24 Next-Morning Eateries In Vegas Tourists Will Be Thankful For

Are you planning a trip to Sin City? Are you planning on staying up all night at a casino or partying till dawn at one of Vegas's opulent clubs? If so, chances are, you might lose a friend or family member like in The Hangover — just kidding — and have a dreadful hangover. And since you're in Vegas, the partying does not stop and won't stop for you, which means that even if you wake up feeling like P. Diddy, chances are, you're going to be partying the day and night away again.

However, to keep the Vegas streak going, you're probably going to need some fantastic food the next morning to make the heavy night fade away a little bit easier. No, we're not talking about some good old McDonalds; you're in Las Vegas, there is an abundance of delicious and stomach-filling restaurants everywhere, and that includes all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets. With that, some Advil, and jogging pants, you'll feel like a champion in no time. We promise you that these secret foodie finds will make being in Vegas a lot less painful on the head. To get the most out of Vegas, start your day off right with a solid meal so you could be ready for round 2, 3, and 4.

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24 Get stoked with stacked pancakes at Pantry 

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If you wake up at 3 p.m. in Vegas, no biggie, as long as you know where you are, you can find a fantastic place to eat in no time. However, we want to stress to you all that you should not skip breakfast in Las Vegas because there are so many mouth-watering places with one-of-a-kind plates. If you're wearing stretchy pants, we suggest you take your appetite to Pantry. Between the stacked buttermilk pancakes, brownies, and many other sweet breakfast dishes, you must not leave Vegas without stuffing your face at this 24-hour joint.

23 Bouchon Las Vegas is worth leaving the room for 

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After a night full of Vegas nightclubs will come another night of Vegas nightclubs, so we suggest you take a bite or a bouche-full at Bouchon Las Vegas. The breakfast dishes at this place will fool you into thinking you did not have a rough morning, as it will knock you back on your feet almost instantly. Locals and tourists rave about this breakfast hotspot, claiming that you'll never want to have brunch anywhere else. After eating here, with the delicious food, great staff, and perfect atmosphere, you'll end up remembering the night before.

22 Culinary Dropout will give you the boost you need

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You're in Sin City, a city that is alive morning until night, so you cannot stay in bed all day, moping around. Many believe that staying in bed late and only getting up to party at night is the cure, but they're completely off. The best thing to do would be to head over to the Culinary Dropout at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to feel like an energized child again. Here, you can find yourself munching on their specialty, the Cap'n Cruch Crusted French Toast — no regrets.

21 get out of bed for Citizens at Mandalay Bay

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Some people think they need to be in an area that is more tropical, like Hawaii or Florida, to enjoy the sweet and addictive flavour of banana pancakes. However, if you're in Vegas and wake up with a painful headache and have a sweet tooth, you can indulge at Citizens at Mandalay Bay. Here, a ginormous banana pancake with macadamia nuts, that are deliciously creamy and buttery, are only one bite away. Don't be afraid to get out of bed, it'll be worth it.

20 get your dose of meat at The Henry at The Cosmopolitan 

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Just because Elvis left the building, it does not mean you get to spend your entire day being lazy in bed. Because Vegas knows how hard their visitors go when they visit, they make sure to include some of the most delightful eateries in the hotels themselves, like The Henry at The Cosmopolitan. Hopefully, you do not get too dizzy on the elevator going down because their signature Short Rib Benedict will be waiting for you.

19 class it up at Mon Ami Gabi

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Las Vegas may not be the most picturesque place in the world, but the morning view of the Las Vegas Strip is definitely worth gazing at. Yes, we know you may not be in tip-top shape, but taking a seat on a terrace in the Vegas sun at Mon Ami Gabi might just be what you need to get it together. Here, not only will you see all kinds of types of people and have a few laughs about the night before, you can also find yourself ordering a mouth-watering sticky bun, a plentiful bowl of fresh fruit, and some delightful coffee — or maybe a lot of coffee.

18 keep the momentum going at Morels

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In Vegas, you may across those people heading back to their rooms at 8 a.m. while you're stumbling down to the pool for your morning nap — there's clearly no schedule in Vegas.  In Sin City, just about anything goes; people are walking around with bottles in hand in the early morning and afternoon. And so, if that is the case, what is wrong with having a pleasant breakfast on the patio of Morels with a Bloody Mary? Make it a spicy one so you can sweat it out and detox.

17 taste the butter at Jean Phillipe Patisserie

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You're in Vegas, which means you must go big or go home, right? Now, we're not only talking about the nightclubs and casino, but also the food scene. There's a fake Eiffel Tower in Vegas, so if you're in the mood for some Parisian breakfast, like excellent croissants, you will find them at Jean Phillipe Patisserie at either the Bellagio or Aria Resort. You might have to pick up your jaw off the floor or wipe the drool off your face when you see their crepes, chocolate pastries, and sticky buns.

16 endless options at Country Club

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Want to feel easy like Sunday morning when you're in Las Vegas? Well, the Country Club at the Wynn will have you stuffing your face more than you ever thought possible. It's also very aesthetically pleasing as it gives a different view of the famous Strip; a view of a golf course. With jazz playing in the background and top-notch service, you will feel like you were whisked away to another world and totally forget about how horrible you're feeling from last night's shenanigans.

15 #views at Margaritaville 

via Destination 360

Treat yourself to an amazing meal, or maybe a drink or two at Margaritaville. This place has kind of a beach vibe to it, making it all that much better when you're sipping on something fresh and fruity, munching on incredible food, and taking in the view of Las Vegas. With a menu that includes breakfast and drinks, you'll probably be a little confused on what to take on a painful morning, but we say you opt for the breakfast first. Next to the joint is an erupting volcano on the Strip, so don't be alarmed.

14 head to Denny’s if you're low on cash

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Who doesn't know about Denny's? If you've been to America before, then you know this breakfast diner very well. Of course, there are way better breakfast hotspots to choose from, but when you're not feeling too great, greasy fast food is the cure. Let's face it, whether it is a McMuffin from McDonalds or bacon and eggs from Denny's, it'll be just the thing your stomach needs. However, the reason we suggest eating here is because there are plural locations, and after partying all night, you'll probably want to spend less dineros.

13 Du-par’s Restaurant and Bakery have the best pancakes in America

via Yelp

Bless America for keeping those Vegas party-goers in mind when deciding to allow breakfast restaurants to be open 24 hours a day — we think all those who have witnessed Sin City should be very grateful. At Du-par's Restaurant and Bakery, that is located inside the Golden Gate Casino, you can find the perfect cure to make the morning/afternoon/evening less painful. Here, this vintage diner will provide you with stacks upon stacks of savoury pancakes. And these pancakes are apparently the best in America according to Esquire.

12 endless food at Todd English P.U.B. 

via B-Metro Magazine

Las Vegas does have its very own European feel, and that includes a pub that starts serving drinks in the wee-hours of the morning. Located on the populated Vegas Strip is Todd English P.U.B. that should not be overlooked if you're looking for an all-in-one meal. Here, as early as 9:30 in the morning, you can order drinks — say what? Their signature All About Mary comes with food on it; a cheeseburger, a chicken wing, a mini corn dog, and shrimp; even if you're just heading to bed, it'll do.

11 Hash House A Go Go has everything you'll want 

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If you're looking for a place that will match the typical Vegas behaviour, we have the exact place for you. Why not eat a plate that has a mish-mash of everything since that is probably how you feel in the morning? At the Hash House A Go Go, found in the The Plaza Hotel and Casino, finding a plate that has anything your hungover heart desires is possible; with a combo that includes scrambled eggs, fried chicken, two biscuits, and mashed potatoes — it seems sloppy enough.

10 Sambalatte will give you that coffee fix

via Happy Life Blogspot

Sometimes, all you need is an excellent cup of coffee, or an abundance of fresh coffee. For those who need the perfect caffeine rush when they wake up, the Sambalatte is the place for you. Whether you partied too hard the night before or you played too hard, you will desperately need a huge cup of coffee to revive yourself. Sambalatte in the Monte Carlo courtyard roasts its own coffee beans in-house for you as if you were in Italy. We highly suggest you take the plunge!

9 head to The Grand Café when you only have change to spare

via Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

For those of you who shamelessly spent all your money at the casino or a ridiculous amount for bottle service the night before, you may only find spare change in your pocket the next day. And we must admit, nothing tastes better than a greasy breakfast at a cheap price. Or, before heading to bed, you may want to stop at The Grand Café in the Red Rock Resort since they offer an all-nighter menu with the best breakfast goodies for only $4.

8 BabyStacks Cafe will have you craving their specialty 

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We do not need to say much about this cafe and breakfast joint because their menu speaks for itself. We know it may be hard to get out of bed after a very long night, but we promise you will feel like you can fly after eating at BabyStacks Cafe. Take a break from all the Vegas hype and leave the Strip to enjoy BabyStacks Cafe's famous red velvet pancakes. These are pretty unique to the cafe and they are topped with whipped cream, chocolate, and a cream cheese syrup. Need we say more?

7 O Face Doughnuts is the perfect snack 

via Las Vegas Weekly

Dough-not-go-there or go there? We suggest you do go to O Face Doughnuts the next morning when you wake up feeling like a zombie. Who can ever resist a doughnut at any time of day? At this downtown restaurant, you can find unique doughnut flavours, like s'mores, bacon apple fritter, and Mexican chocolate. We're sure eating a couple of these will have you feeling like a champ in no time.

6 Stick with the Irish theme with Ri Ra Irish Pub

via Ri Ra

Maybe you and your buddies drank too many pints fo stouts the night before, and maybe, just maybe, the good old cure would be a delightful Irish breakfast to help you stick with the theme of the night. Whatever your hungover heart may desire, Ri Ra Irish Pub at The Shoppes at Mandalay Bay Place has it. Their Irish breakfast does not lack; it comes with eggs, rashers, Irish sausages (very specific), B&W pudding, tomato, mushrooms, and toast — give it a try!

5 MTO Café serves bacon like no other 

via Vegas Seven

Any party animal will tell you the morning after that they are craving some fatty bacon, but then there are those who wake up still really confused and do not even know how to eat properly with utensils. Obviously, the creator of this café, the MTO Café, was aware of Vegas sloppiness, and so they opened a breakfast joint that serves Bacon Dippers. To further explain, for those who do not know, bacon dippers come with bacon inside long pancakes and comes with a side serving of peppercorn maple syrup.

4 Spice it up at The Egg and I

via CBS Las Vegas

According to some, adding a little bit of spice to your morning meal after a rough night can really help you sweat it all out. At The Egg and I, off the Vegas Strip, has a signature dish called the Key Largo Crepe. This dish, in summary, is like a nacho dish, but topped with a breakfast flair; bacon and turkey. Also, if you need to add a little spice to your life, there's a Bloody Mary they call the Diablo, so watch out.

3 You can never go wrong with a breakfast sandwich 

via Citizine

Okay, so the name of this breakfast joint isn't too proper, but it is Las Vegas after all. Many people who visit Vegas will come back and rave about Eggsl*t where it delights hungover guests on the second floor of the Cosmopolitan's Boulevard Tower. This fast-breakfast has the perfect combination to offer; grease, carbs, and protein. In other words, having a breakfast sandwich with cage-free eggs, chipotle ketchup, and applewood-smoked bacon will whip you into shape magically.

2 Herringbone has a high-end breakfast buffet 

via Conde Nast Traveller

A little on the pricier side — don't act surprised, it is Las Vegas — is the Herringbone at the Aria Las Vegas. If you want to stuff your face with a no-limit breakfast, then head over to Herringbone. Though Vegas has many buffets, this all-you-can-eat buffet throws all the others out of the park because of its luxurious atmosphere. Sit in the opulent dining room or colourful patio, and wait for the waiter to constantly fills your glass with mimosa.

1 Lose track of time at the Peppermill

via PLV

A blessing in Las Vegas is without a doubt the Peppermill restaurant, and it has been for 50 years. Here, at any given time of the day, you can find tourists and locals indulging in the greasiest and most feel-good dishes. The restaurant is sacred to those looking to cure those hangover blues, literally. The menu offers whatever you may crave, with enormous portions, and an extra hash brown and toast with any dish you order. The joint may fool you into thinking that it is nighttime because of it evening vibe, dim lighting, and red-leather booths.

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