20 Twilight Places To Visit For Every Bella, Edward, And Jacob Fan

The Twilight franchise may be over, but that doesn’t mean that fans have to let it go. It doesn’t look like there are going to be any more books written about the vampire clan, and it’s unlikely that most of the actors would come back even if they did. The story has gone as far as it can go. So, what do fans do when they want to get another rejuvenation of their favorite vampire family? They go on vacation, that’s what.

You might be surprised to hear that there are a ton of places you can visit if you are a fan of the books and movies. We just couldn’t get enough of Bella, Jacob, and Edward and you probably feel the same way. There are a lot of areas that have paid tribute to the franchise so that you can keep going back to the movies that you loved. Even Forks, Washington has a place that you can visit and that’s where the movie was filmed. How could you not want to make that part of your vacation? If you want to relive some of your favorite characters, we have the places for you. Check out these 20 Twilight places to visit for every Bella, Edward, and Jacob fan.

20 Hotel Max, Seattle Washington

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This isn’t a touristy location with Twilight posters on the walls, but if you like vampires, then you are going to love this mysterious location. It’s in downtown Seattle and it loves to showcase the work from artists in the area. The décor is going to give you that vampy feel because the décor is dark and sultry, exactly the kind of place you would expect to see a few vampires sipping cocktails.

19 Hoh Rainforest, Washington

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If you thought the woods that were featured in the movie were amazing, then you probably want to visit the Hoh Rainforest. The stunning area is definitely Instagram-worthy and you can say that you trekked the same area that Edward and Bella did. You could probably spend a whole day in the rainforest. The scenery is gorgeous and there are plenty of trails that you can walk through to see the true beauty of the forest. It may be the best place that you can go to if you want some tranquility and peace in your life.

18 The Miller Tree Inn, Washington

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The best thing any business could do is join in on the franchise craze during the popular period. That’s exactly what you will find at The Cullen House. "We jumped onboard [the Twilight craze] as the Cullen House," said Susan Brager, the proprietor of The Miller Tree Inn bed and breakfast. "We put the Cullen's name on our mailbox, and Esme leaves messages out for people on the front porch, so they can take pictures of those." Talk about sweet. You get to choose the room you want to stay in and you will find things from the movie like the graduation cap artwork and the rooms have the DVD’s and books in them.

17 Hyatt at Olive 8, Seattle


You might think that the Hyatt could not offer you what you are looking for when it comes to Bella and Edward, but the modernistic style of the hotel will remind you of the home of the Cullens. There is light from one end of the hotel to the other. It’s environmentally responsible and very modern. “Boasting an array of energy and water saving features, this LEED-certified hotel is perfect for the green Twilight fan. After all, what would a Twilight flick be without those captivating forest landscapes?” Forest landscapes make for the best vacation areas.

16 Columbia River Valley

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This is a gorgeous area and it is truly Twilight-inspired. In the films, there were a few times that we saw Edward and Bella along the waters of the Columbia River Valley. You will feel like you are right in the movie when you come to this place. You have everything you could want for a nature adventure. There are trees, water, and stunning scenery. You might not think that having fog around is a great idea but if you are lucky enough to get a foggy day, the forest will feel magical to you. If you remember the prom scene in the film, the Columbia River Valley was what was behind them.

15 Bella Italia, Washington

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It’s always fun to visit places that we have actually seen in the movies. In the first movie, Twilight, there was a restaurant called Bella Italia, where Edward and Bella had their first date together. It was there before Stephanie Meyer penned her books and they welcome any Twilight fans. "We've become Twilight savvy," said owner Neil Conklin. "We treat everyone the same, but we do play along with that fantasy. There's some entertainment that goes along with [dining here], of course, but we're really just a decent Italian restaurant that happened to be written into an amazing story."

14 Carver Café, Washington

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You might get lucky enough to sit at the same table that Billy and Bella used to dine at. The Carver Café has been there long before the franchise came around, but fans love to flock there every chance they get. There is obviously plenty of places you can visit during your stay and one of them is the lion and lamb at the Stone Cliff Inn. This is definitely a place to visit for any Twilight fan while you are in the area.

13 The Red Truck at the Forks Visitor Center

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This truck was Bella’s favorite and it was basically her means of transportation in the movies. If you want to take a picture in the same kind of truck that Bella drove around. The Forks Visitor Center actually acquired one of the trucks and painted it red. You can go there and have a picture taken with the truck. It’s part of the way that Forks has gone about bringing more tourists to the small town. “The 1956 Chevy was painted red by one of the town's residents and given a personalized 'Bella' license plate. Look closely and you'll see a couple Edward and Bella cutouts for added effect.”

12 Multnomah Falls

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Talk about a gorgeous location, one that you will want to spend a lot of time at. Of course, we only get to see these gorgeous falls just for a small period in the first movie. It was the scene where Bella and Edward walk past on the way to the baseball game. If that wasn't reason enough to visit, just take a look at how gorgeous is it. The scenery is astounding and depending on the weather, it can make you feel like you are in a magical place.

11 Kalama High School, Washington

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You can actually go to the school that was part of the movie and get a tour. Now, how cool would that be?

"Exterior shots used for Forks High School, parking lot scene, outside hallway scenes, volleyball scene in the gym, the scene where Edward follows Bella into the woods, Bella's hospital room near the end and Phil at the batting cages."

You could get some Instagram-worthy pictures with friends and show off that you were actually at the same spot where Edward pretended to go to school.

10 Olympic National Park and La Push Beach

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It’s not in Forks but just outside Port Angeles and as we can see, it’s gorgeous. This is of course the beach we saw in the movies, so it would be a cool place to grab some friends and have a picnic. It’s not just the beach, though, you can go on a hike through the forest and be part of scenes that were all part of the movie. We remember scenes like when Edward told Bella he was a vampire and the scene where Bella took down the lion as a vampire. "It's great to see people excited about the outdoors, even if it's because of vampires," said a ranger.

9 Charlie and Bella Swan's House

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The house that Charlie and Bella lived in is an actual house and we have to wonder what the franchise paid the actual residence to live there. Unfortunately, because it’s a residence, you won’t be able to go inside. The owners are great about the whole Twilight fan craze and even put up a sign that reads, “Home of the Swans.” The owners will also let you take a photo outside of the home so that you can have a souvenir of the place.

8 The Cullen House

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Imagine the people that get to live in the actual Cullen residence. It actually exists and people live there. Since it’s a private residence, you won’t be able to go inside, but you can take pictures from the outside. It will be easy to picture how everything happened in the movie just by standing in front of the house. In the movie, it looks like the home is in complete seclusion, but it’s actually not. It’s somewhat closed off, but there are other houses surrounding it.

7 The View Point Inn

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You can stay at the inn where they held the prom in the first Twilight movie, or at least you could have before it burned down a few years ago. This inn was gorgeous in the movie and it’s just as gorgeous in real life. It has a great view of the Columbia River Valley and even the structure is breathtaking in its broken-down form. Fans will still go there to see where the prom took place and take pictures of the structure, which, for the most part, is still standing.

6 Forks, Washington

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Forks, Washington itself is a very quaint town that is inspired in every way. The one thing we noticed about the scenery in the movie was that it was beautiful. Going to Forks for that alone would be worth the trip. The town itself is much smaller than it looks in the movie. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone. There are quaint shops and it’s a vacation that any fan of Twilight should take. There are plenty of places in town that are from the movie that would definitely make for some Instagram-worthy pictures.

5 Pacific Inn Motel, Washington

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If your idea of a Twilight vacation includes a hotel room covered in Twilight memorabilia, then this is the place for you. The room is Twilight-themed and the colors match the covers of the book. There are posters on the wall of your favorite characters from the movie and even the towels in the bathroom have the Twilight name on them. “Step into the world of Twilight, we are providing an experience, not just a place to stay.” It’s definitely the perfect place for Twilight fans to stay.

4 Forks Hospital

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A fun fan place to visit if you are in the area would be Forks Hospital. The community loves to play along for fans of the movie. This is of course where Carlisle Cullen worked throughout the movie as a doctor. To this day the hospital still holds a parking space for Dr. Cullen. Fans love visiting the hospital to take pictures. It’s a great opportunity to get a cool photo that you can show off on your Instagram page.

3 Twilight-Inspired Farmhouse, Washington

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The movie Twilight wasn’t just about vampires, there was of course Jacob and the wolves as well. If you were team Jacob, then you probably want to stay at this Twilight-themed farmhouse in Forks, Washington. "It looks like the house in the movie, so people started asking if that's Jacob Black's house and that gave me the idea," said homeowner Linda Middleton. "We're right on the tree line where the werewolves protect the treaty line from the werewolves, that's how I sell it to people," said Middleton. It would definitely be a treat to stay there. "When you think of Edward flying from tree to tree that's exactly what it looks like here," said Middleton.

2 Port Angeles, Washington

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A great place to visit is Port Angeles, Washington, especially if you want a taste of a city environment after all that hiking. We saw Port Angeles in Twilight when Bella went dress shopping with her friends. The only downside to the excursion is that you won’t find the bookstore Bella purchased the book from. It doesn’t exist but there are plenty of cool little shops that you can venture in and buy some cool souvenirs. If you are already in Washington, it’s definitely a place to check out.

1 Volterra, Italy

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Maybe a big vacation is more what you had in mind. Italy would be a grand adventure for anyone and if you are a fan of the Twilight franchise, then Italy did make its mark in the movies. We got to visit the Volturi in the second movie New Moon and everything was filmed in the Italian town of Montepulciano. Not only would you get to be in the same place where they filmed the movie, but you would get to see one of the most gorgeous towns in Italy. This area is also part of a Tuscany tour that you can take to see many different sites.

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