-Hand Inn and Intercourse, Pennsylvania. There's a number of guided tours, but the interesting one is seeing an Amish classroom. The Fisher One-Room School is attached to the house and it consists of authentic furniture. Eight grades are taught in the one room. You will also tour a house and see how the Amish live without electricity. The family is fictional and not a real family, but it shows you how the Amish live.

3 Get The Real Deal 

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If you really want to live like the Amish people do for a day, then a tour with Simple Life Amish Tour Company in Western, Pennsylvania is the one to do. You will tour real businesses and farms off beaten paths of the Amish people in New Wilmington. The tour is personal and private and  you will meet the hostesses friends. You will be able to look at their personal items which are normally closed off to the public like their bibles. The Amish children will also teach you Pennsylvania Dutch.

2 Visit A Buggy Museum

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One of the most fascinating things about the Amish people is their transport system which you can enjoy in other states but if you want to learn about their history the best place to go to is Mifflinburg Buggy Museum in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania. You will learn about the buggy's history and who made them, William A. Heiss. You can tour the Heiss family home, reconstructed carriage house, and the original buggy factory. There's also an exhibit and hands on workbench.

1 Taking A Drive And Looking At Amish Farms From Afar

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If you don't feel like taking any tours, you can take a drive in Branch County Michigan. There are five Amish settlements who live there and you can see their farms from afar, but you can't go inside because you need a tour for that. Visit some of the stores in town which consist of an Amish bakery, metal store, and even a buggy shop. You may even meet some Amish people. It' could be fun and there won't be any huge crowds.

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