24 Unique Starbucks Around The World Every Java Lover Should Visit

Anybody who adores a good coffee in the morning has probably wandered into a Starbucks at one time or another. You may even visit one every single day. It might not even be coffee that you are interested in. Maybe you like the frappes,  teas, or an old-fashioned hot chocolate. Do you order a venti or a grande? It doesn’t really matter, in the end, we all love a good Starbucks.

Starbucks is a great place to chill whether you are doing schoolwork or writing your next romance novel. People go there to have coffee with their friends or just chill for twenty minutes before they go home to their house full of kids. It’s summertime, sometimes we need a break!

If you are like most people, you've probably just visited the standard Starbucks, the ones you find in every city and shopping center. But you might be surprised to find that there is a world of Starbucks out there like nothing you have ever seen before. You may not believe it until you see them for yourself. Check out these 25 most unusual-looking Starbucks from around the world.

24 Rooftop Starbucks, Bebek, Turkey

via Starbucks Newsroom

You will feel a little sad when you go into your everyday Starbucks after seeing this gorgeous one. Can you imagine having your morning coffee on the rooftop of a Starbucks with a view like this one? It would be hard to go to work after grabbing a coffee at this stunning location. We are all jealous as soon as we see an awesome coffee shop like this. That’s what you will find in Bebek, Turkey and it is reason enough to pass by this Starbucks if you find yourself in Bebek.

23 Starbucks Train, St. Gallen, Switzerland

via Starbucks Newsroom

Starbucks is all about connecting people together and making your life as easy as possible. Could you imagine commuting to work, having time to work on your laptop, and basically having your morning coffee served to you while you chill out? That’s what’s happening in St. Gallen, Switzerland. You can make the best use of your morning and arrive at work relaxed and refreshed. There is a lounge setting on the second level as well as a standing bar. How cool is that?

22 Kengo Kuma's Dazaifu Starbucks

via Pinterest

This stunning Starbucks in Fukuaka, Japan was designed by the architectural firm Kengo Kuma and Associates with 2,000 interlaced pieces of cedar wood. You'll surely take notice of this store along your walk to the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, which is a must-see when visiting Japan. When asked what inspired his vision for this Starbucks, Kuma said it was curiosity. “A curiosity about the culture, the materials, and the people. That becomes the basis of any good design.”

21 99 St. Martins Lane in Covent Garden, London

Via LifeBuzz

You would hardly feel like you are even in a Starbucks when you walk into this gorgeous location. It sure does make us want to venture away from are boring, “standard” Starbucks that we have to visit. On the website, it states that the location is quiet almost all day so it would be the perfect place to get work done. If you have the day off, then meet your mother there for a cup of tea.

20 Starbucks, Casablanca, Morocco

Via pinterest.com

If you walk into the Starbucks that is located in Casablanca, Morocco, you are likely to feel like you are at the spa. How could you not feel relaxed while sipping on your cappuccino at this Starbucks? You can’t really be stressed in a place like this. If you want to feel refreshed and relaxed when you go off to work, then you should sit down for your morning brew at this Starbucks.

19 Starbucks, Dazaifu, Japan

via cnn

We bet you've never seen a Starbucks like this before. There are two stories to this awesome coffeeshop and it has a cedar-wood installation on the inside that looks like it belongs in an art gallery. “Designed by Japanese architecture firm Kengo Kuma and Associates, the cafe is located in a historic pedestrian street that leads to the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, a major national shrine welcoming about 2 million visitors every year,” reported CNN.

18 Starbucks, Chicago, Illinois

Via Starbucks Newsroom

You might think all the cool Starbucks locations are in other countries, but you would be wrong. If you are living in Chicago, Illinois ,then you are lucky because that’s where this gorgeous Starbucks is located. It doesn’t even look like a coffeeshop which is the best part. There are walls of glass that show off the spectacular city and the benches are all illustrated with the Siren of the coffee chain.

17 Prague Castle, Czech Republic

via cosmopolitan

Our hearts just aches at the thought that there is a Starbucks in the form of a castle in the world. Talk about an amazing structure and this one is located in the Czech Republic. You could even enjoy your java on the rooftop with a view. Why wouldn’t you want to have your morning coffee in such a historical place? Your neighborhood Starbucks definitely can't compare to this one.

16 Starbucks, Medellin, Colombia

Via Starbucks Newsroom

Talk about an easy location for Colombia to drop off all their coffee beans. It’s a gorgeous location that has golden elements that will just brighten your day. Apparently, it also makes the most perfect mocha, but you will have to go to Colombia to find out. The murals, which are the best part of the coffeeshop, were actually painted by a local Colombian artist. There is also a local firm that takes care of their furniture, so that’s a pretty cool.

15 Starbucks, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Via Cosmopolitan

We just love the blue accents that are all over this Starbucks coffeeshop. It’s a beautiful location and one that will make you want to stay all day long. It’s hard to believe that this is a Starbucks location, especially when you see the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. These guys are super classy. This Starbucks location got its inspiration for the store from the country’s natural wonder. They are home to the world’s largest salt flat.

14 Starbucks, Fairfax, Virginia

via gmu.edu

This is a very unusual looking Starbucks location and we’re all jealous that these places aren’t near us. This Starbucks is actually located at the George Mason University campus. It would be so cool to be able to study at this location while attending the University. It’s a great atmosphere and the university will put old books in the campus Starbucks. Not only can you read some books, but there is a flying-book art installation that has 34 books that was used from the university’s library.

13 Vintage Starbucks, Chengdu, China

Via VideoBlocks

You will feel like you've traveled back in time when you visit this amazing Starbucks. If you want to transform a bunch of tea drinkers into caffeine fanatics, then all you have to do is open up a Starbucks like this one. It’s a mix of modern elements and Chinese history. The wood-framed windows and doors will make you feel like the emperor is arriving at any minute. There are big green umbrellas that you can chill under all day long if you choose to.

12 Starbucks, Fuzhou, China

Via Cosmopolitan

The graffiti on the wall is probably the best part of the coffeeshop. If that isn’t awesome enough, then let’s just blow your mind a little more. The whole store is inspired by the ancient Chinese board game called Wei Qi. It’s one of the hippest locations that we have seen so far and you are sure to love it just as much as we do.

11 Train Station Starbucks, Copenhagen, Denmark

Via Starbucks Twitter

It’s pretty obvious that Starbucks loves their trains and in this case, they actually built a store in a historical train station. This is not your average coffeehouse and that’s what makes it so awesome. There are small coffee tables, high ceilings, and beautiful arches. It may be small, but it has the kind of architecture you will stare at all day long. What used to be the train station display counters is now where you pay for your coffee.

10 Starbucks, Los Angeles, California

Via Cassidy Magazine

No, this is not an old-school diner form the '50s, it’s a Starbucks. It actually used to be an old gas station that they converted it into a coffeeshop. If you want to check out this location, it’s on the corner of Willoughby and Highland. Instead of fuelling up on gas, this location is fuelling people with their caffeine fix for the day. At the very least, it looks like a cool place to hang out to get your morning java.

9 Starbucks, Ubud, Bali

Via Bali Wanderlust - Blogger

If there weren’t enough reasons to go to Bali, now you have one more. This gorgeous location isn’t flashy and you wouldn’t even know it was a Starbucks if it wasn’t for the name. But there isn’t a standard logo, it’s just a low-key place to go hang out. The wood and decor helps it blend in well with the surrounding architecture. You can even take a walk through the Ubud Village next door or watch a Balinese dance that’s happening right before your eyes.

8 Starbucks, Utrecht, Netherlands

via Pinterest

This is a very modern location that is eye-catching as soon as you walk in the door. There is an outdoor patio that you can relax on and drink your coffee. The tables are real wood and they are gorgeous to look at. The best part is that there are flowers everywhere. The windows open so that the sidewalk filled with people and flowers is right there for your to enjoy. You can hear people walking by and smell the flowers for yourself. This is all about embracing your surroundings and taking a moment to literally smell the flowers.

7 Starbucks, Paris, France

Starbucks Instagram

This location makes us kick ourselves every time we see it. Seriously, look at how luxurious this Starbucks looks. You will feel like a celebrity or maybe even the Queen just by sitting in this location. We just can’t believe that this is a coffeeshop. The building is a 17th century structure that has floor-to-ceiling motifs and murals. It looks like something you would see out of an art gallery.

6 Starbucks, Mexico City, Mexico

Via Cosmopolitan

We love the color of this Starbucks in Mexico City. The location was actually inspired by Californian architecture. The green is gorgeous and it’s a very warming environment to go and have your coffee. This Starbucks location used to be a house that was built in the 1930s, so it’s pretty cool that they converted it into a coffeeshop. This is another location that has a rooftop where you can enjoy the warm Mexican climate.

5 Starbucks, Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya, Thailand

Via PopSugar

This place is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a modern-looking Starbucks with a touch of cultural flair that blends the old with the new in bold and creative ways. We love the tribute “The Tireless Pursuit Of All Things Coffee” that is stencilled on the wall. It’s a great way to thank the people who source the beans for that delicious coffee.

4 Starbucks, Savannah, Georgia

Via Starbucks Newsroom

There is moss hanging from the ceiling in this Savannah Starbucks. The city is called the “Forest City” because of the large number of oak trees in the area. We’re not sure why they chose moss, but it definitely makes it look cool. There is a world map in the background that also adds to the cool atmosphere of the whole place. It’s all about dark art at this location and it reflect the vibes of the city.

3 Starbucks, New Orleans, Louisiana

via Starbucks Newsroom

The best part of this Starbucks location may be all the trombones that are hanging from the ceiling. Talk about a creative way of making art. This location is inspired by the jazz scene that is so popular in New Orleans. We love the warm look of the whole place, it’s so inviting. It’s just one of many inspiring Starbucks locations. How could you not want to drink coffee here all day long?

2 Starbucks, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Via Cosmopolitan

Rio De Janeiro knows how to class up a Starbucks location. You may think that you are walking into a fine dining restaurant, but you would be wrong. It’s definitely an atmosphere that will make you feel special while you are drinking coffee. The chairs and tables are retro and the colors that surround you are soothing. You can picture yourself in another era while you have some lunch and sip on your latte.

1 Starbucks, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Via Traveling Chemist

This is the kind of location that would make anyone whip out their phones and take a picture. You would want to keep your phone out because it’s just as gorgeous on the inside as it is on the outside. It’s a massive coffeeshop that has two stories which means that there is lots of room. There is a stunning cobblestone walkway that will lead to the door, as well. And in case you didn't notice, this Starbucks is actually inside a building.

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