20Yosemite National Park, California

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Put away the phones and set your sights on nature’s wondrous Yosemite National Park, located in California’s city of the Sierra Madres. Nature is just what you’re going to get here, with a waterfall at approximately every thousand feet, some with trails that make it easy to hike to, while

other paths are rather tricky but are definitely worth the view. Travellers agree that the best time to visit the National Park is in the late spring, when the waterfalls carry out the remaining snow from the mountaintops.

Camping at the Yosemite National Park is also said to be very well organized for campers, with plenty of activities awaiting them. However, there are many locations where campers can escape without the buzzing of tourists and campers looking for an exciting, fun-filled vacation, by offering thirteen different campgrounds around the park. The waters of the many Yosemite lakes and rivers also allow campers to fish for leisure or for their next meal, and gives them front row seats to Yosemite’s wildlife as well.

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