25 Affordable Palaces Where Tourists Can Live Out Their Fairytales

If you have ever dreamt about visiting incredible castles that have stood strong against the test of time in faraway lands, you will love this list because you can actually afford to stay in these beautiful buildings that were once home to royalty.

All over the world, there are historical sites with breathtaking architecture and brilliant pasts such as the famous Lough Inagh Lodge in Ireland. It isn't a palace but a manor on a lake dating back to 1880. Manors are larger than mansions but castles and palaces are larger than manors! While we're not knocking mansions or manors, you won't find any of them here! It's strictly castles on this list and if you find yourself lucky enough to stay in one, you will quickly be surprised at how lightly your wallet will be affected by booking a stay in one of these beauties. As far as we see it, the only downside to staying in one of these amazing twenty-five affordable castles is that you won't want to leave and you'll have a hard time enjoying your next vacation that doesn't involve a castle!

Take a meager chunk of change, book a flight and you can call one of these amazing castles (your temporary) home.

25 Tulloch Castle Hotel, Ross-shire, Scotland - 250 Years Of Fabulous!


This 12th-century castle used to be exclusive to head honchos, but now for around $108, you can feel in a royal way yourself! This lovely castle is just a forty-five-minute drive from the Inverness Airport and less than half an hour from Loch Ness. The castle is open to the public for viewing and besides fellow temporary residents, you may even run into the rumored resident ghost who reportedly roams the halls. This incredible Scottish castle features wood paneling that is 250 years old (talk about original!), huge iron gates and a family and pet cemetery. Your next Halloween plans await you in Scotland!

24 Óbidos Pousada, Óbidos, Portugal - An Ancient Rowboat Will Complete This Castle Fantasy!


Óbidos is the home to many tourist attractions but few can top this 12-century castle's amenities and accommodations. 17 incredible master bedrooms await your stay and you will feel like royalty no matter which room you are in because each room is named after a King or Queen! In your four-poster bed, you can gaze out the giant picture windows and view the many windmills and vineyards that dot the majestic landscape. You can even arrange to go boating in an original rowboat on the lake near this amazing castle, tour the grounds (if you have that much time!) or simply just soak up the experience.

23 Leeds Castle, United Kingdom - A Medieval Treat!


If the "wow factor" is what you seek, look no further than Leeds Castle which has been home to not just one but six queens! The most famous might be Henry VIII's first wife, Catherine of Aragon, who has called Leeds Castle home at one point. Just 40 miles outside of London, this glorious castle (half on land, half in the lake) features regal detail to furnishings in every room but if that isn't enough to provide you with the authentic experience you are seeking, just sign up for "Knight's Glamping" which will have you sleeping in a colorful striped medieval tent among the vineyards! You can book your experience of a lifetime for just $150.

22 Parador de Oropesa, Spain - Hercules Was Here?


This 14th-century castle, among them all, might just be the strongest yet! That is because according to the legend, the land that this magnificent building sits on is the site that was first settled by Hercules' soldiers in 1716 B.C. 48 rooms, each with vintage tilework, handpainted furniture as well as Peruvian folk art that was imported by Francisco de Toledo, Count of Oropesa, who was once a resident. Paddle your cares away in the large swimming pool with astonishing views of seemingly endless mountains, olive trees and of course, the historic castle that you are calling your own for a few nights for just a few hundred bucks.

21 Häckeberga Castle, Sweden - "The Most Graceful Of All Farms"


This castle, which sits on one of seven tiny islands in Sweden's Lake Häckeberga district, dates back to the 14th-century. Since 1824, the Tham family has had ownership of this incredible castle. Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus stayed at the inn and called it "the most graceful of all farms in Skåne." For hikers and lovers of the great outdoors, the castle provides the perfect excuse to hike the Linnaeus Trail and be on the lookout for white-tailed eagles, red deer and raven for just $184 a night.

20 Le Château Du Pont D'oye, France - A Castle With Private Woods And Its Own Restaurant!


At just $64 per night, this French castle might make the top of this list in terms of affordability. For the small price, you will find that it is not lacking in hospitality. You can walk the grounds and find the property's treasured pond or go for a peaceful stroll in the serenity of the attached woods. After working up an appetite, head back to the castle to dine at the castle's very own restaurant! A stay in this castle will definitely give you the castle experience coupled with all of the comforts that you've come accustom to from a large hotel.

19 Dornröschenschloss Sababurg, Germany - A Truly Legendary Castle!


Dornröschenschloss means "Little Thorny Rose Castle" but we think something must have gotten lost in translation because there's nothing little or quaint about this beautiful castle! 675 years old and 17 rooms large, this castle is not little by any means when it comes to its legend either! Rumor has it that Dornröschenschloss, located on Fairy Tale Road in Germany (naturally), was the inspiration of the Brothers Grimm's Legend of Sleeping Beauty. Whether you choose to believe the castle's claim or not, you will find yourself enchanted with your room's canopied bed, cathedral ceiling and stone walls throughout for the magical price of $120 a night.

18 Cabra Castle Hotel, Cavan, Ireland - A Boutique Hotel With A Royal Twist!


This castle is truly an Irish dream. Just over an hour away from Dublin, sits the majestic Cabra Castle Hotel in the Dun a Ri National Forest Park of Cavan. Cabra Castel Hotel is known as a "boutique" hotel which features a variety of services designed to make your stay as memorable and comfortable as possible. The castle in the photo is actually Cabra Castle Hotel II as the original castle, which dates back to 1699, is in ruins. The ruins are located near a wishing well on the property. The castle that stands strong today was built in 1808. Still plenty historic and plenty beautiful not to mention a whopping good deal for just a couple hundred bucks a night!

17 Château d'Isenbourg, France - Turkish Bath, Sauna And Private Wine Cellar, Yes, Please!


For just $191, you can spend the night in a Rococo-style room, enjoy the health benefits of a Turkish bath and the luxury of a sauna, sample some wine from this castle's 12th-century wine cellar or just contemplate the fact that you could be sleeping where Dagobert II of the seventh-century Merovingian era slept! It being outdoors if more your cup of tea, this castle has a large swimming pool and faces the medieval city of Rouffach, the Black Forest and the Vosges foothills so there will be no shortage of amazing views and incredible exploring opportunities!

16 Waterford Castle Hotel, Ireland - Stone-Walled Fantastical Rooms Await You!


Imagine, if you will, 310 beautiful acres on a private island. On that island is an ivy-covered 16th-century castle which has been turned into a luxurious hotel with all of the modern day comforts you can think of while not forgetting the castle's rich history. Sound like a slice of heaven? For just a couple hundred dollars, this slice of heaven can be yours for a night or two! Waking up in the stone-walled and expertly designed room of your choice is only part of the real-life fantasy... each room is more fabulous than the next and the dining room will make you feel like a royal family member.

15 Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin, Ireland - This Castle Hotel Is An Ivy-Covered Dream!


The Clontarf Castle in Ireland has been drawing stares of admiration since at least 1172. That's a lot of admiration! Over the years, the castle has been home to the Templar Knights, the Irish Rebellion, and the Cromwellian conquest just to name a few. While the Clontarf Castle serves as an important piece of history to Ireland, the castle currently offers folks of any walk of life (not exclusive to royalty and knights) a luxurious place for rest and relaxation. Since 1997, the castle has been open to the public as a high-end, luxury hotel but it's still affordable at under $200 a night. Just fifteen minutes outside of Dublin, this castle has it all!

14 Ballynahinch Castle, Connemara, Ireland - This Riverside Castle Is Something Out Of A Fairytale!


Ballynahinch Castle of Ireland is something out of a dream. Dating back to the 18th-century, Ballynahinch's claims to fame include once being the home to pirate queen Grace O'Malley, author Margaret Atwood as well as Sir Ranjitsinhji "Ranji" Vibhaji Jadeja, the famous cricket player. If those famous names do not impress you, perhaps the 450 acres of woodland set in Twelve Bens, Ballynahinch will do the trick. If not, there are always the colorful mountains in the backdrop as well as the river that gently rolls by right in front of the castle. For us, this castle had us at this photo.

13 Château d'Hassonville, Belgium - Treat Yourself Like King Louis XIV!


If you are the kind of person whose favorite part of a castle is the turrets, this might just be the castle for you! Multi-turreted with spacious rooms that start off at just $169 per night, this 17th-century castle offers accommodations with bronze busts, cozy papered walls, thick drapes, and personal fireplaces. You might just feel like King Louis XIV who used to spend time on the grounds of this castle. To further your royal fantasy, you can order complimentary carafes of port to your room! Don't forget to head to the formal dining room for a five-star gourmet meal.

12 Château de Mirambeau, France - A Spa, Swimming Pools, Private Park, Marble Baths And More!


You will miss nothing from your real life when you step into this 19th-century Renaissance-style castle. For the wine lovers, Château de Mirambeau sits between the vineyards of Bordeaux and Cognac. For those who love creature comforts, take comfort in knowing that this castle offers a recently renovated spa, not just one but two swimming pools, a fitness room and a 20-acre private park to relax in. For those who prefer the fancy side of life, a common theme of rooms is to include marble baths and canopied beds. You won't want to leave! All of this for just $290 per night!

11 Brougham Castle, Cumbria, England - A Castle With A Serious Past!


If history is your thing, this is your castle. Located near the quaint Eden Valley close to Eamont and Lowther rivers in Cumbria England, this castle was built by Robert de Vieuxpont, an agent of King John in 1214. The special location chosen for this castle helped to protect Northern England from Scottish attackers. In 1268, the castle was purchased by the prestigious Clifford family who renovated the castle and built onto it. The Cliffords didn't stop with aesthetics, they went for protective measures as well. They had the southwest corner tower, called the Tower of League, built which added on to the castle's defense. It's rumored that anyone can stay here for around $1,100 per week.

10 Wartegg Castle, St. Gallen, Switzerland - Rest Like Royalty!


If you are seeking rest and respite from the cruel, cruel world, this 16th-century castle in Switzerland might be just the ticket your soul needs for a sweet refresh. If you choose to stay in this charming castle, you will find yourself enjoying organic poached pears with Appenzeller cheese, tranquil soaks in the castle's historic bathtub built in 1928 and made entirely out of turquoise! Lay your head down at night on either natural Japanese futons or Hüsler mattresses atop blonde-wood beds. Swiss-made Fischbacher bedding completes the dreamy sleeping set-up. For just $160 per night, you can look out the same window that Zita of Bourbon-Parma, the last empress of Austria, did when she stayed at the castle.

9 Skibo Castle, Sutherland, Scotland - The Carnegie Clubs Offers Many Activities!


This incredible castle has been around since at least the 1200's but as of the early part of the 20th-century, industrialist Andrew Carnegie, called this beauty home. Back in 1898, £2 million was allocated to renovate the castle. These renovations included the addition of Loch Ospisdale, an indoor swimming with pavilion and a golfer's dream: a 9-hole course. In 1982, the Carnegie family sold Skibo Castle. The castle then gained a new name but it remains a tribute to Carnegie as the renamed Carnegie Club which is a members-only residential club offering an array of activities such as tennis and golfing. Prices range from $897 to $2,095.

8 The Lodge At Ashford Castle, Ashford Castle Estate, Lisloughrey, Cong, Co. Mayo, Ireland - Deluxe Rooms All Around!


You just have to know that when the least expensive room option at a castle hotel has the name "Deluxe Room" you're in for a treat. From there, it just gets better and better. There's the "Superior Deluxe", "Duplex Suite", "Quay Suite" and the crown jewel, the "Lake View Suite." With 26 Deluxe Bedrooms, 12 Superior Deluxe Bedrooms, 12 Duplex Suites, 8 Quay Suites and 6 Lake View Suites, you will have your choice of custom fit luxury. Rich deep pile carpeting, super king-sized beds, and traditional sash windows await you in these amazing rooms. With a price range of $338 to $669, you can spend or splurge to whatever suits your fancy!

7 Yannon Towers (The Yannons), Teignmouth, Devon, United Kingdom - Gothic Castle With Breathtaking Views!


At just $269 per night, you can experience true U.K.-style royal treatment in the Yannon Towers. Actress Vivien Leigh who starred as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind favored the Yannon Towers for her vacation getaways. This 19th-century Gothic castle has breathtaking views and is pet-friendly so that your best animal buddy doesn't have to miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience! In fact, bringing along a travel-loving pooch is encouraged by the staff because they understand that it can be hard leaving man's BFF at home! This is called a "self-catering castle" and offers a wide variety of activities to fill your day - if you can ever manage to tear yourself away from that incredible view!

6 Ballyseede Castle Hotel, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland - It Has Everything Including A Friendly Ghost!


If you are planning to visit Ireland to see the famed Ring of Kerry, you must stop at the nearby Ballyseede Castle Hotel in Tralee, Kerry. With 23 bedrooms, all painstakingly decorated with care and comfort as well as beauty in mind, you will be completely ready to relax in this gorgeous castle set in the backdrop of 30 acres in Irish woodland. At a price of just $200 per night, the only drawback to be considered is that the castle is rumored to be haunted by a ghost named Hilda. Though if you are into otherworldly spirits, this might not be a drawback for you at all! Hilda is also said to be a friendly spirit with a shining record of only one visiting couple leaving in fear of the castle's resident ghost.

5 Château Abraham, Munich, Germany - A Skiier's Dream!


One of Germany's prized treasures is known as Guesthouse Château Abraham, a lakeside retreat which offers the creature comforts that we've all become accustomed to such as free WiFi, free parking, a well-tended and spacious garden plus lush greenery surrounding the castle which makes for peaceful views from any vantage point inside the lovely building. Château Abraham offers rooms on three floors with private and shared bathrooms, depending on the price. This castle happens to be near a popular mountain which is perfect for skiing. If skiing is your thing, this castle will make the perfect skier's retreat - just make sure to book during the appropriate season! At around $64 a night, this might be the most affordable castle stay in Germany.

4 Rieterschloss, Kornburg, Nürnberg, Germany - Moat And Large Garden!

Wikimedia Commons

If charming is something that you seek while searching for the perfect castle stay in Germany, look no further than Rieterschloss which is something out of a fairytale book. You'll stay in a fully furnished apartment which is about 70 square meters wide and offers a bedroom, large living area, and your very own kitchenette. Perhaps one of the best features of choosing this downright adorable castle to lay your sleepy head is the castle's moat as well as it's large garden which is perfect to soothe away your most troublesome of cares. Built in 1276, you can expect a truly memorable stay for just around $250 a night.

3 Barscobe Castle, Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway, U.K. - A 17th Century Scottish Castle That You Can Rent Out For The Whole Family!


Barscobe Castle costs just $321 per night to fill up with your whole crew! That's right, you can fully rent out this entire castle which sleeps nine guests in total! If sharing is not for you when it comes to your dream vacation, say yes to Barscobe Castle! It is a Scottish tower house that has been listed as "Grade A" and was built in the mid-17th-century by architect William Maclaren. Staying in a castle alone is a dream for many but imagine renting out the entire castle for your next trip! Together with your closest friends and/or family, you can reenact your favorite scenes from Frozen, play the most amazing game of hide-and-seek ever or just have an incredible time in your very own rented out castle!

2 Lough Eske Castle Hotel, Donegal, Ireland - Pristine Condition!


Located just outside of Donegal town and near a lake, this Irish castle has a rich and deep history, as far back as the 1400's. The original family is said to be the O'Donnell family. The O'Donnells were the founding fathers of Donegal. The castle has been in loving hands since the transfer from the O'Donnell family and it has been under continued and ongoing renovations to keep it in tip-top shape. At just $315 per night, you can enjoy the current pristine condition of this lovely castle hotel along with the lakeside view and country splendor that surrounds this beautiful building.

1 Kinnitty Castle Hotel, Ireland - Unique Room Designs And Mountain Scenery!


If you are going to be in Ireland and looking to feel like an Irish King or Queen, don't leave without booking a stay at the Kinnitty Castle Hotel. This gothic revival castle holds a bit of a colored past. The first Kinnitty Castle was destroyed and burned down to the ground in 1213 and it in 1928 it was restored to its former glory. Stay at this beautiful castle in the Slieve Bloom Mountains and you may choose between 37 incredibly designed bedrooms - each one different from the rest. One bedroom boasts brick walls with a cozy-looking window seat while another has what looks like a hand-carved bed. With an average rate of just $270 per night, the Kinnitty is calling your name!

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