25 Actual Treehouses That People Can Stay At Around The World

The thing that most of us desired when we were kids was a real treehouse. Not one of those kids houses that you can buy at home store and then place in your garden, but rather a serious treehouse - that involves planks of woods and nails - that you build on your own, with your friends or even your dad.

Unfortunately, most of us never had the luxury of owning a treehouse, for various reasons. Some of us didn’t have a garden (or didn't have a garden that had large, tall trees), some of us had parents who deemed treehouses unsafe and some of us just couldn’t convince anyone to help us build one.

Now that we’re older, for most of us, there is still no prospect of having a treehouse. Some of us don’t own our very own house, still, others can’t be bothered. But fear not – you can still make your childhood dream come true and stay in a treehouse. It turns out that there are countless treehouse hotels and treehouse resorts all over the world and they can all be yours, at least for a night or two.

Some of them are built in incredibly remote places that are perfect for romantic getaways or for unplugging from the real world. Others are close to bustling market towns and coastal and mountain adventures. Choose your dream treehouse wisely!

25 Treehouse Point In Seattle, U.S


Treehouse Point is located about half an hour’s drive away from Seattle and is surrounded by a beautiful forest. The resort is made up of six treehouses, an event space, two bathrooms (which all guests share) as well as a Central Lodge.

All treehouses are exceptionally well equipped – you can expect luxurious bedding, bathroom necessities such as towels and shampoo, board games and complimentary WiFi. Each morning you’ll be greeted with a sumptuous breakfast cooked on the premises. If you’re not quite ready to commit to staying in a treehouse overnight, Treehouse Point also allows you to book a treehouse tour.

24 The Tree House Lodge In Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica


If you’re planning on spending some time in Costa Rica make sure to stop by The Tree House Lodge, located in a place known as Playa Chiquita. The Tree House Lodge boasts five sustainably built houses that are hidden from plain sight and which are minutes walk away from the Punta Uva beach.

However, only one of those five houses is a tree house so be sure to book in advance if you’re planning on going. Eco-geeks will love this place for the treehouses have been built from fallen trees and the treehouse is equipped with solar heating. The treehouse has a bathroom and a shower which are sheltered by a 100-year-old Sangrillo tree.

23 Bangkok Treehouse In Phra Padaeng, Thailand


The Bangkok Treehouse is certainly one unique hotel. Its “cozy nests” include unique apartments called “Bee Hive” and “Tree-Top Nest” as well as a floating bed called the “River Nest”, although its availability depends on the tidal season (be aware that it is only a floating mattress, however).

Still, the best “cozy nest” offered by the Bangkok Treehouse has to be the “View with a Room” which sits seven meters up from the ground and which has no walls except for palm trees. Fear not, however, for the site assures us that they have a contingency plan for both rain and insects. How much closer to nature can you get?

22 Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort and Beach Club In The Island Of Hainan


Four unique treehouses are perched atop beautiful ancient tamarind trees on the island of Hainan in the South China Sea. There is no way you’ll get bored there either – the treehouses are right beside a stunning beach, sand dunes and a Buddhist ecological theme park made up of sacred temples and botanical gardens.

Each treehouse is perfect for a specific group of people. For example, the Big Beach in the Sky Treehouse is perfect for those more adventurous for it can only be accessed by a suspension bridge. The Beach Club Treehouse, on the other hand, is perfect for a romantic getaway for it only sleeps two. Each treehouse comes with an ocean view.

21 Out ‘N About Tree Resort In Oregon, U.S


The story behind this treehouse resort is a touching one and will no doubt make you want to stay here even more. Located in Cave Junction in Oregon, the couple behind the idea for this treehouse resort had to fight many battles before they could legally call the place a bed and breakfast. Indeed, at one point their beloved treehouses were to be torn down.

Thankfully, all their troubles are in the past now and those who come to stay here can not only enjoy the peace and quiet offered by the resort but also ride horses and ride on zip lines.

20 The Original Treehouse Cottages In Arkansas, U.S


The Original Treehouse Cottages, which are run by a lovely couple - Terry and Patsy Miller - have been offering their services in Eureka Springs in Arkansas since 1991. That is almost 30 years of treehouse expertise, and it shows. The seven treehouses are spread over two locations – in town and in a hidden forest location.

All treehouses are well equipped and come with huge windows overlooking the stunning view, air conditioning, antique furniture, a fireplace and in some cases even a Jacuzzi. You’ll also be treated to homemade goodies, such as homemade pumpkin nut bread.

19 Treehotel In Harads, Sweden


Not all treehouses are conventional looking. Some can resemble alien spaceships. The treehouse in Treehotel in Harads certainly does, and it is aptly called “The UFO”. But that’s by no means the only unique treehouse that it offers. You could also go with “The Mirrorcube”, the “Bird’s Nest”, or “The Blue Cone.” And yes, all of the above look exactly as they sound (except for "The Blue Cone" which is actually red).

All of the treehouses on offer come equipped with WiFi but there’s a good chance you’ll prefer to disconnect and instead take a ride in a snowmobile, go fishing or learn all there is to learn about the berries and the mushrooms that grow nearby.

18 Mamole Tree House In Nihi Sumba Island


The Mamole Treehouse is part of the Nihi Sumba resort and is as luxurious as it looks. As Luxury Retreats says, this is the perfect place to “indulge your inner child in a luxury setting at Mamole Tree House. Though this unique vacation rental is whimsical, it doesn’t lack for five-star amenities.”

Indeed, this magnificent treehouse boasts as many as three bedrooms, three bathrooms, stunning views, a private beach and a pool area. The resort is located on the Nihi Sumba island and is about an hour away from Bali.

17 Chalkley Treehouse In Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa


Is there anything more romantic than spending a night underneath the starry sky? It turns out that there is – you can spend a night underneath the stars in a stunning roofless treehouse, listening to the roar of wild beasts in the Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa.

The treehouse was once built as a platform high up from the ground as a means of escaping African predators. Despite not having a roof (or walls) this treehouse boasts 5-star amenities but don’t expect WiFi, electricity or a shower. Still, the treehouse would make for a romantic evening and night – guests are brought to it in the evening where a delicious picnic awaits them.

16 Playa Viva In Juluchuca, Mexico


Playa Viva, located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, boasts a number of treehouses, the most unique one certainly being the “Treehouse” (image above). The “Treehouse” is raised six feet off the ground and is surrounded by Palm trees. It comes equipped with a king sized bed, a bathroom, a lovely lounge area that comes with a hammock as well as stunning ocean view.

The only downside is that no air conditioning is available but according to the resort, all of their “casitas” (rooms) have been built in such a way as to allow the natural sea breeze to penetrate the rooms. Playa Viva is a yoga retreat so you can expect total relaxation. Those more adventurous however have the option of attending workshops and helping out in the turtle sanctuary,

15 Chewton Glen Treehouse In New Milton, England


Let’s be honest – one doesn’t think of treehouses when one thinks of England. The country just seems too rainy and too damp to be able to boast of something as cool as a treehouse resort. And yet it turns out that a place can never be too rainy or too damp for a treehouse resort.

Take Chewton Glen for example. While it is true that it offers conventional five-star suites, it also offers accommodation – which comes in the form treehouses - for the more adventurous. Currently, Chewton Glen offers four treehouses and all are as comfortable as the suites. Indeed, the treehouses boast of forest views, outside terrace area, outdoor hot tub and daily breakfast hampers.

14 Nothofagus Hotel & Spa In Neltume, Chile


The above treehouse is what our dreams were made of when we were kids. This particular treehouse resort is slightly different in that instead of giving you the option to stay in your own private treehouse guests stay in one huge treehouse that is located in the middle of a rainforest in Neltume, Chile which is part of a biological reserve.

The rooms are comfortable and some even come with a whirlpool tub. However, there are no TV’s and WiFi is only available in common areas, prompting you to disconnect completely.

13 Chateaux Dans Les Arbres In Nojals-Et-Clotte, France


Is there anything better than a treehouse? A tree-castle, of course! Chateaux Dans Les Arbres is a unique tree-castle resort that is located in southwest France (Nojals-et-Clotte to be exact). The resort boasts six stunning tree-castles that have been modeled after French chateaux and which sit high among oak and chestnut trees.

The tree-castles are luxuriously equipped and are perfect both for those who want to disconnect and those who simply can’t put their phone down. Each tree-castle has air conditioning, heating, a TV, WiFi, a hot tub and of course, stunning views.

12 The Mohicans In Ohio, U.S


Those traveling to Ohio (and more specifically, Glenmont) have the option of staying at The Mohicans which offers not only cabins but also treehouses for rent. The treehouses are stunning but that is not surprising. After all, they were designed by Pete Nelson from “Treehouse Masters” (as seen on Discovery Channel).

Guests can choose from six treehouses, all totally unique. While some treehouses offer baths, others come equipped with outdoor showers so if you intend on staying in one of the treehouses make sure you do your research!

11 Hapuku Lodge + Treehouses In South Island, New Zealand


Kapuku Lodge + Treehouses is a unique hotel that has been built on a deer-breeding farm in the South Island of New Zealand. Lovers of nature are sure to enjoy their stay here – the hotel sits right beside the Kaikoura Seaward Mountain Range and is also close to the coast and an eco-marine town.

The hotel comprises of treehouses, lodge rooms and one large house known as the “Olive House”. There are five treehouses available for rent – three one-bedroom treehouses and two family treehouses, all with stunning views of the mountains.

10 Tsala Treetop Lodge In Western Cape, South Africa


Tsala Treetop Lodge is located in Western Cape, South Africa and boasts 16 romantic hideaways – 10 treetop suites and six treetop villas. Treetop suites boasts a comfy bedroom, a luxurious sitting room that comes with a fireplace and a cozy bathroom. Guests can also relax on their very own private deck or take a dip in the infinity pool.

Treetop villas, on the other hand, are slightly more spacious for they boast two en-suite bathrooms, outdoor and indoor showers, a comfy lounge area and a dining area. Just like treetop suites, treetop villas also come with their very own deck area as well as an infinity pool.

9 Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Canopy Tree House In Puerto Maldonado, Peru


Those who seek total seclusion should consider staying at the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Canopy Tree House which is located in the Peruvian South Eastern Amazon in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. The stunning and one-of-a-kind treehouse connects to the Inkaterra Canopy Walkway which is one of South America’s largest canopy bridges and which is elevated to about 22 meters above the ground.

Guests can observe the wild animals beneath them which would not normally be visible from down below. Indeed, according to the resort's website, only recently it was only scientists that could be seen exploring the area and the walkway.

8 Finca Bellavista In Golfito, Costa Rica


Here’s an idea – why not ditch your office job and your house or apartment that requires quite a lot of maintenance and move to a treehouse community in Costa Rica? Located in Golfito in Costa Rica, Finca Bellavista is a treehouse community where people choose to live completely immersed in nature.

That being said, acquiring a treehouse in this unique community is far more challenging than renting one. Currently, there are 14 treehouses for rent and all are different and totally unique. Most come with balconies and solar electricity however and all boast amazing views.

7 Tranquil Resort In Kerala, India


Tranquil Resort is built on a coffee and spices (think pepper and areca nut) plantation deep in the stunning rainforest of Wayanad, located in northern Kerala in India. The resort consists of seven rooms and two unique treehouses for those with a thirst for adventure.

Both treehouses – Tranquilitree Tree House and Serenetree Villa – are equipped with TV, a mini-fridge, a verandah and hot water. In addition, both treehouses are suitable for families – children who are three years or older can stay at the Serenetree Villa and children who are eight years old or older can stay at the Tranquilitree Tree House.

6 Kadir’s Tree Houses In Olympos, Turkey


“Kadir’s Tree houses, an original and humorous place between a forest and nomad tents. This facility in Antalya’s Olimpos district is an ideal place for adventurous traveller”, it says on Kadir’s Tree Houses website.

Those after a luxurious treehouse experience should stay away from Kadir’s Tree Houses where five bedrooms are shared by strangers for you only pay for a bed. Toilets and showers are likewise shared by everyone but you do get a scrumptious buffet breakfast and dinner which is included in the price of the bed.

5 Livingroom Treehouses In Machynlleth, Wales


Livingroom Treehouses are located deep in the Welsh Mountains in Wales but are not too isolated for they are also close to the market town of Machynlleth as well as to the coast. The resort offers six treehouses nestled among Oak, Larch, and Scots Pine trees.

All six treehouses are extremely cozy. They are well insulated and come with a wood burning stove (which also heats the shower), a compost toilet and a kitchen. Of course, every treehouse boasts magnificent views. There is no electricity but plenty of lanterns and candles are provided.

4 Free Spirit Spheres In Vancouver Island, British Columbia


As far as treehouses go, this one is slightly unusual. It is just one of the three unique treehouses offered by Free Spirit Spheres located in Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Their website boasts that they are “the most remarkable accommodation in the world” and indeed, they may just be right!

The spherical treehouses are located in a coastal rainforest and are perfect for those who love “glamping”. All sphere treehouses are handcrafted and boast five windows, a small kitchen area, and a speaker system. An elevated walkway connects the sphere treehouses to the rest of the world.

3 Hotel Costa Verde In Quepos, Costa Rica


Hotel Costa Verde can be found in Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica and boasts a number of hotel rooms and apartments as well as houses and bungalows. But the real star of the hotel is undoubtedly “The 727 Fuselage Home” which is basically a refurbished 1965 Boeing 727. It is probably one of the most unique treehouses in the world.

The airplane treehouse boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchenette, a dining area, a terrace with an ocean view, a spiral staircase, a private entry, a TV, air conditioner and of course, the most magnificent views you can possibly imagine!

2 Winvian Farm In Connecticut, U.S


Winvian Farm in Morris, Connecticut is not your typical farm – it offers a number of luxurious cottages and suites, and even a restored helicopter where you can relax and have a drink. For those who love all things whimsical, the farm also offers a stay in a two-story treehouse.

The treehouse is built high above the ground – 10 meters or so to be exact – and comes equipped with all the luxuries you could possibly want, such as a king-size bed, two fireplaces, a hot shower, a Jacuzzi and a bar.

1 Arctic Treehouse Hotel In Rovaniemi, Finland


Watch the northern lights as you snuggle with your loved one in the cozy Arctic Treehouse Hotel which is located right beside the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi in Finland. Each treehouse feels like a cozy nest (according to the hotel itself) for it has been built from natural materials.

You can choose between Arctic Tree House Suites and Arctic Glass Houses which come equipped with a fireplace, a sauna, and a kitchenette. WiFi, TV, an espresso machine, hot showers, and a minibar are also provided. In addition, you’ll be treated to amazing views.

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