20 Reasons Why Miami Is The Most Overrated City In The US

By now a lot of people have realized that Miami is a city that might not be for everyone. In fact, there’s no middle ground. Either you absolutely love it, or you absolutely loathe it. Now, that’s not to say that Miami is on the bottom of everyone’s list. But it’s certainly not on the top, either. In fact, many people have realized that there are certain things about the South Floridian city that are rather off-putting. For example, the traffic, the rudeness, the very unique lifestyle, and so much more. And yes, the cost of one beverage on South Beach will make you want to refinance your mortgage. Ocean Drive is pretty, but she shouldn’t cost that much for just one afternoon.

But despite all of this, many people still visit Miami every year because it’s the “hip” and “happening” place to be. But is it really? In recent years, even the A-list Hollywood stars have been swapping Miami for Montauk or have been vacationing elsewhere for their much-needed Vitamin D along with the surf and the sand. That’s why we’ve got 20 reasons why Miami might be the most overrated city in the United States.

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20 Even The Residents Complain

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You know it’s pretty bad when you’ve got more locals complaining about their city than actual people who can say something nice about it. As one person on Quora puts it, “Now, what I think is negative about Miami is that the nightlife is not all as great as it may sound. South Beach is worth driving around in, maybe walking during the day to be exposed to the scene, but I think it has deteriorated much, much more than I ever expected. People in Miami are nice, sometimes. The humidity is terrible. Public transportation is nonexistent. Everything is Miami is divided into neighborhoods and niches.” It seems like the kind of place that has more downsides for some of its residents than upsides.

19 It Smells Not So Fresh Sometimes

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Believe it or not, no one will tell you this, but Miami Beach sometimes smells really bad. One person wrote on Trip Advisor, “The city stinks and smells of pollution." And to that, we would have to agree. There are oftentimes that Miami Beach smells so bad that you wonder why anyone would bother visiting the beach in the first place. For a place that can look so beautiful, it can smell a little less than great, and this usually comes as a big surprise to those visiting for the first time.

18 It Doesn't Have The Booming Industry Of NYC Or Silicon Valley

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Sure, there’s the University of Miami and Florida International University, but it looks like the city is more obsessed with “get rich quick schemes.” In other words, not many people value the importance of a higher education, which makes the city unattractive to some. Another person on Quora wrote, “The typical demographics that make a city great are all missing in Miami. Education, Culture, Sports, Government and Economy all land on the bottom of most consensus lists. Miami does not land high tech and innovative business that tend to go where the educational systems produce quality talent like Boston, New York and Silicon Valley.” For some, Miami's lack of booming industry is a downside.

17 The Weather

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Let’s face it: Miami (and Florida as a whole) has four different seasons: hot, hotter, hottest, and “are you kidding me?” Just try checking your mail on any given August and you’ll melt by the time you reach your mailbox from your front door. One person on Reddit wrote, “I hate it here. It’s grey and rainy all the time. It is expensive for no reason. The humidity rots everything and the worst drivers in the world are here. Oh, and expect your car insurance to skyrocket. Ours went up 200% from living in NYC.”

16 The Lack Of Kindness

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Yes, there are unkind people everywhere in this world, but according to people who live and work in Miami, it’s a bit of an issue there. There are very few people who will actually do something nice for you, like pay it forward at your local Starbucks. Another disgruntled Miami resident wrote, “Now, it’s not just the selfishness. It’s moreover the lack of kindness that runs through the people of this city." There is less of a culture of community in Miami than there is in other places.

15 It's Gossip City

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Miami was once known as “Magic City” but apparently that has changed to “Gossip City” in recent years. Someone always has something to say about their neighbor, not realizing that their side of the grass is just as lacking or in need of some maintenance. A blogger from Thought Catalog puts it this way: “Most of the people are gossips and will never pass up the opportunity to talk badly about someone behind their backs. Maybe this happens all over the country but it seems incredibly prevalent in Miami.”

14 The Cost Is Too High

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Like we said earlier, no one should be forced to sell their kidney in order to pay for a meal. But apparently, if you want to dine someone on Ocean Drive, you are going to sell your kidney, rent your womb for nine months and have to put your entire wardrobe on eBay – and that’s just for an appetizer. Someone on Reddit posted, “Miami is absurdly expensive. I currently live in a 1/1 with my boyfriend that costs $1500 a month to live here (taking utilities into consideration), and it's put such a financial strain on us that we are breaking the lease this Friday and moving back in with our parents to recuperate and hopefully save our relationship.”

13 It’s Not Family-Friendly

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If you have small children and are looking for a place to vacation, you are better off trying Palm Beach County than anywhere near Dade. Simply put, the city just isn’t for young kids. It’s all about the college-aged crowd, all year round. There are very few family-friendly resorts in Miami Beach or anywhere around its vicinity. If you do want a place for families, you’re best bet is checking out Doral, but that’s nowhere near the beaches. There’s also the upper Keys, but that’s a bit of a drive as well. The city might as well put a “families not welcomed” here sign, if they want to be honest.

12 Even The Young Crowd Is Leaving

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Let’s face it: everyone wants to live comfortably and for many young professionals, Miami is definitely a stretch for their budget. The number of actually well paying jobs are far and few in between and that’s why everyone is either going north or west. Complex Magazine wrote, “The only time young people come to Miami is for spring break [...], which might be why Miami is among the top five cities young people are fleeing. When asked about the departure of young, talented professionals by the Miami Herald, one woman said, I can't think of one friend in South Florida who has a successful career.’”

11 The Critics Don’t Like It Either

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When you’ve got every second resident complaining about I-95 traffic, tourists having trouble navigating through Miami International Airport and even critics calling it a bad city to visit, do you really want to spend your hard-earned dollars here? Perhaps not. There are so many other places all across America that will give you more bang for your buck. You're basically paying just for the social media status of being in Miami, and that’s all. The Huffington Post says, “In America's third-most expensive city, a $20 cover charge is no big deal.”

10 It Keeps Changing Its Identity

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Nobody likes a boyfriend or a girlfriend with a moody personality or worse, an identity crisis, right? Well, this has been the case for Miami for several long years. One person on City Data wrote, “I have visited Miami in over a spread of several decades, since my former stepmother is from Miami. In the 60s it was classy and glamorous, by the 70s it started to become rundown, then in the early to mid 80s it started to bounce back [...] Today Miami isn't my cup of tea, but it's interesting from a tourists perspective how much the city has changed and goes through these phases.”

9 The Locals Stay Away From South Beach

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In Orlando, there are actual people and families who move to the city so they can be close to the main attraction: Walt Disney World. But in Miami, there are people and families who stay away from the city’s main attraction – South Beach – like it’s the plague. It’s gone from  the must-see place to the “don’t see me here” place for locals. Miami New Times wrote, “If there’s anywhere a South Floridian would never be caught [...], it’s here.” The place has become so touristy that it's hard to imagine any local actually wanted to go there

8 The Nightlife Isn’t What It Used To Be

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In the mid-2000s, the city was jumping with life. The Miami New Times wrote, “Where else can you see Calvin Harris, Lil Wayne, and Kim Kardashian, possibly all in one night?” But honestly, that’s not the case anymore. Miami is now littered with reality television stars, Real Housewives from canceled seasons and D-list actors and rappers still trying to make it big. When even the Kardashians dump a city, you know it’s bad.

7 Fort Lauderdale is Taking Over

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Now, Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have the best reputation either (it was once the most dangerous city in the country back in the early 1990s), but the city now looks tame in comparison to Miami. And here’s an added perk: the city is so much cheaper, too. One person on Quora advises, “If you’re flying out of Fort Lauderdale I’d stay in Fort Lauderdale. You’ll get more time on your vacation and probably more for your money. A shuttle/taxi/uber to Miami Beach would cost a few bucks and take 30–40 mins. Miami Beach is more ‘happening’ than Fort Laud but if you’re not into the [night] scene you’d miss half the reason to be there.”

6 Even The Directions Are Confusing

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Trying to navigate your way through Miami and Dade County? Good luck! Chances are, you’ll barely make it past Miami International Airport. Yes, the city (and all of the surrounding construction) has gotten that complicated. It’s just not a tourist-friendly city to drive through, let alone walk or bike. One native wrote on Reddit, “Welcome to Miami things aren't that great here, but it also helps if you try to think a little more. Google Maps sucks, and regularly tells me to cross intersections into a median. Please don't blame Miami, or Miami-Dade County. We have enough garbage to take responsibility for already.”

5 Public Transportation Is Disorganized

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It’s non-existent. Yes, the city has its own tri-rail, bus system and even a metro, but none of the residents use it. And that’s because even the locals are confused by it! Another resident wrote on Reddit, “Miami is weird because all of the lettered bus routes have an internal 3-digit route number, where the first digit is 1 and the next two digits are the letter’s position in the alphabet (Route 101 is the A, route 102 is the B, and so on and so forth). The E is officially the 105 which is named 'E.' Since Google Maps doesn’t display route names, it’ll show up as the 105.”

4 It’s Not For Hipsters

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Like we mentioned earlier, Miami is definitely not for everyone. Unless you hit the Cross Fit box daily, have a dog named Louis Vuitton or religiously eat a keto diet everyday, the city might not be for you. While LA or San Francisco might be for the hipster crowd who love vegan restaurants and artsy hotspots, Miami is for an entirely different kind of person, and the two don't mix.

3 The Culture Is Not Very Relaxed

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Truth be told, the city just has too much anger. That might be in part because everyone is over the heat and the humidity, the high prices and of course, the daunting traffic. Plus, someone is always complaining about something. There’s just too much energy spent on negativity, and that’s mostly because many of the locals are over it. Someone said on Reddit, “Everyone here wants to just be on top of each other and thus, we have [low] salaries with an expensive cost of living. Also, reggaetoneros with music at full blast should be banned or thrown in a dark pit for eternity.”

2 No Sense Of Community

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Miami might seem like a very diverse city on paper, but in reality, it’s not. If you don’t act or look a certain way, you’re not part of the city. What’s more, there’s no sense of real community from within. The city is like high school revisited, all over again. Another Redditer said, “The xenophobia, there's no sense of community here at all. The total disregard for pedestrian traffic including cyclists. Everything is priced for tourists. Every festival or event features the same DJ playing the same songs. The people here lack passion, people go to events to be seen not because they actually care.”

1 There’s No Sincerity

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Now, don’t get us completely wrong: Miami isn’t the worst city in the county. But with that being said, it’s not the friendliest, either. Yes, you will feel like you are being judged because people might judge you. Yes, looks and labels are everything. And yes, it’s just as superficial on the inside as it looks like on the outside. Everyone is only concerned about themselves and their status. In other words, there’s little warmth and community to bind all the local residents together. While everything is fun and glitzy in Miami, it comes at a price.

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